[UPDATED] H1Siri Cydia Tweak Claims To Bring Fully Functional Siri Port To iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G

That’s right! A successful Siri port has been added into Cydia! Through 3 different sources, the H1Siri port can be downloaded. Currently, servers are dealing with a very large quantity of people who are trying to add the sources into Cydia. All 3 of them contain the port, but only 1 is necessary to be downloaded. Once downloaded, go to Settings > General > Siri and enable. Once enabled, hold the Home button and speak! This port will work on the iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4.

Important!: The Cydia source will cause a reboot to the device. After the reboot, plug the device into your computer and do a “Just Boot” on RedSn0w.

Current issues: Besides the large amounts of traffic, Siri is having some trouble connecting to the server. This is being fixed now by the creator of the port.






Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Thanks John for the tip!

Update #1: Apparently their servers are permanently down…

Update #2: If you would like to manually install the H1Siri Cydia tweak then you can use the download mirror to download the h1siri-1.0.1.deb file by clicking here.

Update #3: How To: Install H1Siri (Full Siri Port) On iPhone 4 And iPod Touch 4G

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  1. Simerpreet says:

    there is problem coming when i am adding these sources …….. i tried all 3                 

  2. there is problem coming when i am adding these sources …….. i tried all 3

  3. Libertychris says:

    I have downloaded it now… Had to reboot device with “just boot” on redsn0w…. It is having trouble connecting to servers at the current time but this will be fixed as stated above…. Very effective port even if it is a bit naughty…. Really it serves apple right for with holding this technology to its loyal customers!!! I myself have upgraded all the way through from iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 and now feel apple have let me down!!! I don’t feel guilty what so ever!!!

  4. Jailbreaker says:

    those sources are busy. They are in the traffic…so much error codes…

  5. Jailbreaker says:

    connection refused…

  6. Please Port it on to iPad 1G!!!!! I BEGGGG YOU GUYS!!!!;(((

  7. Trying to install DEB file with ifile, encountering errors.  no enabling option in settings after install.  Any ideas?

  8. I never have guilty feelings at all when consumers try to better the product for other consumers. This is something every major corporation should be doing. Just look at all the other wanna be siri like products that have hit the market for free, only to fail miserably. I was one of those customers who refused to upgrade a clone of the phone I already have for Siri. I knew it was only a matter of time before the jailbreaking community figured it out.

    Thanks to all the hard work you guys I have put in … I know I appreciate it

  9. Andyukok442 says:

    Cydia. Iphonetweak. fr

  10. Darren Phillips-Boyd says:

    So does this mean those who have downloaded Siri cannot use the function at all…ever??? 

  11. is it still  on there now

  12. Have added 1 source but cant find H1Siri to install?

  13. Jpimentel811 says:

    If they are permentaly down are they ever going to try to make another Siri port.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know how to fix the respiring loop?!

  15. reboot with redsnow. you’re probably using a tethered jb

  16. Anonymous says:

    doesn’t work

  17. They are not permanently down, it was a mistranslation right now they are currently clogged, on, and off. They are upgrading to a dedicated server soon, probably within a few weeks… -_-

  18. Jcd173339 says:

    the source is empty

  19. Jcd173339 says:

    all of them

  20. Anonymous says:

    it works lol I’m about to cry

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!

  22. Sorry guys but i having problem to add the sources into my cydia =/

  23. i have h1siri but cannot connect with server 

  24. Jasvit97s says:

    Downloaded it but Siri says its unable to connect right now!! what d hell do i do?

  25. Neil Harski says:

    I, too, am having a problem getting H1Siri to install. Everything downloaded fine with no errors. But when I try to install H1Siri I get the following Note:

    ”The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed.”
    Any ideas? Thx

    iPhone 4, jailbroke to iOS 5.0.1

  26. i added everything but its not working still i have like 2 months with the same thing Sorry im having problems connecting to the network plz tell me another program i could use plz siri0us sucks this is cool but server is down

  27. What will be if I download and install it to iPad?

  28. Shamnad Poonthura says:

    Me tooooooo

  29. Restore in iTunes to 5.0.1. It gave me a couple errors but it worked second try.

  30. NormhoustonIs50 says:

    i did everything but cydia wont open H1Siri?

  31. Amith_surana says:

    guys a wasted a half a day… trying to install H1siri on ma iphone 4… n now its installed …now it says “Sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network.”…  H1siri developer now pls dont disappoint us saying cant do any ting frm here.. i will start crying out loud…

  32. Pierremarc_999 says:

    I installed h1siri on my iPod touch 4th generation and my iPod wont Strat; it is crashed at the apple logo. I need a full restaure:(

  33. Nathan Your God says:

    read the rest of the article, u’d be suprised that it might say that you need to boot with redsn0w if that happens …. your welcome

  34. im hanging in reboot screen. What to do?

  35. im hanging in reboot screen. What to do?

  36. Marlonbmx01 says:

    unable to install .. damn.

  37. Marlonbmx01 says:

    it didn’t work fuck

  38. Doesnt works

  39. Michael_kamil says:

    it turns my untethered jailbreak into tethered one and unable to connect to the server :S :S

  40. Mohitmukhi07 says:

    yeah it doesnt work FUCk :/ :(

  41. Aren’t the networks fixed yet?? If anyone has it fully working reply asap

  42. Sonictheheadgehog78 says:

    mine says hash sum error

  43. Jlagrander says:

    that is a iphone 4s in video he turns phone around and says” thats prob a bad idea and turns back real quick!!!!!” 

  44. Jose Javier Flores says:

    no ipod touch 2g support?

  45. h1siri is only for ios 5 devices, so it does not support any itouches older than the 4th gen.

  46. 3rd gen. is included too, dumbass

  47. Thanks!

  48. Don’t call anyone names you retarded dick licking ugly kid.

  49. Donuthead2008 says:

    Can someone help me I keep getting an error about something named bzip and when I search for H1Siri it returns no results… Help?

  50. Showdow says:

    HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA not

  51. what’s the source ?!

  52. Shernaz says:

    i just install spite in cydia to ipad 2 5.1nd aftr rebort my ipad is restartng mode nd not turn on just apple logo are present and do more any thing…..plz can any one tell me wat can i do?

  53. Chinedu oluo says:

    open redSn0w open extras and click just boot

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