How To: Download And Install The Spire Cydia Tweak To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Earlier tonight we told you that hackers Chpwn and Ryan Petrich released a legal port of Siri called Spire for older models of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The Spire Cydia tweak is an extremely easy way to install Siri on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G and first generation iPad. Unlike previous ports of Siri, like the H1Siri Cydia tweak, that are unreliable and buggy, the Spire Cydia tweak is very stable and is actually legal. This is because Spire downloads the necessary Siri files directly from Apple’s servers and allows you to specify your own proxy server, rather than one public proxy server. While this may sound all great, there are a few catches to the Spire Cydia tweak that are mentioned below:


  1. Jailbroken iOS Device tethered (NOT semi-tethered) running the iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware (more info).
  2. An iPhone 4S or access to a friends iPhone 4S to obtain 4 unique keys – assistantID, speechID, validationdata and finally x-ace-host (more info).
  3. A Siri proxy server (more info).
Note: If you do not have an iPhone 4S, or find it too complicated to setup a Proxy Server, wait a few days and I am sure people will release their own 3rd party proxy servers for people to connect to.

If you would like to learn how to install the Spire Cydia tweak to use Siri on your older iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then you can follow this Spire how to guide from

How To Install Spire Cydia Tweak

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5.o or the iOS 5.0.1 firmware. To do this please visit iJailbreak’s official Jailbreak Section where you can find an applicable Jailbreaking guide for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Note: At this time the Spire Cydia tweak is not compatible with the Semi-Tethered iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak.

Step 2) – Once you have a Jailbroken iDevice running the iOS 5.0/iOS 5.0.1 firmware you will need to launch Cydia from your SpringBoard (homescreen).

Step 3) – With Cydia up and running you will need to go into the Search tab and type in:


Step 4) – When you see Spire come up on Cydia’s search results you will need to click on it, read through the warnings/descriptions, and then install it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Note: The Spire Cydia tweak uses about 100 MB of data, so please connect to Wi-Fi before installing.

Step 5) – Once the Spire Cydia tweak has been installed to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you will need to reboot and then obviously boot tethered using a Jailbreaking tool like RedSn0w.

Step 6) – Upon rebooting your iDevice into a usable state you will need to launch the and go into the Spire tab.

Step 7) – From the Spire tab in the you will see a text area to enter a Proxy Host. This can be a proxy host created by you (as explained in the Requirements section at the top of this how to guide), or a 3rd party proxy host that you have access to.

Note: As I mentioned previously, if you wait a few days I am sure people will start to release URL’s to their Proxy Servers for people to connect to. Please check our Spire Porxy Server list section by clicking here.

Step 8 ) – With the Spire Cydia tweak now configured properly you should be able to use Siri on your older iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Note: As pointed out by helpful people in the comments section below, in order to get rid of Voice Control and enable the Siri GUI. You will need to first go into the, then the General tab and finally into the Siri tab. From here you can actually enable Siri and disable voice control.

Hit the Facebook LIKE button if you would like to know when a free Spire Proxy Host or Siri Proxy Server is released.

Congratulations! You have just installed the Spire Cydia tweak to your older iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Don’t forget to share any questions you may have or relevant thoughts in the comments section below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for more updates if you have not already.

Update #1: Learn how to make your own Siri proxy server/Spire proxy server in our new detailed how to guide by clicking here.

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  • Pinballb

    Hi Jaden – a step by step getting the keys off a 4s and setting up the proxy server tutorial would be great.

  • Pinballb

    Not to be a skeeze but setting up the server looks daunting, and no idea how to get the keys

  • Israel-jasso

    I know is to soon but, support to spanish? Por favor!!! Please!

  • rclymer

    The gui is not showing up. what did I do wrong?

  • MQ

    still getting voice control instead of siri. help?

  • kuleee

    you have to go settings/general/siri and enable it. the only thing left is to fill “proxy server” field under regulart settings at the bottom of menu. and here we have a problem :-)

  • Putter Network

    Thank You very much ..

  • Janis Caduff

    i cant download it, it says “gsc.ipad” wtf?

  • Nacho

    Is compatible with iOS 5 untethered?

  • Izziddinamr

    YES !

  • Nacho

    Oh what a great news!!!!

  • Aleks Vujic

    I am getting the same problem :(

  • lonehangman

    Does not work on iPad

  • lonehangman

    Doesn’t work on iPad read the about Spire section on the cydia page…it says …simple installer for Siri for iPhone and iPod…

  • MSC

    works on 3gs can any1 post a proxy :)

  • daguywho is mad

    why cant i find this in cydia!!!! can some1 please help me.

