MultiWall: Set Panoramic Or PerPage Wallpapers On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad SpringBoard [Cydia Tweak]

Using the MultiWall Cydia tweak you can set Panoramic or PerPage wallpapers on your SpringBoard, allowing you to make your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad stand out from the crowd without having to turn to heavy modifications using applications like WinterBoard or DreamBoard.

Note: This tweak does not include an icon or any settings visible on the SpringBoard; configure via Activator command through your

If you are interested in the MultiWall Cydia tweak you can find it through the ModMyi repo for FREE. Let us know what you think of MultiWall in the comments section below…

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  • AppleBits

    Well, I tried it.  It’s pretty cool for being new.  BUT…biggest complaint and biggest reason right now I’ll remove it is that I don’t see how (I could be wrong here) to make the wallpapers photos of MY choosing, not the dev’s.  They are nice…but I want to put my own on there.  Maybe it’s just a matter of SSHing into the files to do that…but an option in the settings would be much easier for many of us.  :)  Otherwise, pretty good idea.

  • PathKiller29

    you place a theme in the folder, mentioned in the about section. (consists of the images, and a plist, similar to the default) go to settings and type in the theme name (name of folder u just created)

  • Werbung-Mail

    It Works Not on iPad :(

  • PathKiller29

    im fixing that in the next version, i assume it stays iPhone size?

  • Werbung-mail

    yes, the pictures have the iphone size

  • PathKiller29

    okay, I’m working on it

  • Werbung-mail

    many thanks!!! i love your tweak!!! +++

  • Pplucky

    How about adding the possibility of reading Photo album instead of having to copy photos to a specific folder??? That is a must-have!

  • Dwayne Williams

    Everytime I install it goes into a loop restart and I have to uninstall it. Anyone face this? Any solution? I’d love this App

  • Jamie Jam Evans

    I installed it but my icons at the bottom on the screen keep disappearing.  If I go into settings then press the home button I see the icons for a second then they vanish.  Is there a setting or another tweak I can use to get it to look like the one in the video?


  • HenrryWith2Rs

    I’m unable to create a new folder. I went to /User/Library/RiDan/MultiWall/ and
    1) dragged a folder into it, but it doesn’t show up under the Themes when I go to Settings.
    2) Saw your post above about naming it, but it won’t save the name.
    3) Replaced your default pictures with mine, but that means I have to SSH every time I wanna change.

    Any help? ’cause this looks amazing.

  • Julius rauscher

    I love this tweak. I just have one problem with folders on the homescreen. When i open a folder, the wallpaper set from MultiWall disappears and instead it shows the normal set wallpaper in the background of the folder. Is there any way to fix this issue? because apart from that, i am in love with this tweak.

  • Peter

    conflicts with furiousmod

  • Fatihah Shamsul Bahrin

    does anyone knows how to remove multiwall from iphone? help me please :(