Spire Proxy Host List

On December 26th, 2011 hackers Chpwn and Ryan Petrich released the Spire Cydia tweak to the BigBoss repo. Now, in case you have not heard of the Spire Cydia tweak it is a fully-functional port of Siri for older models of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. While, the Spire Cydia tweak is a complete port of Siri it does has some limitations – you need to have access to an iPhone 4S and be able to setup your own Proxy Server.

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Spire Proxy Host list

If you do not have an iPhone 4S or find it too complicated to setup a Spire we are presuming there will be some individuals who will make their own Spire Proxy servers public. Thus, this page from iJailbreak.com is dedicated to Spire Proxy Hosts that you can enter into your Spire configuration in the Settings.app.

Spire Proxy Host List


 Name: iModZone
Cost: $20/year
Website: http://imzdl.com/siri/
Verified: Yes

Name: iCrackr
Cost: $20/year
Website: http://icrackr.com/
Verified: Yes

Name: The Three Little Pigs
Cost: Free
Website: http://paradox-productions.net/
Host URL: https://paradox-productions.net/
Certificate: http://paradox-productions.net/files/certs/cerftificate.pem

Note: These paid/free proxy servers have been verified by user reviews, but iJailbreak.com takes no responsibility for unreliable service.


Name: Siri.Cd-Team
Cost: Free
Host URL: 
Description: I have personally not been able to get this Spire proxy server to work (I think the server was overloaded). I am posting it, however, as it may come back online in the future and you may have luck getting it to work.

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL: Requires Donation
Description: I have not personally tested this paid Spire Proxy Server but I have heard that it is legit. The creator of this Spire Proxy server, however has mentioned his servers are full at this time (more will be available soon).

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Root Hacks
Cost: Free
Host URL:
Host URL:
Host URL:
Host URL:
Host URL:
Host URL:
Needed crt:

Name: SiriSn0w
Host URL: 
Certificate: http://sirisn0w.com/dev/ca.pem


Name: siriproxyserver.t15.org
Name: http://www.sirikeys.com/
Name: http://SpireProxy.co.uk/

More Coming Soon (list is updated as more are discovered)…

Keep in mind that as soon as free Siri Proxy hosts become available we will update this list, so please check back soon. In the mean time if you are looking for a How To guide on how to install Spire to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad please click here.

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December 27th, 2011 Update: I have heard rumors of certain Spire proxy hosts starting to make their way across the internet, and I have even spotted some of you guys mentioning a couple in the comments section. The problem that I see with some of the first Spire proxy hosts launching is too many people connecting to them (making them unreliable and not worth your time). The only way I see Spire Proxy hosts becoming available is if people charge money to rent spaces on a dedicated Spire Proxy server. This would ensure not too much traffic is associated with one iPhone 4S identifier and would make things work reliably. To be honest, this is how I think we will see some of the first Spire Proxy servers released. Regardless of this fact, however, I ensure you I will update this page with any form of Spire Proxy hosts that becomes available so stay tuned (at this time I still have not found any). Please contact us if you come across one by clicking here.

December 29th, 2011 Update:  Spire Proxy hosts are taking longer than I personally anticipated to surface. I have seen a lot of Spire Proxies circling around the internet, but most of them do not last longer than an hour. The biggest reason I am updating the Spire Proxy Hosts list is to warn you not to trust website claiming they will give you a Spire Proxy Host space for a rental fee. I made the mistake of posting one of these websites on this list and it turned out to be a scam. Now, to make things worse  a lot of scammers are trying to take advantage of people to make money off fake claims. We will be the first to let you know of a legit Spire Proxy Host, so please stay tuned and protect yourself from wasting your money.

January 1st, 2012 Update: I have not given an official update for some time now and this is because I have not come across a Spire Proxy Hots that has actually worked for myself. The closest I have gotten Spire to actually work is with the Spire Hosts I posted earlier  by Root Hacks, but even they failed to work in the end. The best advice I can give anyone waiting for a Spire Proxy host is to be patient until a paid Proxy  server is available. There is absolutely no way a free Spire Proxy host could operate unless someone developed software to limit the amount of users connected to the server. Please stay tuned as another update will come soon.

January 3rd, 2012 Update: We have recently written a detailed how to guide on how to create your own Spire Proxy server if you own an iPhone 4S or can get access to an iPhone 4S. This will actually allow you to get Spire to work as you will be creating your own private server. Click here to follow this how to guide.

January 29th, 2011 Update: Thanks to user feedback I can confirm that iCrackr’s server is indeed legit. They charge $20 a year and at this time there has been little issues with downtime associated with them. Another paid Spire Proxy host that I have been hearing good things about is iModZones server, which also charges $20 a year. If you are looking into purchasing a paid Spire Proxy server spot I would purchase it from one of the two website I have just mentioned.

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  1. whussupbros says:

    Come on people. Get that Siri proxy server out. I’m itchin’ to tap some sexay Siri bootay!

  2. Kennethmak1993 says:

    Good job! Proud of you !

  3. Sidney Vega says:

    Thank you for having a page with this info. Very helpful.

  4. Lameness + says:

    Come on, hurry up! What proxy hosts can I use already?! Damnit, if anything I’ll send it to H1S1ri’s host just because I’m too fucking desperate for this shit.

    First the untether for iOS 5 & 5.0.1 has tooken more than 3 months, it’s almost new years already! And nobody has even successfully ported this ‘Siri’ worthless ‘novelty?!’ to be useful on other / older devices, instead you have to program it yourself? WTF?

    The moral of this story? 

    Apple is insane, a total freaking billionari-moneybag who wants to draw in their customers by eye-candy that’s 1, still in beta, 2, full of bugs, 3, Not useful in the long run. Example: “Siri call me an amblance, I just got in a car crash. Siri: From now on I’ll call you ‘An ambulance I just got in a car hash’. Okay?” 


  5. Waiting for proxy list anyone???

  6. Can’t wait for the proxies! :3

  7. yeah yeah true I want to use this so bad

  8. looks forward to it, thanks !

  9. i do have an iphone 4s as well, and i need to use the same proxy on both my 4s and 4 with spire!
    how can i know what proxy is my 4s using in order to share it on the other device? thanks a lot :)

  10. NShofstall says:

    Yeah, I’m waiting for a list.. I can’t wait!

  11. Horrorpain says:

    I’m happy about this nice work and wait for Proxy Servers too. Im thinking about renting a rootserver, because i want one for hosting online games and Teamspeak and spend it as a Proxyserver for spire users too. But i had a bad experience with a root-server.

  12. Justinmarean says:

    this is very nice and a big step forward! but i dont think that a spire proxy is going to be ready for a while.

  13. i got an 4S but how do we get the proxy??

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  15. How do I make a spire proxy?

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  17. is it dangerous?

  18. Emir Ozmen says:

    still coming soon…

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    i own a 4S but dono how to find the proxy

  22. someone generous pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee??? :)

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  24. yes!!!!

  25. Jaik Phantom says:

    How can I use spire using my friends iPhone 4s?

  26. Ibrahim Chiha says:

    Does spire support the untethered jailbreak ?

  27. Adam Spark199 says:

    still nothing new

  28. all say: cant wait and shit……. go get you an 4s if you want to use siri or learn to program and hack apple…. ungrateful retards!

  29. YES, it does ;). I tested it.

  30. where do i find the iPhone 4s’ proxy -.- can somebody please tell me

  31. orlyyarlynowai(dot)com is staying updated and will post new server links (Or so promised).

