Creators Of AppTrackr (Cracked iOS Applications) Feeling Apple’s Wrath

The creators Apptrackr, the most popular cracked iOS application download site, have recently mentioned in a blog post (through Installous) that Apple has been severely scraping Apptrackr for links and sending huge takedown notices for a lot of content. With this statement made by Apptrackr it finally looks like Apple is addressing the increasingly large problem of cracked iOS applications and how it is effecting developers.

In response to Apple’s recent aggressive stance on cracked iOS application Apptrackr is currently undergoing some large changes. They note that they have added CAPATCHA to all outbound links, and they have switched their servers to several countries that do not have copyright laws.

With Apple’s recent interest in trying to clamp down on cracked iOS applications it will be interesting to see how long services like Apptrackr and even the popular cracked application installer tool, Installous will be able to operate. Please leave any of your thoughts in the comments section below on this issue…

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  1. Jared Cleghorn says:

    Piracy is bad. Period.

  2. there are lots of crap apps out there.  what i hate the most is paying for crap.  if there was a try before you buy policy that would help us see if we like this apps.  i hate wasting my money.

  3. Apple will never be able to stop Apptrackr

  4. Stealing apps is not ok. Hope they all get taken down.

  5. I hope Installous and Apptrackr are destroyed by Apple. I used to use cracked apps all the time but I realize it’s not cool and deleted all of them and bought the real ones. I hope apple uses it’s wondrous suing powers.

  6. ALL U GUYZ suckss.. man..!!
    itz nothing wrong in it..!!
    if u think lyk dat den why d hell did u jailbreak ur idevice..!! xD

  7. Jahnkeanater says:

    If apple is going to keep their devices from running third party software im not going to pay for their software. Im not going to pay $15 for software that is out of date and buggy. apple shouldn’t charge money for their developers to make apps they should probably even pay them. i buy apps from cydia but i have no plans on buying any from the app store.

  8. Go Apptrackr Go!!

  9. NintendoNaut says:

    Go Apple, go!

  10. how is that fair to the apps that actually DO work and ARE USEFUL! Downloading cracked apps is not against apple, its against the developers who work endlessly to create something that makes your iphone useful!

  11. i’ve been thinking, what if app store release some apps that is suck, but cost 5$ (do not want to say the apps name), then we only waste our money away!

    i’ve been using installous not to use a crack apps or whatever, but with it, you can test the apps whether that is good or not, than you can buy it at the app store!

    i know not everybody is like me, but at least there is! i hate wasting money, damnit

  12. You’re right Jared piracy is bad…but I wonder how many of these preachers above download music, movies and any other media from torrent sites?

    I love installous…When there is an app I’m interested in I don’t want to try the “lite version” I want to try the full version, so I use installous. If I like the app I’ll likely purchase it from the app store to get the auto updates and such…also to support the dev. If I don’t like the app it either gets deleted or never used again…actually that reminds me I probably have about a dozen apps to delete that I’m happy I didn’t have to spend money on.

  13. Indeed if Apple would come up with a try before you buy policy it would reduce the piracy IMHO. Try an app for 7 days or 2 weeks and if you like it buy it. This way a) developers can develop one version and not a “free” and “pro” version and 2) you can promote apps much more to the community who’s willing to pay for it.

    I’m not for piracy but I can understand people not wanting to shell out 5 or 10 USD every time and feel disappointed afterwards.

  14. Donate people, and let this project continue. Arrr

  15. Long live Apptrackr. Donate!

  16. I am happy in life coz of apptrackr


    I could care less the people that want to spend their money on apps then do that.
    and leave the ones that download cracked apps alone. Instead of complaining like little kids about people that gets thing for free.
    God’s speed apptrackr to keep the fucktarts at apple from shutting them down.

  18. for me, it is not much of fair or not. will certainly love to try the full version of software before purchasing it legally on app store to support the developer hard work.

    apptrackr allow the full app to be tested, but won’t keep the cracked app after tried out in order to enjoy legal software update from app store.

