How To: Enable FaceTime Video Calling On iPhone 3GS With FaceIt-3GS [CYDIA]

This guide will show you how to enable FaceTime video calling on iPhone 3GS using FaceIt-3GS (iPhoneIslam) from Cydia.

STEP 1: Launch Cydia. Note: iPhone 3GS is already jailbroken. If not, follow our guides below:

STEP 2: Tap the “Manage” tab located on the bottom tab bar.

STEP 3: Tap “Sources”, “Edit”, then “Add”. You’ll be prompted to add URL source. Type “http://apps.iphoneislam.comand tap “Add Source”.

STEP 4: Cydia automatically refreshes and updates sources.

STEP 5: After Cydia is done refreshing sources. Tap the “Search” tab on the bottom tab bar and search for “FaceIt-3GS (iPhoneIslam)”. Once “FaceIt-3GS (iPhoneIslam)” appears, tap and you should see version “1.0-1″. Tap “Install”.

STEP 6: Reboot iPhone 3GS. After the reboot, launch -> Phone and tap on the FaceTime toggle to turn it on.

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  1. kaese2002 says:

    So does it work with the 3GS camera now or not?

  2. Lifehacker says:

    Works perfectly

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very Nice. Ive actually been waiting for something like this. Let’s hope they can get the rear camera working.
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  4. Hamoodi_a11 says:

    its compatible with ios5.0 ??

  5. ios 5.1 ???

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