  32. can`t find the option to enter a proxy-server….

  33. Amt-shadwo says:

    cant wait

  34. I’d like you to know that you don’t HAVE to use Apple products you ungrateful piece of shit.  Your first world problems are really not that big of a deal.  Yes, we’re all upset that the untether took 3 months, but it’s not something we’re entitled to, it’s something we’re privileged to have.  Perhaps you should realign your goals scum bag.

  35. Darren Russell says:

    waiting waiting lol

  36. wasistdalos says:

    go to “normal” settings -> spire

  37. so it basically means that i can’t use the spire as soon as a proxy server is created, am I right?

  38. Shutup fag. Lets see you try to make a jailbreak and port Siri onto other devices under constant pressure of the public. Its time you ungrateful dumb*sses took into account the fact that it isn’t a piece of cake to hack a device. God. =.= +1 to the Dev team!! 

  39. umm is it just me or can anyone else NOT find Spire anywhere in cydia?? used cydia’s search, went into BigBoss repo, Went through cydia sections/tweaks and have not found one thing for spire? 

  40. waiting….

  41. If i use my friends 4s keys and make them public will his keys  get banned and he won’t be able to use siri? 

  42. If i use my friends 4s keys and make them public will his keys  get banned and he won’t be able to use siri?

  43. no, i don’t think so! Noone know, thats it is his key.

  44. you must start cydia and wait till it’s load to the end.

  45. yes, and now waiting…

  46. Whats about Siri Dictation, isn’t it a feature of spire? :(

  47. James Rogers says:

    In South Africa we would call someone like you a “doos”… look it up you ungrateful POS.

  48. haha 4S Retards ;-)

  49. orlyyarlynowai(dot)com has a URL server posted!

  50. Waiting for proxy list

  51. Thumbs up if you waiting for her too :D

  52. It doesn’t work though…..

  53. You’re right. It stopped working. But they keep updating links, so check every now or so anyways.

  54. If apple sees a gigantic increase in requests from certain 4S devices that are being used as proxies, what’s stopping them from blocking those devices?

  55. is it really going to be sometime soon ?

  56. Don’t use free/public proxy servers. You do NOT know what they will do with all the private data you’re sending to them.

  57. When will these 2 servers be ready to Connect >?

  58. they posted
    but this is fake IP. IP has 4 not 5 blocks

  59. yourmother says:

    my friend who has an iphone 4S is willing to give his proxy free publicly to everyone and anyone who wants it but he doesnt know how to obtain his proxy

  60. Who are updating links?

  61. i want it :))) but i dont know how to do

  62. yourmother says:

    why doesnt anyone ever say how to do this?

  63. yourmother says:

    can someone please give me some sort of productive reply?

  64. I got a iPhone 4s

    .PLEASE can someone tell how to locate the proxy host on the phone so i can share with everyone?? It’s not in settings???!

  65. Ryan_moore17 says:

    come on people now, smile on your brother.

  66. yourmother says:

    knowing logic, everybody is going nuts over waiting and im telling u that u can have it and u guys dont help? Wtf?

  67. How then?..

  68. My sister has an iPhone 4S, how would I go about obtaining the Siri proxy address?

  69. Where do I obtain the proxy server from my 4s to use on my jailbroken 4 with Spire? Thanks

  70. google is your friend….

  71. The only problem is as soon a proxy sever is ready. it will crash and burn from all the request :(

  72. Dumbass…. iPhone 4S doesnt need SPIRE as it already has SIRI….. In the quest of obtaining something valuable, you have forgotten the purpose all together……

  73. While I agree that the guy is a dickwad, keep your fucking homophobic slurs in the 6th century where they belong.

  74. Asshole.

  75. Argentino Clandestino says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh coming soon

  76. osisthrill says:

    You got that right is 2 minutes i added the new proxy was already couldnt answer any question same error..

  77. Julian2596 says:

    Settings>General>Network>VPN>Turn On> Switch to on> Scroll down to Proxy> Click Auto> Create URL> Post the http:// address u created under URL

  78. nope

  79. fake

  80. YEAHH!! xD

  81. No it works at mine!

  82. cleggerbyte says:

    Siri is talking now, but all she says is ” I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”

  83. you are so much full of shit !!

  84. cleggerbyte says:

    For those of you with a 4s but don’t know how to get the info needed…Google “how to grab iPhone 4s siri authentication kets”

  85. cleggerbyte says:


  86. Hey guys how about going to the local shop ,and taking from the the thing from an iPhone 4s .Is this possible ??
    I mean to the local market of your town witch sells iPhones !

  87. IT WORKS!!!

  88. Curtischachi says:

    julian….. what url are we going to create…… like can we create our own url?

  89. osisthrill says:

    same here.. thats crap.. any http link you add on the spire it says the same thing.. I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”

  90. Hrvoje Radošević says:

    all i want for christmass iiiiiis yo……….HELL NO……i just wanna proxy server:)

  91. i don’t think any of these servers (if any exists) will last long due to all these requests

  92. what? i’m german^^ i don’t understand

  93. Alex Ornelas says:
  94. Charbel Chahine says:

    yeah i cant give a command, keeps telling me theres something wrong

  95. Charbel Chahine says:

    exactly :/

  96. I want this proxy server so badly!!!!!

  97. Chevanlol360 says:

    can you tell me it right now please
    just post it

  98. no, because that would blocked!

  99. hey maybe we can go to the apple store and create a vpn on the iPhone 4s lol

  100. Chrismarroquin says:

    If you’re willing to give it out by email why not just do it here?? :D

  101. Charbel Chahine says:

    well http links are my best results tho :/ 

  102. Charbel Chahine says:

    can a reply count as a mail ? :P 

  103. i sent you a e-mail and no asnwer

  104. Bbinga please send the proxy, i sent you a e-mail

  105. Michael Neves says:
  106. Metalic-man says:
  107. noch jemand???

  108. How come it is suddenly gone? I saw it earlier today in Cydia, now I decided to install it. Clicked on the icon in Cydia – bam it crashed down. Restarted cydia, Spire was gone. Respring / Reboot doesn’t help, it’s just gone. Can anyone confirm?

  109. it’s not an apple server. It’s a custom proxy that simply does the same like the apple server

  110. i don’t

  111. It’s not working.

  112. !!!!!!!!!!

    welche Daten werden denn an die Proxy gesendet.. mir sind eigentlich SMS, Kontakte usw. relativ egal.. (ok sollte man nicht, aber hab nichts zu verbergen)

    Eher wäre es interessant was mit der AppleID ist.

    AppleServer wird evtl. die AppleID incl. PW gesendet bekommen, aber da die ja in der hinsicht sicher sind und im allgemienen keinen Unfug mit den Daten machen würden.

    Aber was ist mit den Servern. Wenn da nun sehr vertrauliche Daten zugesendet werden und sagen wir mal nen Hacker den Proxy knackt, stünden wir alle die den Proxy verwendet hatten doof da.

  113. Using search in Cydia doesn’t help either.. wtf!

  114. Charbel Chahine says:

    yeah thas what i ment

  115. woops sorry geman :D

    Well what kind of Data does the Proxy saves?!

    Is our AppleID one of it?! eventually with PW?!?!?!

    wouldn be great though…

  116. just make a proxy server in a “bash” file and send it to this site.

  117. After i install spire, whatsapp did not work?

  118. osisthrill says:

    if he had one he would already share it with you on email.. so their is none stop begging for nothing..