  • James Rogers

    How do you pull it off an iPhone 4S? I have one downstairs and would like to try this out.

  • Philipp Cristea

    go to General and click on siri and click Ok

  • Spyruf

    If i use my friends 4s keys and make them public will his keys  get banned and he won’t be able to use siri?

  • Spyruf

    If i use my friends 4s keys and make them public will his keys  get banned and he won’t be able to use siri?

  • SoulEater

    Without the 4S keys can you still use any proxy server besides apple’s

  • Seiya Yamada

    Where is the iPhone 4S’s proxy host located?

  • 77none

    exit cydia and then reopen, it needs to update the package list

  • Adam Toorawa

    my phone doesnt show the siri option in general settings

  • Bryan

    when i search for it, it doesn’t have it! HELP!

  • Anar

    “Please check our Spire Porxy Server list section by clicking here.” but the list is empty

  • Krzysztofson

    wait until all cydia rubish load up !

  • G P

    does not find it under search in Cydia, help please. I already quit and relaunched 
    Cydia several times

  • Bryan

    I’ve waited for like 5 minutes, nothing loads!!! and also i can download winter board!! Help me! 

  • Bryan

    it says Cannot Comply!

  • F´s Iphone 4

    what is the cydia source for spire please help me ?

  • Jacques Du Toit

    any news on how to find a Proxy if you don’thave an iphone 4?

  • Jacques Du Toit

    did you install Spire from cydia?

  • Jacques Du Toit

    just ‘search’in cydia for ‘spire’

  • Rhys Taylor

    I had issues too. I simply deleted all my sources from Cydia, and then reinstalled them one by one. Had a few issued with Big Boss, but it worked on the second attempt, and Spire appeared in my search straight away.

  • ahmed

    ok so i have the proxy server up and running on the 4s 

    now i cant figure out what the url for that proxy is :/
    and also i configured through the (idownloadblog ) video which is only t=on the wifi how do i setup a vpn , whatever that is ??

  • Jacques Du Toit

    when you find the proxy, can you give it to me too :-)

  • Ju Yang

    i cant find Spire in Cydia.. i tried many times to exit from cydia and reopen it again. and i had reboot my iphone 4 3 times. but still dont get it.

  • Kareen Achman

    Per Spyruf: “If i use my friends 4s keys and make them public will his keys  get banned and he won’t be able to use siri?”
    -I too, am waiting to hear about this.  If my friend’s keys won’t get banned, then I’ll go ahead and do this.  If not, seems kind of pointless…

  • johnn15

    can i have one please? 

  • Chris

    I downloaded Spire and did a tethered reboot, but when I hold down the home button Voice Control still pops up. Is this happening to anyone else, or am I just doing something wrong? Would appreciate any advice, thanks.

  • Trololololol guy

    I can’t find spire in cydia on my 3GS . Please. Help me

  • Iyvin

    Hi Ahmed Kefak?
    Itha 3ndak proxy please send me it at

  • Chrisburke

    i’ve got the same problem, and every time i load the big boss repo its empty.. 

  • JonnyE

    Is there a deb file download with Spire to install it that way? I am not able to find it in Cydia as well.

  • Clint22

    Just stop!  You don’t know what your doing.

  • Bkoldy

    I cNt seem to find spire on cydia. Did it get removed???

  • Krishnasagarpm

    I have found more than 5 4s udids…..if anyone creates me a proxy with one, can have the other udids for free
    Imessage me:

  • Hexcruncher

    Chris, go to Settings/General/Siri then activate Siri which will disable Voice Control

  • Caliharo

    was Spire taken off Cydia ?

  • Caliharo

    were you able to find Spire?

  • Bkoldy

    Agreed i cant find it imessage me

  • Ray

    Spire doesn’t appear in search. :(

  • Brayden024

    delete the big boss source. then go to the home page of cydia and click add more sources. then it will show big boss. download it then relaunch cydia. the search for spire and it will be there. just did it!

  • cornilius_lane

    ive tried that many times and still no luck. wtf mate!

  • Lim Sur Hui

    hi how do we get speechID, assistantID, x-ace-host, validationdata from iphone 4s

  • Anon

    woah that’s alot of blobs you have there bro

  • Nick Betting

    You’ll probably have to wait for Apple to officially support it. I’m sure jailbreak devs could make Siri support other languages (I’d like Dutch!) but I’m sceptic how well it would work compared to officially supported languages.

