BTC Mouse & Trackpad Cydia Tweak Extends iOS’ Native Bluetooth Stack

If you insist on using a mouse and keyboard with your iPad (or, less likely, your iPhone) you’ve probably heard of BTStack Mouse and BTStack Keyboard. Reaching for a touch screen while typing can be awkward, so mouse support is a huge advantage. The problem with the custom BTStack drivers is that they don’t work in tandem with Apple’s default bluetooth drivers – you have to switch between one and the other. This means you can’t take advantage of wireless headphones or bluetooth tethering while using a wireless mouse and keyboard.

BTC Mouse & Trackpad demonstration

Matthias Ringwald, the developer behind the iOS BTStack Mouse and BTStack plugins has released a new tweak on Cydia called BTC Mouse & Trackpad. BTC Mouse & Trackpad takes advantage of another recent utility that Ringwald developed: Bluetooth Companion. Instead of making a new bluetooth stack, Bluetooth Companion allows plugins to extend iOS’ native bluetooth implementation. That means you can connect to the internet, use a mouse and keyboard, and listen to music at the same time through your bluetooth connection.

If that was all BTC Mouse & Trackpad is capable of, it would be a favorable alternative to BTStack Keyboard (& Mouse). To sweeten the deal, Ringwald has added a few extras in his new plugin. BTC Mouse & Trackpad includes improved mouse navigation support: mouse scrolling back and forward on the springboard, scroll wheel zooming, and a new swipe emulating presentation mode which can be set per app. (The plugin also includes ‘experimental enhancement’ for the Jump Desktop VNC client.)

BTC Mouse Trackpad Cydia Tweak: Extend iOS Bluetooth Functionality

BTC Mouse & Trackpad‘s Presentation Mode simulates back and forward finger swipes in designated apps.

The BTC Mouse & Trackpad plugin costs $4.99, though if you already shelled out for BTStack Keyboard the price drops to $2.49. Depending on your bluetooth needs, it might not be worth the upgrade, but if you’re deciding between the two, go with BTC Mouse & Keyboard. The plugin can be found in the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

BTC Mouse & Trackpad Cydia Tweak

Do you need to upgrade to BTC Mouse & Trackpad, are the old BTStack tweaks good enough for you, or are you one of the rebels with a Camera Connection Kit and a USB mouse? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi,
    I bought BTC Mouse & Trackpad 1.4.2-3 but I can’t pair my Apple Magic Trackpad in iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.2 and I can’t understand why ?!?

    (I can see it from BT list but it can’t pair)

    Maybe not compatible with others tweak but I don’t know witch one.

    Do you know something about that !?

    :( thank you

  2. I had the same problem, but installed Bluetooth Companion and you should be able to pair just fine.

  3. I want to buy a BTC Mouse and Trackpad, but it seems cannot support IOS7.04,WHY?

  4. Jameskennedy says:

    Not yet updated for iOS 7 Mathias states he is working on it for early February

  5. mediumsizedrob says:

    It seems to work OK with 32-bit devices on iOS7 but not the newer 64-bit ones. As stated the developer is working on a fix for early Feb. Hopefully soon :) Still can’t figure out why Apple doesn’t just build this in.

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