  119. still waiting

  120. Do you still have the Bigboss repo in sources?

  121. Did you get your proxy server from him yet?

  122. Troyweber23 says:

    I have a 4s and am willing to set up a proxy if there are clear directions to do so

  123. Charbel Chahine says:

    Bbinga i also sent you an email 

  124. if you google how to grab iphone 4s authentication keys you might find the tutorial there.

  125. Lol I said that too 2h ago but my comment has been deleted !!

  126. Link #1 (Updated as of 12/27/11 at 9:53AM EST):

  127. Link #1 (Updated as of 12/27/11 at 9:53AM EST):

  128. Fastdesigner says:

    Then he shouldnt. You can’t obtain a Proxy. You have to put it up…

  129. fake

  130. fake

  131. Bryanboud95 says:
  132. it’s no fake!!!!!

  133. it didn’t work for me?

  134. Didn’t work whatsoever.

  135. Bryanboud95 says:
  136. Might be because the server isn’t in the U.S?

  137. Charbel Chahine says:

    nope -.-

  138. I live in Europe

  139. Why doey whatsapp not work?….

  140. Sean Dukes says:

    works for me!!

  141. it would be easy to do but how we do it? I will do it but tell me instructions what I need to get and quick and how?

  142. i want to be one of those 10

  143. Sean Dukes says:

    works for me in uk??

  144. I’m willing to test it :)

  145. Bryanboud95 says:
  146. for everybody who cant find the package: exit cydia, then enter cydia and wait for it to load. then search for Spire in cydia. that should do that…

  147. i’ll test it

  148. I have a good link with video instructions

  149. I’m down to test it.

  150. please send me proxy

  151. Chris_scott94 says:
  152.  how ?

  153. you going to share?

  154. Do u have one ???
    eliejeru@@gmail:disqus .com

  155. Charbel Chahine says:

    doesnt work for me 

  156. Chris_scott94 says:

    how! we’re dying here!

  157. Chris_scott94 says:
  158. Chris_scott94 says:

    Yeah works for me in the UK too! but still wont connect

  159. He sent me the

    but all it does is respond and then tells me cannot “I can’t take any requests right now”

  160. michael LUNELLI says:

    does anyone no how to do this or no? 

  161. michael LUNELLI says:

    and if someone knows how to do it..explain cuz i cant get the proxy number if i can i wuld share..i get to the part until it says url and then its blank

  162. Then it doesn’t work?…

  163. this work?

  164. Dylan Terrell says:

    I love how everyone is posting their emails … perfect target for spam bots.

  165. Charbel Chahine says:


  166. Dramatic-style says:

    will going to like a store where they sell iphone 4s (not apple or at&t)  and getting it from one of those work? (cartoys)

  167. me too

  168. Sean Dukes says:

    No actually, it doesn’t! Sorry!!

  169. I still need the 4S auth files, but I will be letting more people in that 10. Inquire by email, but again, I still need a 4S auth

  170. Bryanboud95 says:
  171. Bryanboud95 says:
  172. JamiieCarter says:

    Thats a great idea man, perhaps a trip to the Apple store and robbing some keys will be a great way of doing this! ;)

  173. Bryanboud95 says:
  174. christophlieber says:
  175. christophlieber says:


  176. no ?! it’s an proxy server… you know what it means right ? it’s an instance between the device and the original apple server. you can use this one for increasing the functionality or to joke the apple server and say hey it’s me an iPhone 4s :D

  177. Trljabrljaa says:

    i think that this page today has more visits that facebook and twitter together:)

  178. Jaden Ellett says:

    Please see the update that I have just written guys. I promise as soon as a Spire Proxy Host is released you will all be the first to know (understand that Spire was just released yesterday night). Keep checking back on this page. Also if you have questions please reply to this comment and I will do my best to reply.

  179. Charbel Chahine says:

    alright, lets be patient

  180. Miles Shebar says:
  181. Meshnetplan says:
  182. Scottdorsey13 says:

    scottdorsey13@gmail:disqus .com

  183. whussupbros says:

    Settings>General>Network>VPN>Turn On> Switch to on> Scroll down to Proxy> Click Auto> Create URL> Post the http:// address u created under URL

  184. Splinter496 says:

    Do you have an estimated time of how long it will take to get a proxy up and running dude?

  185. Sensei Monks says:

    its connects but it dosent work

  186. OMG! So many trolls in this blog… I can’t believe!

  187. Sensei Monks says:

    lol people stop posting your mails , spam bots will be happy, and just book mark this page or use some change detection tools. thanks

  188. michael LUNELLI says:
  189. michael LUNELLI says:

    the part i dont get is how to create the URL ?????

  190. Chrismarroquin says:

    Seriously, those who are willing to pay, hush! We’re getting the damn servers for free just be patient! Don’t give them ideas and ruin it for all of us.

  191. You know that auth files regenerate every day right?

  192. You know that siri keys regenerate every 24 hours.

  193. Me too![email protected]

  194. Krishnasagarpm says:
  195. so I’m not sure if i got this working or not. i have a iph4 and i downloaded spire and i used a host number i ran across and i kinda have it talking but it says that ” i cant help you with this try back later” I’m not sure if siri server is down or not. can someone with a iph4S confirm that siri servers are working?

  196. Gimme Shelter says:
  197. plz send me siri proxy host,thx alot

  198. Kerolitronik says:

    pleaase!  [email protected]

  199. Kerolitronik says:

    pleasee!  [email protected]

  200. Patelneal21 says:

    god one too except i dont know what to type in the box asking for url

  201. Patelneal21 says:

    Ok I just said I have a 4s i need help setting this proxy up i dont know what up doing

  202. LOL… people are so desperate for this… They keep posting their emails like their life depends on it… SUCCESSFUL TROLL IS SUCCESSFUL!

  203. I have an iPhone 4s but I don’t know how to setup the proxy server. Can anyone please help. I’ll provide the URL with you guys if someone is willing to help me set it up

  204. It seems like nobody is willing to help, so I guess I will try and help even knowing i don’t know to much about this. Can you explain exactly what your having problems with.

  205. For instance are you having trouble with the Description, server, account, rsa secureID, password etc..?

  206. Juliangel92 says:
  207. Glenn Maher1 says:
  208. Splatter14821 says:
  209. I have an iPhone 4S but no Mac do I can’t set up a server… Too bad :( any other way?

  210. I know, if I had it on my dick they would suck it for a chance to see it.

  211. Got mine. NO you guys can’t have it. IT’S only for 2 people me and the owner.

  212. then why the hell would you post this?? to be a little b*tch trying to show off?? 

  213. Yes!!!I’ve got mine from a chinese website! Search for it and you will see it although they have stopped distributing it. It was only for 10 people 

  214. Hochungwairay says:

    anyone have proxy host? :)

  215. does no one has proxy list??[email protected] pls

  216. where do you find the proxy server on the iphone 4s?

  217. Crazy_pong1994 says:


    my e-mail:[email protected]

  218. Patelneal21 says:

    i have a 4s i do not know how to create oen

  219. Jesse Galdos says:

    How about someone try and post a good vid on youtube about creating a Siri Proxy so we dont have to pay……. just a thought

  220. Laurensv99 says:
  221. I would love to but the file is here on my desktop but I don’t no how to email it. I’ve never attached a file before how do I do it?