  • Nick Betting

    Google it. The internet is a big place and you’ll probably quickly find an answer.

  • Nick Betting


  • Nick Betting

    Nowhere, you can’t use the official Apple servers, which are used by the 4S. You’ll need to set one up yourself or use a proxy someone else has already set up and made public. Read the article, they have a link to a list of proxies somwhere.

  • Nick Betting

    Try reinstalling it.

  • Nick Betting

    Then none have been made public yet. Did you read the article? This was released last night so it will be a while before the first proxy servers pop up. Of course you could always Google.

  • Nick Betting

    You don’t need an iPhone 4S for the proxy. You just need the keys so Apple thinks you’re connecting with a 4S. To set up your own proxy you’ll need a computer running Linux or OSX (might also be a Windows version somewhere) or acces to a proxy someone else is hosting on their server/computer.

  • Nick Betting

    You don’t need an iPhone 4S for the proxy. You just need the keys so Apple thinks you’re connecting with a 4S. To set up your own proxy you’ll need a computer running Linux or OSX (might also be a Windows version somewhere) or acces to a proxy someone else is hosting on their server/computer.

    The url for the proxy will very likely be the IP used by your computer (which is running the proxy) to connect to the internet.

  • Nick Betting

    No, Spire downloads the Siri files directly from Apple.

  • Losh11

    hey dude the current Cydia (1.1.3) is unstable with many bugs that’s why the repo’s have nothing in them.
    I know this becausee it happened to my iPhone

  • Losh11

    Cydia is currently unstable 

  • Losh11

    delete the BigBoss Repo and download it again from recommend sources

  • Losh11

    delete the BigBoss Repo and download it again from recommend sources

  • Losh11

    delete the BigBoss Repo and download it again from recommend sources and now it will work

  • Losh11

    You know if your iPhone 4S gets blacklisted it will only be disabled for about 2 weeks

  • Losh11

    delete the BigBoss Repo and download it again from recommend sources and now it will work

  • Losh11

    delete the BigBoss Repo and download it again from recommend sources and now it will work and it is the BigBoss Repo

  • Losh11

    delete the BigBoss Repo and download it again from recommend sources and now it will work

  • Merteryuksel

    iphone4 ios 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, installed spire and everything except connection is working. I heard siri’s voice sorry I cant help right now. yeeyyyy :)

  • Hamim 11

    I downloaded it but whenever I say something it say I’m sorry but I can’t repl try a while latter

  • Esslawrence

    OK. So I successfully installed the proxy server, and even successfully pointed my 4S to it. I installed Spire on an old 3GS and a Touch 4G. I have the certificates. I set the proxy server in Spire. I can see the request coming through on the proxy, but it doesn’t work. I keep seeing in the description of using spire that you need the 4S keys — but no where does it say where to get them, or what to do with them after you get them. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Masarchitect

    I have same problem as Chris, cant find siri button in general/setting

  • Nav

    Don’t listen to the jackass who’s telling everyone to delete the BigBoss repo and reinstall… because it won’t reinstall. I’ve got a 3gs old bootrom with 06.15.00 running iOS 5.0.1 unlocked. Every time I try to reinstall BigBoss repo I get errors until I cancel. Then it shows BigBoss repo but Spire can not be found in a search. 

  • David Mensah K

    is not working on mine it say cannot connect

  • Eoin Lavery

    Un-jailbreak if you are tethered then download the newer Redsn0w version. Jailbreak your device to get the 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. Open Cydia and search Spire and download it, make sure your connected to wi-fi because it is 100mb. Once its downloaded you have to reboot. When your device turns on, check again.

  • Dave_haarlem

    Hey Nick geinig dat ik jou hier zie kan je een website voor me maken. Grt Dave

  • Rafi_malekzadeh

    I have a iphone 4 with untet-jailbreak..
    I got Spire and Siri in my settings but the apps are crashing, they will not open??
    I deleted the spire then the apps worked?
    Now I am asking is there anyone else who have the same problem?

  • FantÔmas

    Hello, I have a probleme with spire on iphone 4 5.01 It turn stop the opening of some applications like  TomTom, Tweeter or Tweetbot.  After remove it everything is ok… Do someone have the same problem ?

