Add Voice Alerts To All Your Notifications On iOS Device With Aloud Cydia Tweak

Just days ago, we wrote about the SpeakEvents Cydia tweak that reads out your Email, SMS and iMessage notifications. That could be useful for times when you don’t have access to your iDevice, like when you’re riding a motorbike, driving or are too damn lazy. Here’s another tweak that is similar, yet different in so many ways.

Aloud is a new Cydia tweak that adds voice to each and every notification on your iOS device and lets you choose from over 30 different languages for the alerts. Suppose you want to listen to your alerts in French. You can do that with this tweak, and it’s all so simple and nice. Choose the apps whose notifications you want to be read aloud, adjust the volume, adjust the rate of speech and much more. The best part about this tweak is that it works with all the apps installed on your iDevice.

Here’s the complete list of all the features of Aloud Cydia tweak:

  • Aloud speaks a lot of languages – over 30 of them!
  • Customize Aloud’s voice with a custom rate and a custom volume!
  • Suppress the original notification sounds
  • Choose what apps you don’t want Aloud to speak for
  • Tons of rules to set so Aloud won’t interrupt:
    • Device state (un/locked or both)
    • Disrespect the mute switch
    • Speak only with headphones
    • Only when charging
    • Don’t speak in-call
    • Don’t speak on certain days
    • Don’t speak on certain hours
    • Make Activator actions to listen to this set of rules (or not)
  • Custom speaking formats:
    • Speak only the message, title or both!
    • Dynamic format – automatically configured for messages, emails and Music with MusicBanners!
  • Activator Actions! Including:
    • Repeat the last notification
    • Stop speaking
    • System state (WiFi, battery, charging)
    • Date and time
  • Works great with Hands-Free Control and tell it to “Read” your last notification!

There you go! Pretty awesome list of features right? Aloud tweak is currently available in the ModMyi repo for $0.99, which is a limited period price. If you wanted a tweak that read out all your notifications, then you should give this a shot. Try it out and tell us what you think of it in the comments.

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  1. I was hoping that the alerts would come through my bluetooth device rather than reading them aloud to everyone else around me.

    This would be an awesome update, until then I guess I am turning it off.

  2. Pastaboy says:

    mine start off going to my bluetooth then after awhile it goes back to the speaker wish i could figure out how to keep it going to the bluetooth.

  3. Yes, the major drawback on this app is that there is no way to tell it to ONLY read when you are connected via BT headset.  In addition, I think there is a bug that on headphone output (via jack, not BT), it is barely audible even with the volume turned all the way up and none of the volume override features turned on.

    SpeakEvents has a few less setting but a) the headphone output actually works and b) you can set it to only output if headphone or BT headset is connected.

  4. Ksappling says:

    It would be a wonderful app if it worked all the time.   Sometimes it reads the notification when it comes, other times it doesn’t work at all.  I’ve installed and uninstalled several times, no luck!

  5. It just doesn’t work!

  6. How do you get it to supreds origional alert sound? Dont see that option anywhere…

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