  222. Chrismarroquin says:
  223. Ya siri servers are working, somethings wrong with yours

  224. Sodderlesskingpin82 says:
  225. Dave Lambert says:
  226. 승표 허 says:
  227. ShelbyRacer78 says:

    one please [email protected]

  228. Sounds about right. It’s pretty funny to watch people post their emails fruitlessly and whine.

  229. not unlesss apple catches him….which is really unlikely considering they just dont give a shit.

  230. Dave Lambert says:
  231. what address do I put in? anything? idk what to type on my iPhone 4S under all that?

  232. Jesongaudan says:
  233. Untouched Poison says:
  234. 子涵 赵 says:
  235. I don’t want to email can you give instructions here? :)

  236. Patryk Jarosz says:
  237. SEERIOUSLY??? I would acctually even take a 3rd party I dont have anything private on my ipod anyways… 

  238. Organballs says:
  239. Koston Scully says:

    yo you should let me know what it is


  240. Baeglory33 says:


  241. Me too!! oscar3391@gmail.com plzzzzz

  242. Jaredfloyd15 says:
  243. Koston Scully says:

    yo if you can ket me know what it is that’d be dope xD


  244. Cost: $5/month  lol if some 1 can make more stable machine and  make more then 5 $ from donate

  245. I want to purchas the proxy server.
    But i don’t know how to purchas…
    Please can you tell me anything??

    I’m Korean…

  246. Tanphuongnguyen2003 says:

    please give me Proxy thanks alot email : tanphuongnguyen2003@yahoo.com

  247. Thành Đức Nguyễn says:

    you can email me, i’ll show you. timweri@gmail.com. thanks

  248. Guyys, stop posting your emails >.>”

  249. Jaden Ellett says:

    I have finally found some Spire proxy hosts! Check them out. 

  250. Looking forward to when a guide is out for using 4S keys since one iPhone has that.


  252. Anyone try sirikeys yet, if so let me know if it’s legit!

  253. Please send me a proxy server for siri email to l-e-nunez@hotmail.com

  254. How do I get the SiriKeys Proxy working? 

  255. Baeglory33 says:
  256. Share with me??

  257. Give me please

  258. I’m not sure, I payed the bastard and he hasn’t responded with the url yet.

  259. You gotta pay up. I’m currently broke. so if you’re willing to pay, your call. as for me, I’m just gonna give up on Siri to port on iPhone 4 for a few years.

  260. me please , zcherguia@hotmail.com

  261. Jesongaudan says:

    share with me too… thanks

  262. I have all the validation keys of a 4S but dont know how to proceed lol it says i need mac or linux to do it however i just got windows on all my cps…..who can help??

  263. I know! I have payed but I think their servers are not Spire compatible

  264. After you´ve payed with PayPal klick the go back to Store and you will get a Key. Klick on the Data tab insert the key and you get the server address 

  265. Devilmaycrynerosun says:

    i nid proxy~~pls~~devilmaycrynerosun@hotmail.com

  266. Shinozahmed says:
  267. Thành Đức Nguyễn says:


  268. Well it said I would get the key in an email so after the money transferred I immediately closed that session and logged into my email. Needless to say I can’t click the “back to Store” link because it no longer exists for me.

  269. Sounds like sirikeys is a scam.

  270. Or if you are feeling generous could you send me the url in an email, cause I did pay for it, but I can’t access it.

  271. jonovision says:

    sirikeys is nothing but a scam!

  272. right here

  273. A warning, it seems as though SiriKeys is nothing more but a scam.

  274. same here vince….I paid, no key yet…wtf

  275. SiriKeys is a big SCAM! shame on you iJailbreak for allowing such a crook to steel your viewers money. It does not connect and instructions are extremely vague. DONT BUY!

  276. Ezrabrooks says:

    iv bought the $5 purchase for siri server from sirikeys and im waiting for the 
    decryption code! 

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  282. The helping hand says:

    The reason why its is not working for you guys is because you have to connect to a authorized token that is cached through apples server. And to do so you have to set up a vpn, and you have to become trusted through there server before you can try to use spire. Sorry to tell you guys but in my point of view spire was a scam just to get everyones hopes up, and for everyone to stop nagging the producers to allow siri to work on a non-4s device. If you get it working, NICE!! i have tried and tried and failed. My solution sell your iphone 4 and buy a 4s if you want siri that bad.

  283. Jamesapatrick03 says:
  284. Tarocarpan says:

    yess please tarocarpan@yahoo.com

  285. The helping hand says:

    Until someone figures this non-sense out. STOP POSTING YOUR EMAILS!! thats how you get spam.

    And if someone is smart enough to figure this non-sense out, please feel free to help me figure out what im doing wrong so we can work together to allow everyone to be able to happily use spire.

  286. Dave Lambert says:

    Thanks for saying bro, I was minding about buying a key from them.

  287. Dinhcuong_computer says:

    please give me Proxy thanks alot email : dinhcuong_computer@yahoo.com

  288. Also for the reason why you have paid and havent got the key yet is maybe because they are trying to create a vpn for you. I dont know, and i wont because im not gonna waist my money on something thats a false advertisement. Just trying to help those who have paid and are wondering why they havent received anything yet.

  289. mnbloger@naver.com please…~

  290. Dave Lambert says:

    you got scammed, sorry to tell you.

  291. aviv fadlon says:
  292. carlosdg07 says:

    I hate to admit but I got scammed by this guy, look at his language carefully.. “we got 5 servers, 10 people per servers ? ” hummmm I will go to Paypal resolution center and try to get my money back I suggest you guys do the same. Shame on iJailbreak for not verifying this first. 

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  296. Stephen1996 says:

    It’s not a scam. Read their twitter, there’s people who got it to work a couple days ago. Someone just leaked their info, so thats most likely why their server is down at the moment.

  297. i have set up a siri proxy server. i just need the auth keys from a 4s. Can you donate those? i can provide the server.

  298. I got sirikey to kind of work. It actually connects and takes a moment, but then comes back with an error. 

  299. Tyson Edwards says:

    SiriKeys is a fake. I have subscribed and personally verified that the server in question does not run a Siri Proxy as claimed. Attempts to connect are greeted with an immediate “Connection Refused”.

  300. Ezrabrooks says:

    =( i could have used that money to get my food for the week but now i have no food and no money all because of the siri proxy didn’t work =( this is sad ijailbreak

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  305. do you really trust those that you have to pay/donate money in order to get this to work? i heard sirikeys is a scam. so watch out guys!!!!

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    if you know one plz send me an Email


    Spamfilter Activated :)

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  309. Justin White says:

    I have Siri Proxy running on a dedicated server in the US. All I need is a 4S key. If you would like to let me use your key contact me at Justin :at: xallu :dot: com. I can guarantee that your key will not be banned as I will only be using this myself and you can have the info to use on any devices of your choosing. 

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  314. LOL. Its completely your fault for not managing your money properly. Who in their right minds would choose Siri over a weeks worth of food?! You must be a very smart fellow arnt ya…

  315. Ckh_168888 says:
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    was only jking lol im a very rich man 

  322. My wife has a 4S and I have a 4. I just want to be able to set up my own proxy server using Windows but can’t find the answer anywhere. Anyone know anything?

  323. iseewhatyoudidthere says:
  324. Its not a problem if it isn’t your primary email..

  325. the $.99 button doesnt work in the website!!

  326. Thajakorn s Suwan says:
  327. Daniel Håkansson says:

    I have paid sirikeys. but has no key someone who wants to help me.  hk_aloc@hotmail.com

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  329. Cannot buy through sirikeys $5 a month.