  • Navid Mt

    Hey guys, i have just installed spir from cydia, i did reboot my i4 ( my i4 is untethered jailbroke, so i just rebooted my phone, not with redsonw ) i can’t see the spire option in my setting, however there is a siri option in settingGeneral i turned it on siri comes up when i hold the home buttun, but it won’t let me to ask, anyone knoncews what should i do ? or whats wrong ? thanks in adva

  • anndr000

    after downloading spire, my facebook app wont start. Any suggestion on how to fix?

  • Wiso-n

    Me too please !!!!!! @ It will be very appreciated…

  • Erican95

    so i did everything correct on my iphone 3gs but when it comes up it does not make that noise and it does not respond what do i do?

  • cornilius_lane

    what is the recommend source?

  • Tanamori

    I have the same prob to. Its very troublesome. D:
    On Itouch 4g Untethered redsn0w 0.9.10b1

  • Joshua Jacoby

    I don’t see the siri category in generall? Ajny idea why? I’ve already tried reinstalling

  • Sndnsnrjj

    Big penis is where it’s at. Without out that, then this would be completely impertinent.

  • Raj

    Yes I had the same problem …. removing spire solved the problem

  • hadjiadamou

    There is no siri tab in general please help.I installed spire and also when i went to cydia it says is 713 kb not 100mb

  • Arlind Rexhmataj

    i have the same problem, when i uninstall spire, they are functional again

  • Yeahjack

    Mine too… Is not function at all. Just a Spire logo. No Siri pop out when double tap home button,or Siri setting on General. HELP!!! Thanks

  • Elena

    I need proxy server :(

  • Bdb

    remove MY3G

  • odischeese

    i download spire, but when i did “just boot” with redsnow and it didnt work. help please

  • Appelenpeer1

    Hai everyone,

    Ive got the proxy and tokens,

    10us ,…

    Paypal email
    Info afther paymend trough email.

    For reverence.,

  • Kristel1978

    Hahaha, roy,.

    You are almost on every site,.

    Well, thnxs again.


  • Bobdebouwer

    Hallo roy,

    Great work. Thnxs

    Even in het nederlands,.

    Goed beZig man, ff een nederlander die laat zien hoe het moet.


  • Simonwolder

    Thanks roy


  • SiriRoxMySox

    Hey Nick,

    What if the option to enter a siri proxy server doesn’t appear on the phone after installing spire?

  • Trevor Reynolds

    Anyone get it installed but not getting any sound out of Siri/Spire?? This is my current status… any ideas??

  • D3vil_kin

    stuck’s on ‘Preparing Spire’ , does anyone know how to fix it?

  • prince3o

    I installed Spire, but Siri will not appear when I hold the home button. HELP!!!

  • david_z

    Hey, looking for proxy. Willing to pay. Contact me at

  • iHackstuf

    Siri is not an option under general.  I have installed spire, do I need to install a siri GUI?

  • iHackstuf

    I am in the same boat.

  • iHackstuf

    All you have to do is go to changes, and hit “Refresh”.  No need to reinstall the repo!

  • iHackstuf

    All you have to do is go to changes, and hit “Refresh”.  No need to reinstall the repo!

  • Philipp Cristea

    it should be there

  • Zhiki

    I am on untethered 5.01. As per the instructions i will have to boot thethered after installing spire.
    Would that be permanent or only the first time?

  • Jhebish

    I installed everything then added the proxy server but when I launch it it says try again later

  • FantÔmas

    Hello, I removed MY3G and  It’s works now ?!  thanks for your help. Do you know where come from the problem ?

  • Albert Ansiso

    Looking for proxy as well, have a few friends that have a 4s but explaining how to set up the proxy on there device is a hassle. if anyone has one email me willing to pay :-)

  • Y Virmani

    Hello people! Little problem with spire. If you have tomtom uk on your iphone4 then spire stops it from working by giving you a black screen with tomtom logo in the middle. It just sticks on that or crashes. I tried uninstalling and re-installing in many combinations but tomtom only started working when spire was uninstalled. Can anyone else confirm this and comment? Much appreciated.

  • ~~ShoTime

    So I have iOS 5 Untethered. I followed your tutorial down to the period and when I start up Siri it wont respond to my questions. Any suggestions?

  • Kevyine

    Siri isnt responding, if I press the microphone button nothing happens, not even a “Sorry I don’t have a connection”. What do I do? I’m using iPod Touch 4g 32gb on 5.0.1 untether.

