SpringBoard Rotator: A New Cydia Tweak That Allows Dynamic Rotation Of SpringBoard!

It seems like lately there have been quite a few great new tweaks being developed for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Today is no different as we see the release of a new tweak called SpringBoard Rotator. Just as the title sounds this new great tweak allows your SpringBoard to rotate depending on your devices position (if it is in portrait mode the springboard stays as default, but if it is rotated into a landscape position then the springboard will dynamically change orientation).

This tweak not only adds dynamic springboard rotation it also allows you to size your iPod Touch or iPhone’s icons by a percentage. The only downside to this great tweak is that it only works on the iPhone 3g and the iPhone 3gs as of right now. However the developer states that we should eventually see this tweak for the iPod Touch and the earlier iPhone 2g in the next coming months. Take a look at this tweak in action by viewing the video below, to see for yourself how SpringBoard Rotator works.

If you watched the video above you would of gotten a pretty good idea on how Springboard Rotator works. As you can see the application is pretty customizable and provides some great settings for you to customize on how the tweak works/operates. I personally do not know if I would use the application on a daily basis just because as soon as I launch an app I will have to flip the device back into a portrait position. However I think the application is a great tweak that would be neat to show off to friends and it would be nice having the option of displaying your springboard in a landscape view.

I do like the idea of using my iPod Touch/iPhone in a landscape position as long as all of the iPod Touch/iPhone’s apps were capable of operating in that position as well (which is not possible as of right now). Until then I think I personally am going to stay away from this tweak. The tweak will be released into Cydia within the next couple of weeks so if you are interested in this tweak check back on this post and I will update it when the tweak is released. Until then, Would you use Springboard Rotator?

Update #1: The Tweak is now available!

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  1. Technologymasters says:

    any app available with which i can rotate every application on my iphone.

  2. pce of shit crashed my phone dont install this junk

  3. Doesn’t work on iOS 5 :c

  4. Becadragic says:

    there is,its called SBrotator 5,i have it on my 4s

  5. Sexy_bitch says:

    Coooool i love it 

  6. Sexy_bitch says:

    liar !! it works !

  7. f***thisS*** says:


  8. f***thisS*** says:

    Did it just bring you to a black screen with the apple spinner on it

  9. f***thisS**** says:


  10. Someonelookingfortweaks says:

    does this actually work please help me

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