  330. OK, here are the SiriKeys stuff, don’t think it’s working atm anyway, cert:mediafire.com/?83lea2j8868z3… host:

  331. I cannot pay for the server… I always get a error message. Please fix.

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  358. I bought a server from Siri keys but I get lost right after I install the certificate, idk whT to do, any help?

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  363. And if you have your own 4s… or access to a friend’s? How would you make your own reliable server?

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  366. Lets say I have access to a friend’s 4s. How would I set up my own proxy server? For privafe use, you moochers out there.

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  414. Alright i entered the proxy…now how do i use it

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  423. Have a working proxy with 1 Key currently and I’m looking to have a selection of keys in it. If you’re willing to donate one for the server, you’ll receive access to it in return. To maximise usage there will be a total of 6 keys in use for 5 people. Get in touch if interested: johnaast@hotmail.co.uk

  424. Post email
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  425. Raffy92yffar says:
  426. My step dad has got a 4s so I can provide tokens and auth keys but I dont really have the knowledge (or bandwidth) to host a server. However if someone can do that for me I can provide all the info, would have to limit the number of people on it though so we can have a smooth service

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  437. okay, Spire sucks, 1 reason, after installing it, most app store apps don’t work, and all you people that post your emails, you are so dumb, i should just start spamming your emails, or spamming your with iMessages, if you want the servers, look above when it is updated, or look at other websites.

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  443. Yeah TomTom stopped working for me which I use all the time. It’s too bad. 
    A lot of the people posting their emails though are probably pretty dumb but I’m sure most of them aren’t using their primary emails. I could set up an account on google or hotmail in 60 seconds and post that address..Either way, I wouldn’t want to share a proxy server with somebody I don’t know and give them access to all my personal data on my phone.

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  478. I too am interested in the practicalities of this. It wouldn’t even need a VPN, just change the DNS settings. The main problem I see is that the keys need to be updated every 24 hours. I am sure Apple must restore all their iPhone’s quite often to prevent tampering so someone would have to re-enter the DNS settings every day. The second problem is that even if Apple don’t lock down the DNS or restore the phones then someone still has to physically use Siri every day to get the new auth data.

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  500. agreed with that, still its dumb sharing an email adress on a public site like this, Just Saying i only got 2 app store apps working after installing Spire (out of my 69) I am curious though what Siri0us used, because if the Proxy address was findable, then we could use that.

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  516. why no semitether + Spire ?

  517. Idont know why my Spire tab under setting is not appearing? anyone help?

  518. I installed Spire on my iPhone 4 and added a proxy host, when i hold down the home button Siri pops up but… it does not allow me to speak to it.  its simply stays blacked out. any idea why this is happening to me ?

    (i used the proxy listed above) i would expect it at least to say connection not established  or even when i click the ‘mic’ button it still doesn’t allow me to do anything 

    Can someone please help me with this. 
    Thank you

  519. try re-installing it. 

  520. I did already

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  525. and wont work

  526. For everybody having problema with apps after installing Spire :
    Disable Siri from Settings.app > General > Siri > Disable to male apps working

  527. problems*

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  541. ok, so i have a 4s and a 4… i have spire on my 4, how do i create the proxy on my 4s? 

  542. Brad Benoit says:

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  544. Thanks, that worked. Now I have SIRI on my two iphone 4’s.

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  546. I simply just want to know how to set one up… not to run one from someone else. Can you help me with that?

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  552. Myself and a few other developers are working on a completely free, donation-based Siri proxy server. We are hoping to have everything online in the next few days. Please, DO NOT leave your email as a comment to this asking to be let in, simply follow the project on twitter @gmolittieri:twitter and speak with us on there, especially if you are an iPhone 4S user who wouldn’t mind being awesome and donating a few minutes of their time to share their auth info.


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  580. Anthony E Lonas says:

    So in order for this to work there needs to be thousands of people hosting these servers for there to be enough to accommodate the demand in order for non blacklisting. Or else an assload of people are just going to try the newest one that works and break it because of blacklisting. 

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  583. Hello, I am Ryan!

    First off, Siri.CD-Team is a fake, the DNS server is not real and the connection redirects to a fake IP.

    The other one is real, but is not working.

  584. AtomSmasher says:

    Junior high? I learned that in 3rd grade.

  585. Plz plz I need a working proxy and I live in Australia will it work

  586. Indeed won by 2 weeks here’s my email bigbill97@live.com.au

  587. Kevin Friedemann says:

    I have a bluehost server that I am willing to donate for very limited (<100) Spire access if you know how to set it up.  

  588. Amardeep Singh says:

    My email might get selected but its like 1 in 20 chance. fingerscrossed and my email is amardeep504@me.com

  589. Wardocks03 says:
  590. Eddy Edward says:

    I felt strange. I tried to setup a PPtP VNP using a free server from UK (I am in Singapore) and create a URL at the proxy below in an iPhone 4s. 

    However when I use my iPhone 4 to connect to the same VPN and entered the URL created by the iPhone 4s, Spire is still not working.I am certainly performing the steps but seems that it’s wrong. Advices? Cheers!


  592. Camjones1708 says:

    How do you set it up? I could set up one too, my friend has a 4s and is willing to help out the cause

  593. Firerabbit Star says:

    proxy host pls hansoethet@gmail.com

  594. Dylan Terrell says:

    That’s great! But the other problem that arises is that with 50+ users using 1 auth key, Apple may ban the key.

  595. Pg_friendza_ says:
  596. Eddy Edward says:

    I got a few friends with the 4s and a friend with a server so I might be able to make a host for a small number of people. But as what Camjones1708 mentioned earlier, I am in a mist of trying to setup. Not that clear and I am not really good in computing language.

    In another case, setting VPN in 4s and sharing the URL to my iPhone 4 doesn’t work. Both 4s and 4 are connected to the same VPN (under different main connection) with 4s create the proxy URL and Spire in iphone 4 connected to the URL.
    Still Siri Failed though :/

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  618. Big ups to you and the other devs, this is the feedback I/we like to see!

  619. Big ups to you and the other devs, this is the feedback I/we like to see!

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  661. By putting in one of those proxy’s will siri actually answer your questions and talk back?

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  671. You're Joking says:

    You are all really going to fall for these “buy space” scams in the COMMENTS, while giving you’re own email address out? Everyone here selling space is probably just a spammer who dosen’t even know what Siri is! 

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    I have 2 proxy servers for Spire, but I will charge $20  for them both.  I will give both in case 1 doesnt work or anything, but just email me or message me on msn dkachler@gmx.de   I have iphone 4 and 4S for sale, for a good price too, but im sure if you’re here you already own one, but never-the-less, contact if interested…

  679. jblackwell says:

    I have 2 proxy servers for Spire, but I will charge $20  for them both.  I will give both in case 1 doesnt work or anything, but just email me or message me on msn dkachler@gmx.de   I have iphone 4 and 4S for sale, for a good price too, but im sure if you’re here you already own one, but never-the-less, contact if interested…

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  726. Amardeep Singh says:

    Well, like I said yesterday that  there is a 1 in 20 chance to getting an email, I got 2 emails saying here is your proxy! Found out L8r they were fake :( fucking ridiculous!!!

  727. Minibikemike says:

    After installing Spire I lost the ability to connect to the internet via 3g network. Any one else seem to have this problem?