  • TOSH

    Hi Pal. I have the same problem, and so do other users as i have read quite a few reports on this and it seems that tomtom uk is not compatible along with Siri. It doesn’t mater what you do it just wont work, I have tried time and time again, so if anybody has a way around this it would be much appreciated by me and the rest of the JB community.   

  • Amjad Dndon

    when i install it it says 781.9 KB  why?

  • Amjad Dndon

    you have to wait 3-5 minute because its heavy

  • Mabdelaa

    it work and instual also i have a proxy but did not work with me till now 

  • Test


  • Rm Rohit73


  • Shahed_thair

    How can i enable siri and disable voice control?? Where shall i go??

  • Atg1373

    hi can work spire on ipad2?

  • Abdulsamad Mandli

    not work stuck on ‘Preparing Spire’

  • Habibh2o

    its showing spire but it doesnt show the switcher loader??? can i get helpp

  • Not Working

    Tells me to wait and “it can’t take request i should try again in a little while”

  • Salah

    can’t download spire. Says failed removing file at path….many times

  • qi hao Goh

    Siri say that “I’m really sorry about this,but I can’t take any requests right now. please try again in a little while.”

  • Banktham

    What I hv to do ? 
    I put proxy sever and then …?

  • 1S1K_N1nja

    Stuck on preparing spire what do I do? :/

  • Zksbsn

    Mine is doing the same thing, even my friends 4s

  • e:Train

    I know its probably a stupid question, but would the 4s that you get the Authentication keys from need to be jailbroken? 

  • Bill

    I tried installing it to my iPad 1 but it says “cannot install”! Anyone have a solution?

  • Shreyv2007

    ive been waiting for 12 minutes and its still showing `preparing spire ‘
    what should i do????

  • Justinmlotz

    Spire bricked my 3GS I had to restore

  • Poison3210

    u need to wait till download finish its size is 100mb so wait

  • Reyardia

    I learned quickly not to reboot Untethered cause your device will end up in an infinite loop and will restart FOREVER…Please anyone who is reading this do NOT boot untethered  after installing spire or your device will have to restore!Mine did!!!

  • Reyardia

    That’s while Spiure is downloading siri from Apple. be Patient it will finish in less than an hour

  • Reyardia

    i BEG all of you not to boot Untethered when your install is finished!!!

  • Reyardia

    oh and i had an issue:when everythings done successfully i load Siri and it says sorry i can’t answer your questions right now and then i connect with my VPN and it works! what’s the drill?

  • Colekacherski

    Does it have to be a tethered jailbreak? I used a redsn0w 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak…

  • Jauhari

    Thanks it’s success installed, but we got this message…. what’s wrong?


    Relax dudes, I´m working on a script that will throw the authentication keys and automatically paste the proxy server URL from the Iphone 4s you´ll select to the Iphone 4 of your choice to save you the PITA this proccess implies.
    P.S.: This means you´ll just run the script every 24 hours, to get Spire always working for you.
               – CHPWN

  • dhika

    depends on internet connection.. :)

  • Kramg

    Do I need to Boot tethered if I have an untethered Jailbreak.  If the answer is yes, how do I boot tethered?

  • Rickie

    does anybody know why, after I install spire, my facebook, twitter, and some other application won’t open. :(

  • NoTty BǾyy

    hye it will take tym for downloading/.// bcoz its a background download of 100MB data while installation rather than a normal cydia tweek showing downloading bar..


  • Hartaj Singh

    does it work on itouch 3g?

  • Cool_me_ankan

    How to get siri proxy address simple answer plz

  • nsal


  • nsal

    Go to settings ==> General ==> Siri snd enable it.

  • nsal

    I have the same problem.

  • Me

    Yea it takes a while.. but then the loading bar shoots up and finishes :)


    you SHOULD read what they say. it is downloading 100 mb files /(when it says preparing), just wait and it will finish just fine. you WILL need a reboot.

  • Kristin226

    Same problem here too

  • Utnchris

    yea me too

  • Christopher 99

    So spire dosent work on ipod touch 4g?


    That means your proxy server is no longer active. Probably got shut down.

  • Opticker

    I can’t launch any app that uses the internet after i installed spire. Safari, Downloaders, Game apps, Viber, WhatsApp! Anyone has the same problem? tell me how u solved please. I have a seriously slow internet and it would be irritating as hell to download it again.

  • A Owenm

    I got it on iPad 1, but when I open up Siri and press the button, the button just flashes. Also the background is just black, not the grey Apple background.

