Download vWallpaper 2.0 Cydia Tweak For iOS 5.0/iOS 5.0.1 Support [Video/Dynamic Wallpapers]

If you asked me what Cydia tweaks I remember from Jailbreaking back in early 2008 I would tell you vWallpaper. The vWallpaper Cydia tweak was probably one of the coolest Jailbreak tweaks available back when Jailbreaking was just starting to become popular. This is because the vWallpaper Cydia tweak allowed you to set animated wallpapers, aka video wallpapers, for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

If you were also a fan of vWallpaper or like the idea of video wallpapers on your iOS Device you will be glad to know Redmondpie is reporting vWallpaper has currently been updated to be compatible with the iOS 5 firmware generation! Introducing the vWallpaper 2.0 Cydia tweak that dramatically has been improved over the original version. Vwallpaper 2.0 includes numerous stability improvements and can add videos, cool effects (particles, 3D objects), HTML widgets and more on your SpringBoard and iOS Device’s lock screen.

How To Install vWallpaper 2.0

If you would like to download the vWallpaper 2.0 Cydia tweak to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then you will need to add the beta repository to Cydia. This can be done from launching Cydia, going into the Manage tab, Sources Section, clicking the edit button and then the add button where you will need to enter the following repo:

With the repo above added into Cydia, simply search for vWallpaper 2 and download the 31.3mb Cydia tweak to your iOS Device.

Let us know if you tried the vWallpaper 2.0 Cydia tweak in the comments section below…

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  1. I dont know if you guys have a way of contacting them but in tried looking on their cydia tweak page and saw nothing but if you do you should tell them that if someone is watching a video and they have a lockscreen video then then the video they are watching will close becuase the device will think its not watching a video and auto-lock. It happend to me a couple of times while using Netflix.

  2. The tweak works but it usually crashes after opening the lock screen. You should make the interface a little easier and fix the bugs. It’s a great tweak just needs some work.

  3. no funciona bien te bloquea el telefono

  4. Works fine.

  5. Yeahjack90 says:

    i think the Battery will dry off like hell!!!

  6. not showing up for me, added the repository, too bad

  7. Lock screen crashes .. Had to voice call a friend in order to get to the app and delete it .. That sucked .. Not looking forward to trying THAT again .. Oh yea this only happen to 2 people? Strange .. Yet .. Unsatisfying ..

  8. dose’t work for ios5.0.1

  9. where is the video ringtone setting option? zz.. Vain.

  10. works like a charm

  11. thank

  12. works like shitting shit

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