iPlayApp Cydia App: Stream Hundreds Of FREE Movies To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [VIDEO]

With the iPlayApp Cydia utility you can stream hundreds of movies straight to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for FREE. With titles such as “Source Code”, “Unknown”, “Red Riding Hood” and many more popular movies, iPlayApp is sure to become one of your favorite streaming applications to date! It features a clean GUI (graphical user interface) and promises regular content updates, which is a must for movie fanatics!

Note: The iPlayApp application will add an icon to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad SpringBoard. Check out a video demonstration below:

If you are interested in the iPlayApp application, it is available through the BigBoss repository for FREE. Awesome, right! Let us know what you think of iPlayApp in the comments section below. Be sure to share what your favourite movies are as well.

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  1. I installed this app. After watching a movie for about half hour, a full size ad from a hosting company covered the entire page with no options to close. I could not go back, and upon closing and reopening the app, the same page poped up again. I wrote a complaint to the developer and reported this to the repository. Just wanted to give everybody the headsup .

  2. Update:
    I received an email from the developer saying “the issue has been solved”.

  3. Thanks for Updating :)

  4. Mogene0119 says:

    Sometimes the video dose not finish streaming what do I do

  5. good stuff.

  6. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Josephvira says:

    Can you transfer the downloaded movie off your iphone?

  8. Umbler5094832 says:

    Does anyone know if this works on iOS 5?

  9. Swasleyjoe says:

    kind of sucks, since it just links to movie sites and isnt fullscreen

    why not just download the videobam app if all this app is going to do is link to it.

  10. Swasleyjoe says:

    appears to be fullscreen. Sorry, I can’t get it to work, so I didn’t know.

  11. Nastycock_16 says:

    How long will it take to load a movie? 5 mins?

  12. i clicked on all movies and a ad page came up what do i do?

  13. Spammail2979 says:

    You need a donating fee to start?

  14. Khurram says:

    why are they forcing me to donate.. 

  15. Sorry new to this. How do i downlaod the movie itself??? There is no button, Do ihave to donate???

  16. i installed the iplay app and it does not show anything why i cannot see any movies or shows

  17. iplayappOwner says:

    i am the owner of iplayapp and if you all join the facebook page i will be more than happy to solve your problems and you will receive updates on their as soon as possible i have come on here to let you all know this .

  18. this thing is a cheat!!!!! everything inside is just sponsors and they are forcing me to donate!!!!!!!do not download this thing its a waste of time

  19. Capsgram says:
  20. Capsgram says:

    This is a scam, bigboss needs to remove this bogus app , donations and ads that’s all this app is , bigboss must have been smoked up to allow this app

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