  728. I understood what he said since I’m not a fucking retard

  729. hahahaha i love how everybody is having an optimistic phase in life as to getting the Siri Proxy Servers first. There are thousands of Developers that deserve this Proxy Server before any of us.. we got the Cake, Don’t expect that well be getting the icing soon… Let Geohotz, Dev-Team, Muscle-Nerd, and the Boys enjoy the Icing, before we do.. they deserve it. 

    Don’t worry, they will test the servers, and will come out with another Patch to make it go public without getting blocked by apple… THEY ARE NOT NORMAL, THEY ARE LEGENDS. :) 

  730. Dan Ginger Cake North says:

    It would be singular as you’re only comparing two items. It’d be the difference between your and you’re.

  731. lol right….. then the people that receive it will send it to other people

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  733. Tyson Edwards says:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL: https://192.453.201:3544/
    This is not a valid IP Address, so is by definition incapable of working.

  734. How can you get a proxy off of an iphone 4s?

  735. So If my friend lets me borrow their iPhone 4s for about an hour I can make my own server to run my Spire off of? On a windows computer?

  736. ever heard anything called “Internet Slang” ?

  737. can't wait says:

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  739. =  not even an valid IP… might check that… don’t expect something to work with an invalid IP, not that I expect many free siri proxies to work at this moment.

  740. Stop Posting Your E-Mail

  741. None of them work!

  742. So I made my own siri proxy server on Ubuntu. What do I put as the URL in spire?

  743. send a proxy to my email who are available to make convenient for me thx alot zhong89@live.com

  744. Spire stops TomTom working as it cannot access gps

  745. Not if there’s many differences between both words.

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    Ok to everyone wanting the url It won’t happen unless he allows VPN on his siri proxy, and you would put your IP address

  748. PREACH!

  749. Dacidcarney997 says:

    Do I still need the iPhone 4s tokens even with a spire proxy sever in the spire section on setting on iPhone 4?
    Sorry for the in educated question

  750. Davidcarney997 says:

    Wow that so did not type out how I wanted it to
    Let me try that again. Can I input a spire proxy server into the server section on my settings and not need the iPhone 4s tokens for it to work
    Sorry for the un informed question

  751. Thank You!

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  756. Can you post a tutorial on how to make your own proxy ?? if you can

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  761. Non of above listed are working…..

  762. is the closest I got to a working server since it connects and attempts to send voice and data then siri says sorry, im not able to take any requests right now. Other servers connect then immediatley disconnect without any time to speak to siri.

  763. google it 

  764. Hey, looking for proxy. Willing to pay. @ david_z@me.com

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  766. I have a working SiriProxy server that currently has 1 key. I am looking for other testers, but ONLY those who currently have access to a 4S. So, if you already have a 4S and are just looking for a way to use Siri on your older iPhones, but don’t want to have to setup your own server, please get in touch with me at canavalia@hotmail.com

    I am trying to minimize usage, so I will only allow a few people to use the server, and only those who bring their own key (by connecting once from their 4S device). So, if you’re willing to test with a 4S, you’ll receive access to the server for your non-4S devices in return.

  767. Andrescamayo says:
  768. Bunsienghouth says:

    Send one to me please, bunsienghouth@gmail.com Thx

  769. How can I use the proxy from my girlfriends 4S?

  770. How about I pay you to give me step by step instructions to get my own siri proxy running instead? makes more sense right? you get money, I get siri. unless, of course, you’re trying to scam people.. hmmmm

  771. Devteamimm0rtal says:

    We are trying to test out our SiriProxy that is running on an Amazon EC2. We will be running from 8:00pm to 12:am. If all goes well, we will turn it back on starting at 8:00am. Please send email to devteamimm0rtal@gmail.com if you are interested in testing.

  772. tom tom ont run on iphone 4 when i install spire is this a fault in spire as when i delete it tomtom runs again

  773. Im intrested! :)

  774. let me too plss…. iceycoolman@hotmail.com

  775. Since installing Spire none of my downloaded apps work. All stock apps work, but nothing else. HELP!!!

  776. Can we use the proxy to test?

  777. Lol thanks for the info, hope you have fun emailing all those people in the lower comments because you probably have that much free time right haha :)

  778. I would be very interested! 

  779. Does anyone have a solution, please?

  780. I don’t want money. I have no plans to make this server
    available for profit. It’s really just a personal
    experiment I am doing because I’m interested in the technology. If you want to learn how to setup your own SiriProxy server, you can google it. There are plenty of tutorials available out there.

  781. I need more proxys!!!!

  782. James Fazio says:

    Same here! >:(

  783. Ive had the same problem, tried to ask Chpwn for a solution on twitter, no reply as yet.

  784. I have come across a type of key to create a voice recognition app* We would have to create it from scratch and use this key for a server, If you know how email me at chris_ghost_2@yahoo.com

  785. Cant u see?!  People are too idiotic that they target themselves for spam.

  786. I have a mobile production key from iSpeech, will that suffice?

  787. This’ll probably get buried fast, but can someone please explain how can I set up a Spire proxy? I tried using westbaer’s and plamoni’s forks of SiriProxy, but it seems that they all need a certificate installed on an iPhone to get it to work, whereas the proxies listed here do not.

  788. Killakoala3000 says:

    its happening soon!! i can feel it!

  789. They’re using their spam accounts smart one… it’s a projected account for when things like this occur and email is the only resort. a spare account per say.

  790. Raoul Gentile says:


  791. Raoul Gentile says:


  792. Juan Baldomero says:

    I have a dedicated server (OVH france) ready for test. All I need it’s a pair of keys. I will give you access to my server. I’m not trying to make a payment server. Tanks

    Contact: johnmathiusp@gmail.com

  793. I have an iSpeech key, that work?

  794. James Fazio says:

    I fixed my problem by uninstalling 3G Unrestrictor. Try uninstalling that or My3G if either are installed. If not you can try randomly uninstalling tweaks until one works.

  795. LOL just stop talking

  796. I have My3G, but I read if beta 3 of redsn0w fixes the MobileSubstrate which should be the problem. Which jailbreak did you use?

  797. MrPaperTrain says:

    If this post gets any longer it’ll be a letter per line xD

  798. I did beta 2 and just ran beta 3 over it and it didn’t fix it. don’t really want to uninstall My3G. Did you at least get Siri working?

  799. Santino1993 says:

    Pleas send me proxy for siri :)) santino1993@gmail.com
    Thank you!

  800. I wish I could get a proxy for Siri to work, but if I can’t I’m going to uninstall it. No sense in keeping something that won’t work and forcing my apps to crash.

  801. Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL: https://192.453.201:3544/
    That doesn’t look like a valid IP. And I tried all proxies in the list. None of them work. Probably overloaded.

  802. send me free spire proxy host and i will give you 500 twitter or instagram or facebook fans. geekpic@gmail.com

  803. James Fazio says:

    I used Redsn0w beta 1 and then ran beta 3 over it.

  804. If you have Spire proxy working please send to my mail Boramoney_roth@y7mail.com thank you

  805. James Fazio says:

    No. I’m supposedly “beta testing” for someone but his instructions are weird and the server still doesn’t connect. And now he won’t respond to me.

  806. ㅆㅑㅇ 맨날 나온다고 하고 안 나오고
    각자 서버 구축이 진리인듯 ㅇㅇㅇ

  807. lol.. not sure if this is working for anyone but what the hell w.harris@me.com thanks in advance! =)

  808. James Fazio says:

    Exactly. I’m gonna give it a few more days then it’s gone.

  809. lol that would be kinda funny

  810. its mean to say gay when you mean stupid. because gay people are not stupid.

