Add vertical Scrolling to iPhone / iPod Touch’s SpringBoard with Infiniboard

Jailbreaking has evolved to an exponential level since it was first invented in July 10th, 2007. What was once meant to only provide a way to customize the iPhone’s ringtones has evolved into something much much greater than anyone would have ever expected. If you have followed and kept up with jailbreaking since day one then you know what I am talking about when I say jailbreaking has evolved to an exponential level.

Nowadays when someone says jailbreak they think of Cydia, WinterBoard themes, unlocking and many other great tweaks and modifications available through cydia. If you have just gotten into the jailbreaking scene recently you will have taken all of this for granted, however it is important to know and realize that jailbreaking wasnt just invented over night. It has been the result of hard work and dedication by a bunch of hackers and developers alike.

One developer by the name of chpwn is an example of one of these key developers. He has created and developed many useful applications and mods that have really benefited the jailbreaking community. He has helped create the very popular multitasking applications Proswitcher, he created Infiniboard and just recently the application Infiniboard

Introducing the application Infiniboard!

Introducing chpwn’s latest application Infiniboard. Infiniboard is a great application that adds vertical scrolling functionality to your iPod Touch or iPhone. While this may only be useful if you have many applications it is still a really cool tweak to add greater functionality to your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Simply drag as many apps as you want to have displayed on one page and you can view them by either  flicking your finger in an up or down motion. I have personally played around with Infiniboard for awhile now and I think I will continue using it because it makes scrolling through many apps an easier and faster process.

The only downfall to Infiniboard is that it is a commercial applications costing $1.99 on the Cydia App Store. Although it is defiantly worth the money if you are looking for a way to make scrolling through apps an easier and faster process. What do you think of Infiniboard and would you use this great tweak?

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  1. Not sure if I’ll prefer this to horizontal scrolling, though the video seems to suggest you’ll have the choice of vertical and horizontal (which is good BTW)…

    I had issues with proswitcher (really liked it though) but it kept cutting out my sat-nav at crucial moments(I use copilot on theiphone), so had to uninstall it…haven’t tried infinidock yet…

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