Circuitous – Your New Multitasking Best Friend!

If you have been keeping an eye on the jailbreaking scene recently then you would have known there have been several multitasking applications released. These multitasking applications include ProSwitcher and Multifl0w. I have tried both of these applications and to be honest to be able to multitask on the iPod Touch or iPhone is a great thing to be able to do. It allows you to be just that much more productive when you are able to open and run many applications simultaneously. While these applications are great, I often found their interface and activation methods still a little off and not to my liking. If you have used wither ProSwitcher or Multifl0w then you would know what I am talking about. However a new day, a new App released into Cydia and this time the application is Circuitous. Circuitous is an multitasking application that provides a smarter way to multitask by combining the efficiency of Proswitcher with ease of usability. Circuitous defiantly ranks on my top must have jailbroken application list. Take a closer look at Circuitous and how it functions by watching the video below.

If you watched the video then you would have gotten a firm grasp of just how great of an application Circuitous is. Circuitous is an extremely to use application, simply set two short codes one for multitasking activation and one for the sidebar activation. With this dual method of activation short codes, it makes Circuitous an extremely productive multitasking application that is worth checking out! As I said before Circuitous is defiantly going to become one of my most used jailbroken applications. Best of all Circuitous is 100% free via the bigboss repo in Cydia. My Question to you is “What do you think of Circuitous?”

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  1. Jacques West/iPhoneZapper says:

    will this work for the iPad and cause no mobilestrate issues?

  2. StanHell says:

    unfortunately I am not sure because I do not have an iPad. I haven’t checked the compatibility for a little while. I imagine that you should wait till it is updated to be compatible.

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