  811. This looks great! :) Keep up the good work!

  812. Jamesapatrick03 says:

    I’m interested Jamesapatrick03@yahoo.com

  813. Shinlung35 says:

    send me too ~  my mail  

  814. Name: Unknown

    Cost: Free

    Host URL:

    People always seem to post this. It won’t work, it’s not a valid IP.

  815. Shinlung35 says:

    send me and siri host pls~

  816. THE ONLY WAY to get a proxy host atm is paying for one. Search a little bit and you’ll find a few legit guys selling slots in servers. All the free ones are FAKE or DOESN’T WORK. Paid servers are the only way to keep the service UP. So, stop asking for links.

  817. im willing to pay if the proxy can run

  818. anything did’t work…. it;s just my problem????????? b

  819. yea

  820. WTB siri proxy msg if you have one for sell

  821. Well None of the free ones work yet. Thanks to all the people trying to make this work. It is appreciated

  822. I used to misspell words, then i took an arrow to the knee.

  823. Francy8684 says:

    please send to me :francy8684@gmail.com

  824. no one work!

  825. Plz i need a prozy server email me at j.l.basilio55@gmail.com

  826. Setting up a Siri proxy for a limited amount
    of users who donate €50,- for one year unlimited acces.
    Donate true PayPal at sirislot@gmail.com
    And I wil contact you. Proxy will go online January 4
    David Beck

  827. Ps. Sign up closes at January 2

  828. Sp1r3 Pr0xy says:

    Selling my limited slots for $30 a year.. only selling 2 so let me know if interested! @Sp1r3Pr0xy:disqus 

  829. None of the SiriProxys are working. Until something better is discovered we are stuck with Siri GUI only :(

  830. Michele Papavero1991 says:
  831. Heavenknows72 says:

    I need some :) please send me heavenknows72@yahoo.com. thanks..

  832. Spire Server says:

    hey guys im working with the high performance server that can handle 750 000 devices but i have not enough key, so need u guys help, it cost for 700$ so donate if u want. Follow this to donate http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=SCqdxXOgWRo

  833. Spire Server says:

    i have not enough *money not *key sorry for that error decription 

  834. LOL you’re full of shit

  835. Whoever is maintaining the above list is a fucking idiot. IP addresses are four sets of eight bits. Valid IPs for this purpose can only be 1-254 in each of the four blocks.

  836. Name: Unknown

    Cost: Free

    Host URL:

    Realy? 453 is a valid number on the IP? And there’s only 3 params? jeez… -.-‘

  837. Siddharth Gv says:

    hey please email the proxy to me

    My email is : suckmy12inch@siri.com

  838. Free but Requires Donation? Yeah, thats the one :D

  839. At the moment, here’s how I see things.
    Someone makes a working proxy server —> publishes it to the internet for free
    —> people know about it —> thousands of people overload the server with requests —> server crashes —> iPhone 4S keys are banned. The only way you could  make it work if you asked for a donation so that a certain number of people had the address and it was restricted to them. Overall, this solution isn’t the best one but at least we now have the entire installation of Siri instead of a GUI.

  840. I wonder when this is going to get to a line…
    Anyway, I hope someone is going to find a great spire proxy host :)

  841. Lol’s at everybody giving out email addresses and even trying these unknown proxys with their personal info. Patience is key!

  842. New proxy host brought to you by cockwn

  843. Proxy address please, will be much appreciated :) ozcelik.7@hotmail.com

  844. I have iPhone 4,plz anyone tell me how to find proxy number ? plz email me dl3475@gmail.com
    Many Thanks

  845. Mirza Nabil Shuja says:

    siri is running but it says it cannot take any requests right now so try blah blah blah

  846. Unholypancakes says:

    This will become a line rather quickly… :) wonder how many lines this is going to take up :)

  847. Non of these work GOD DAMN IT!

  848. Some gay people are stupid

  849. Mikey Hoover says:

    none of these proxies work!

  850. no… this one will be a line 

  851. please send me one too hksherlockholmes@hotmail.com

  852. The same people who dont want to take the time to try and create their own Proxy, and the same people who will get bit in the ass because their info was stolen when they get a infamous Proxy. :-)

  853. MJisTHEbest says:

    Michael Jackson is the greatest!

  854. free proxies will never work. you need to buy one, or else if it’s free, it’ll just get raped and blacklisted

  855. Spire Server says:

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  856. workkk tnx :L)

  857. Julian2596 says:

    how much?

  858. Spire Server says:

    it cost for 20$ and i will update the key daily u can use it forever

  859. Hello
    I want a spire proxy host from you 
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    please help me and thanxX

  860. Spire Server says:

    it cost for 20$ and u can use it forever because i will keep the 4S key update daily

  861. Manpreet Singh Flora says:

    how do i know ur legit ?

  862. Spire Server says:

    this is 100% working if doesn’t i’ll refund

  863. This is the perfect place to write a proxy down because no one can see :D 

  864. Manpreet Singh Flora says:

    can i test before hand ? if i dnt pay up u can take me off

  865. Spire Server says:

    i cannot trust u, this is a deal, pay for the working server or not

  866. Manpreet Singh Flora says:

    send me a invoice 

  867. Please me too!!!!

  868. Spire Server says:

    i sent it but awaiting approval

  869. Rfcomputers says:

    Getting smaller!

  870. Has any1 got these to work yet?

  871. hey guys.. my uncle in canada liked to share his siri proxy with me, said he doesnt even use siri on 4s.. so mail me how to setup a proxy n 4s, guy who provides the right answer will share the proxy with me.. once i setup it  on his phone will mail it back to you!!       scptmg123@hotmail.com.. hurry!!!!  and if this goes well , i will share it with all of you… and i dint mind sending me links about how to setup proxy.. just want to setup it

  872. well my last comment got deleted.. just wana help my self and others!!! i found a person with a 4s and willing to share it, all i want to know is how to setup a proxy on 4s.. send me an mail to scptmg123@hotmail.com!! good answer will get to share the proxy!!! and admin dont delete this pls!!!

  873. and why should anyone trust you?

  874. hey

  875. Spire Server says:

    what ?

  876. Spire Server says:

    Anyone one to purchase my server ? contact me: hewweehung@hotmail.com  still have 3 slot available it cost 20 $ for unlimited access 

  877. Michael Phillips says:
  878. has this actually worked for ANYONE?

  879. NO

  880. Alexsis_0310 says:

    not work at all ..

  881. Fuck this and fuck this post. Admin give us something we can use or don`t right anything at all. None of the siri proxy’s from this post work. WTK?? Don`t you see that people are so stupid that they are serving spammers they email addresses ? This post is like honey for spammers.  20 USD for a SIRI proxy come on …:)) I don`t know if that shit works. 

  882. Nope, even new onse.

  883. Rhys Towey says:

    Still none working?!

  884. Angeloribeiro says:

    i nead a Proxy My E-mail is angeloribeiro@windowslive.com

  885. I have a proxy, but not willing to put it out there. Call me selfish, but I like using Siri and if I give it to one, he will give it to his friend. His friend will only give it to one more, and he so on and so forth. All I can say is goodluck because the chances of finding a server public that hasn’t been banned is slim to none. Even if you do it would only be able to process maybe 10 to 15 commands then crash boom fire kill die. Banned in 10 minutes easy.

  886. Seriously, why the **** are people putting there emails out there. When has that EVER worked?

  887. The more these proxies are advertised over the web, the quicker they are getting overloaded. None of these free ones will EVER work with any consistency if they keep getting plastered all over the internet. 