  • Aaronjohnbudd2

    do you need to reboot and what do you mea by repoting

  • shimanotx

    i’m stuck in the process of “preparing spire” . Help pls! 

  • :)

    its stuck at “setting up shared cache” and above the bar it says preparing spire 

  • Waqaas Khan

    How can I get the file named ca.pem then set the profile up?

  • Lior_p127

    what if i have unthreted jailbreak of redsn0w ? will it work ?

  • Dazmizzle

    I’m using a 3GS, I have spire in my general settings but if I hold down the home button I still get voice control, is this because I am using an untethered version of redsn0w? Or for some other reason?

  • Premsak

    Why sprie doesn’t listen me

  • yoyo

    was this script released?

  • david12345566789

    i enter the proxy url n nothing happens

  • herim_f

    Mr me to

  • Rontez Darkskin

    My phone isn’t showing Spire in my general settings

  • Markrobinson515

    I have it you got to pay for it $20 to get on the server but it works.

  • Joujou20001

    not work stuck on ‘Preparing Spire’ 

  • Joujou20001

    its stuck at “setting up shared cache” and above the bar it says preparing spire

  • Unknownpersun

    Spire make my iPhone 3Gs hang.. after installing it i cannot open any apps like facebook, twitter.. 

  • Nickle405


  • Joujou20001



    Hey guys i’m a hacker and i’m going to be posting some proxy servers for you all to use. can i just say to people who are trying to use spire on iPhone 4s why would you need to install it when you have a properly working Siri? seems weird to me :)

  • Dennislong_ho

    when i click the button,it doesn’t work,how can  solve it??

  • Puneetbhoir10

    how much time does it take?

  • Huberboguski

    u need good wifi

  • Mnewell

    So, I started installing Spire through Cydia on my jailbroken iPhone 4 and I realized that I was using my 3G connection instead of WiFi. Not wanting to take the 100MB data hit on 3G, I switched out of Cydia and enabled WiFi in Settings and went back to Cydia. The Spire install, stalled. Nothing was happening for several minutes so I quit Cydia (mistake!) and tried again. Now, every time I attempt to install Spire, it begins but then almost immediately starts spewing error messages saying: “Failed removing file at path:” followed by the path of whatever assistantUIbundle it’s trying to get at. All other apps install perfectly via Cydia. What gives? How do I fix this?

  • Agustinvacan

    what i have to put in proxy host??

  • Bettysenglish

    will it work on untethered

  • Haha

    she can’t answer me

  • SelfProclaimedFanBoy

    spire is dumb…i have a much more efficient program with Apple certificates (with no access to a 4s).


  • SelfProclaimedFanBoy

    Oh yeah, and on the official Apple server. ;)

  • Sam

    It doesn’t respond when I ask a question. What do I do?

  • Sam

    What is it called?

  • Sakdopsk

    i gesse you guys need a proxy from a iphone 4s

  • K-man202

    spire wont dowlnoald it gets stuck at downloading files to cache

  • Bellasarapuppies

    i searched spire on cydia but nothing came up

  • TopNotchAfro

    I have spire, but when I hold the home button and try to bring up siri. Voice actions pops up?? Please Help ):

  • Soccertory

    hey guys after i downloaded spire on my i pod touch 4th generation, my i pod won’t turn on even though it was an untethered jailbreak. when i turn on my i pod, apple sign shows up but it never loads after that.. help plz..

  • cha cha

    I have the ipad2 jailbroken absinthe. I installed ifile, then spire then siri. However, never received a certificate from spire. I need help. Siri says I can not help you try back later. I am missing something.  I do not know what a proxy server is? What is the easiest way to fix this problem. I have a computer with vista and the IPAD2. Please someone help me.

  • Vboss98

    My iPhone shows me the 1.0.1-1 turns
    and the version 5.01 does not work!?

  • Vboss98

    on my iphone shows me the 1.0.1-1 turns
    and version 5.1 does not work!?

  • Rikkybobby86

    bro yall needa relese one for ios 5.1

  • >:c

    You got to be stupid.

    General > Siri. really now.

  • Justavi4u47

    what should i write in proxy host???????

  • Ameerad666

    Same problem here, i did try reinstalling it

  • iMraan

    i have spire already and proxy also but i cannot use    how can i use??????

  • Adasd

    When you will upgrade it for ios 5.1.1 ?
    Thanks ..