  19. its not piracy if you patching your own app that you buy to another person i hope Installous get back soon and thanks very much for your great efforts.

  20. AApptrackrsupporter says:

    sighs What the hell is  a the big deal with getting cracked apps to me it just like download a mp3 for free from third party websites or downloading a movie from torrent sites. People don’t care about the mp3 or movie downloading why the hell show they care if some people get their apps for free. I rather save my money for the actually tech apple produces like a replacement keyboard for my mac and other gear. Other then wasting my money on apps that I probably delete if it is really crappy.
    Deal with it people it how most of us do things these days instead of complaining about cracked apps like a bunch of kids.

  21. Way to go apptrackr….

  22. For the love of God, get some education, you imbecile. Those ARE NOT words, THESE are words.

  23. Thetandfe says:

    i would gladly give the devs what they deserve for their hard work with the apps, the same about movies and music i will gladly pay them… but i don’t want to pay iTunes, i know it’s not that much… but it adds up

  24. long live apptrackr and installous!! apple got enough money from hardware sales

  25. Hack ’em n Crack ’em Baby

  26. I cant log on to apptrackr! Whats going on…Has it Gone?

  27. Apptrackr is not loading

  28. Apptrackr is not loading

  29. I can’t get on apptrackr or installous!!

  30. Tim Sharpe says:

    I download using installous or apptrckr, then buy it if it doesn’t suck. Would use a free trial option if Apple had one. Often I outright buy sale items, or cheap items that look good. Not so with apps as I need to test functionality.

  31. Anand Gupta9696 says:

    frst thing to say why people waste money on apps  
    second thing why they show off tht they buy appss orignal 
    my views r simple fuck them they are noobs 
    now for apple they r just making us fool and sucking our money 
    we buy iphone or ipads or lapy very costly with no apps install even a single good app but u knw aht apple fuck u u cant do anything and we will take very single app frm u u r jst  a nooob apple fuck uuuuuu

  32. 404 not found says:

    are you a retard ? do you know how much apple makes or do you give a damn about the economy and how most people scrapes for dimes? we are not rich like snotty ass mother fucker i hope your family goes broken then you will see what the real world is like.

  33. Lolwat?

  34. Some apps use in-app purchases to create a pseudo-free trial.

  35. You are a dumbass, dear sir.
    It’s not about Apple making money, it’s about all the developers that loose money.
    But I guess it’s too hard for you to think of something else than posting bullshit comments…

  36.  your just a  fag that does not want his poor little useless apps stolen  so now kindly stfu  i don’t care ill steal what i want and ill troll who i want and no one will stop me  THIS IS THE WEB AND WELCOME TO IT ENJOY BECAUSE YOU HAVE CAME TO BE ROBED  BY PEOPLE LIKE ME 

  37. Here is the problem. If anyone is listening. The reason I share “Cracked” apps is not because they are cracked. It’s because I and many others still use our perfectly capable iOS 3.1.3. Try finding apps for that. The problem is when Apple moves to the Next OS, they STOP us from getting apps for OUR version of iOS. This is why I HATE Apple. This is why I moved to Android. I have a 3 year old Android based phone and I can get apps for it NO problem. I take care of my stuff and it lasts me a long time. I am not made of money and I don’t upgrade unless I absolutely NEED to. If Apple starts to offer Older versions of the apps or give us a CHOICE, we would not NEED to have cracked apps. The Developer will be happy, and so will Apple. Whoever has the newest iphone can use the newest apps, and whoever has the older version of iOS can use the older Version of that application. But APPLE doesn’t like that so F them. I stopped Visiting iTunes Store for this reason and I will share my apps with anyone who wants older versions of these apps. So Apple can bite it with No Teeth and bite nothing. The reason why Windows is so successful is because I can still use Windows XP. I can still use my old Software, even in Windows 7. Apple lovers are either A) RIch B) Stupid or C) Both. Most often they are both.

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