  888. seriously, quit wasting our time ijailbreak.

  889. Bryan Spalinger says:

    I’m also interested in purchasing a spot, could you send me an invoice as well?

  890. western noobies beefin over their broke literature plolz

  891. do u offer limited access for half the price instead? 
    retard get lost ur probably american anyway

  892. I would like to purchase a slot if possible, how do we set this up? Do I get a proof of purchase just in case things go array?

  893. ijailbreak waste says:

    bet ur payin comission to ijailbreak same breed as u

  894. where is the proxy  //

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    cheap worthless people  

  897. not for me since 2 day// uninstall it already :(

  898. what is the catch ?

  899. it won’t work son

  900. @Spire Server whats the catch? let me try before payments its $20 not 20 cents/// if it works share you paypal info //

  901. fuck you smart ass says:

    oh really .. so you bought it?
    yea thats what i thought  ??

  902.  you are a motherfucker

  903. indian.. problem with your breed..

  904. New proxy : –
    Name: UnknownBitch

    Cost: Free/paid

    Host URL:

  905. f……….u………c…….k spire i delete it from my iphone 4 cuz its nothing its just taking a place…………………….. :@ i chek all hosts in the world and it didnt work!!! boolllshit… please poeple delete it its nothing believe meeee :@ U CAN GO CRAZY WITH THIS WHEN U SEARCH FOR HOSTS TO SIRI PROXY SIRI HOST HOW TO MAKE SIRI PROXY WTF!!!

  906. please hackers do somthing for this and please without the f…ing hosts and proxy and how to get proxy from 4s please without this do a siri without all of thiss u let us go CRAZY with all of this please

  907. A prozy server, i think you are on the wrong website 

  908. Can someone link me to a tutorial on how to make a Spire proxy?
    I have a spare site, and a 4S at hand.

  909.  Amen, brother.

  910. Joe Toennis says:

    s26tech has one and legit has i use it but currently full of it check out his twitter for more info

  911. David RowleysDiscos Rowland says:

    OK i have sent this guy $10 for 1 month in paypal let see if its works ?

  912. Bryanboud95 says:
  913. SxC_Optimus says:

    so i have 5 Iphone 4S and created 5 proxy hosts and they all can carry 20 slots of people its 10$ for 1 slot 20$ for a whole host and all 20$ this is a one pay only LEGIT Via Paypal email me at SxC_Optimus@yahoo.com

  914. it did actually work, the guy said that he was working on it and gave me his twitter and has been updating me and all the others that got the email 

  915. Bryanboud95 says:

    whats ur email!!?

  916. I wannnnt to believe you…………….. but not quite. Why not? because you put the dollar sign AFTER the money amount. Smart people set up legit proxy hosts. People that don’t know where a dollar sign goes do not.

  917. gay people are born that way. it doesn’t make them stupid. maybe i think straight people are stupid. you’re the idiot

  918. Jesse Galdos says:

    You are my hero

  919. I think sirikeys is no longer a scam.

  920. Your a bitch ass hoe SOO shut the fuck up

  921. Roxasissora says:

    Just give me a darn proxy that works, and I’ll pay you for it. :/ Or not, that’s cool too.

  922. please :)

  923. email me :)

  924. urgullabull@gmail.com please send

  925. LOW RENT!

  926. Would be great if there was a MORE DETAILED
    post of how to set up a proxy server. The existing post is not at all clear and
    has a bunch of commands out of context. Any one that could write a more comprehensive
    or at least comprehensible post/walk thru would be appreciated.

  927. James Fazio says:

    I’m currently beta testing for the DevTeamImmortal and can confirm that their proxy works 100%. I cannot (and will not) give out any server details at the moment.

  928. James Fazio says:

    Sorry, but they have asked that nobody releases any information until the servers are ready for a larger load. I’ll post the details as soon as I get the “ok”.

  929. Facebookdude Oo7 says:

    OK, in the list of proxy hosts make a section call Legit/not Legit/Spam/Scam. and tell us how to use these !

  930. lindamilanoxxx says:

    okay im freaking confused wish one is the best proxy and safe like if there’s safe one lol :D

  931. Vandock Ules says:

    I’ll take the risk. if Anyone’s got a proxy e-mail me at V4nd0ck@gmail.com got a cool siri application I’ve developed for even more than your iphone I need the service for and would def give in return. Don’t really care about asking it stupid retarded questions all day so traffics not the issue. Plus, I already have a girlfriend thats asks enough pointless questions for both of us.

  932. No

  933. David RowleysDiscos Rowland says:

    hewweehung@hotmail.com IS A TOTAL SCAM SENT HIM $10 Emailed me back “Ok server is maintaining u will receive within few hours ”


  934. David RowleysDiscos Rowland says:

    hewweehung@hotmail.com IS A TOTAL SCAM SENT HIM $10 Emailed me back “Ok server is maintaining u will receive within few hours ”


  935. I found a youtube video with a better list of proxy servers in the discription

  936. hawk0986786 says:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL:

    Name: Unknown
    Cost: Free
    Host URL: these working?

  937. Ahmed Alsafar says:


  938. I have a 4s then how can i use siri on my iPhone4 ios 5.0.1? pls help!!1

  939. I have also sent this guy money and have not yet received a proxy

  940. HAhA LMFAO I’m here all ready to find my self a proxy server

    And I’m reading each comment so slowly to see whether some guy releases a server and each comment here made me LaughAwesome stuff thanks for the article man

    BTW Yea Sunny Could I read your blog Cause I dont have a life and it would mean the world if I could find out how your day went.. Or what nail polish you used.. 

    Or whether the Cat Pooped in your high tech chinese toilet that was awesome but still very cheap ;)

  941. Ibrahim Chiha says:

    When I’m downloading Spire it stops at ” Setting up shared cache ” 
    Its been awhile, at first i canceled it, but now its been almost one day, and i dont want to cancel it, maybe it will work. Amy suggestions ??
    Please help !

  942. But think of it this way… If everyone turned out to be gay there would be no one to date your sorry ass :(

    So in your case you better get on your knees and Pray that some blind mofo wants your gay loving ass ;)

  943. Okay so here is the thing I had the same problem but I fixed It… and Mines working fine except for the whole Proxy part

    How are you downloading it 

    you using Wifi or 3g ?

  944. Who found out none of these URLs work? or just me?

  945. remove this fake IP. 453 is not a valid IP number, each number has max 255. 

  946. None of them work.

  947. Hey guys,

    next server is ready!!!

    20 new siri slots are waiting to be used

    First 20 incoming emails will get the slots!!!


  948. Hey guys,

    next server is ready!!!

    20 new siri slots are waiting to be used

    First 20 incoming emails will get the slots!!!


  949. Friendly-Proxyman says:


    Are you kidding me?!?! You sent some random guy on some random email address $10 on the promise of getting a proxy IP? Well this is just awful how this stranger did not fufill his promise! Especially just after Christmas, were you saving that $10 for something more constructive? I feel so, SO bad for you, tell you what, I’m feeling generous – send me $5 and I’ll send you a proxy. ;)

    Ohhhhhh….who to trust?

  950. Nobody is “born” gay. It’s a fuckin lifestyle choice and they should die for it!

    Stupid people say things like “they were born that way”

  951. Friendly-Proxyman says:

    LOL, sure.

  952. badly need proxy server.. here is my email jc15ph@yahoo.com

  953. No one is working for me

  954. have tryed all these none of them work ?