Download And Stream Movies And TV Shows For Free With The Movie Box Cydia Utility

Are you looking to download/stream movies or T.V. shows for free? If you own an iPad then check out Movie Box. This past summer I stumbled upon a free video app from Cydia called Movie Box available for iPads running iOS 5 or higher. The app was in Cydia, and has since moved to new repo’s: and

The application has further expanded not only in its capacity, but the database loads much faster when you first open up the application. The only thing I don’t like about the interface are the ads at the bottom of the screen.

If users have Flex installed they can download the Movie Box patch that will remove the ads. The application is free, users can download or stream movies and T.V shows for free up to 720p. I still prefer streaming videos at 480p within the application, because you may encounter unexpected freezes while watching them at 720p. Movie Box is compatible with AirPlay as well.

MovieBox Library iJailbreak

If you are experiencing any issues streaming or using AirPlay, stop the movie, quit all the other apps, re-spring and it should work fine. Movie Box lets users download more than one movie at a time, but the second movie won’t start to download before the other one is finished. Users may have to wait a couple of hours for the download to finish, so my friends and I select 720p for downloads, set the iPad to the side and wait for it to finish.

Movie Box News iJailbreak

Movie Box lets users exit the app and run other applications while a download is in process, but sometimes the download will pause. Make sure to go back into the application and see if the video has paused, then you can press play again to continue the download process if needed.

Some of the movies available in Movie Box are still out in movie theaters or available before their purchased release date. Dark Night Rises was available to download or stream before it was released with no problems. Django is another example of a movie that was available before its retail release. Even some of the T.V. shows like Top Gear had new episodes available before they were out in America.

Movie Box Download iJailbreak

If users ever download a movie and feel like the audio was too low they can get info on the movie and adjust the volume level in iTunes.

Watch out Hulu, Netflix and Redbox. Movie Box consistently updates its database everyday with new movies, T.V. shows and is an application that’s getting a lot of use if you’re a video buff.

The movie files are in .mp4 format and can be found in this directory, /var/mobile/library/artworks

Even though users can download Movie Box onto the iPhone I wouldn’t recommend it. In my experience streaming videos will stop shortly after the video begins on WiFi at 480p. Sometimes streaming videos on LTE and switching over to WiFi after the video loads works slightly better. In addition, trying to download a movie from Movie Box using iPhone 5 seems useless and it seems as if there are more videos to stream or download at 720p on the iPad.

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  1. So your advocating piracy now?

  2. torrentialrain3 says:

    Was going to say the same thing. Poorly written article advocating piracy.

  3. xBoomBastiKx says:

    The app was available in the stock repo of Cydia not to long ago and for a long time. just now has been moved to those repo’s. theres no videos at 1080p to download or stream and in addition some of the videos will have pop ups.

  4. Lol I have to agree iJailbreak contradicts themselves now when their advertising this. However piracy is what thrives our economy just remember that, as odd as that may sound its true.

  5. Damian W says:

    My favorite movie app on iPad. I spent countless hours watching shows and movies. No appstore app can give remotely similar experience.

  6. Damian W says:

    he does not advocate piracy. He just gives you repo sources so that you can enjoy fully legal app. I know there is actually an official source for this app from some private repo, BTW, it is better to test a 5-10 dollar tweak before you actually buy it, and realize you don’t like it or it crashes your idevice.

  7. torrentialrain3 says:

    Can’t speak for blu, but i myself was not referring to the app as being pirated, I was referring to the content (ie. movies) to being pirated. Unless the makers of this app have exclusive rights via licenses from the various film studios (which I HIGHLY doubt they have) Sure the code that make this app function is not necessarily “illegal”, but what the code allows the app TO DO is what makes it illegal via accessing content that the makers don’t have proper licenses for.

  8. torrentialrain3 says:

    Subscription free wouldn’t solve anything, in fact it’d be worse. I doubt the makers of this app have the proper licenses to access the and stream the movies it provides access to. Without them, charging a subscription or fee would be the ultimate piracy, not only providing illegal access, but profiting from providing such access…

  9. Damian W says:

    you right subscription fee would put this app in a very bad spot. It would be illegal to charge for something they don’t even have right to

  10. Been using the apps a few months now, almost everyday. I use it the watch my fav. tv shows, a capacity it fill very well

  11. iPhone4SGuy says:

    I am quite ashamed of iJailbreak and believe this post should be taken down. The idea of the app is good but the fact that it IS illegal, i mean, some movies like skyfall only were released on dvd a month ago, and the producers are losing out. I dont approve iJailbreak, piracy is wrong and your just promoting it :(

  12. Some ISPs in the UK have blocked access to the servers, and you have to use VPN to get around that.

  13. Ted Forbes says:

    What is the problem here with all the talk of piracy.
    You guys are the attorney’s for these studios or what or something.Piggy-backing is Piracy isn’t it? And isn’t piracy infringement? Right? No? Anyways I see a lot of you ppl here very often defending Samsung and other Apple competitors for their right to infringe on apple inventions. Ok so fair is fair. I enjoy Movie Box and Music Box and vShare and all of the free stuff more than the stuff that I pay for that don’t worth crap. Someone will argue it to be moved and it will be moved but it will be back again and again. So chill-out and enjoy!

  14. Best Cydia app ever!!

  15. this is sick i love it

  16. Honestly you are a bunch of assholes what all of a sudden all of you became with the right and against pirating and illegal shit does any of you know that the iPhone being locked (you have to stick to the given service providers) is illegal plus you don’t like jailbreak then don’t jailbreak and leave us assholes to do whatever the hell we want cool I enjoy movie box music box which gives unlimited PIRATED music and vshare that make me download almost every application there is on the App Store FOR FREE

  17. John trollington says:

    I have a problem does anyone else experience their audion is too fast for their movie if so does anyone have a soltion???

  18. Does this app use up your data ?

  19. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I’m having an issue with Movie Box. I can download it fine and can transfer it to my computer and watch it, but if I want to watch it on my phone as soon as I press play Movie Box crashes. Or if I try to stream a movie or tv show it also crashes. Any way I can fix this? Thank you everyone in advance!! This is my favorite app!!

  20. when are you coming out on android?

  21. good app but the last 200 updates have been tv shows. and they have not been good tv shows. they are newer ones but i dont like them

  22. You make no sense asshole. No one understands you

  23. Shutthefukup says:

    Hey if your too stupid to jailbreak your very own shit then shut up and don’t download it but leave everybody else alone. If downloading movie box puts a large bug up your ass then get off your ass and become a FBI agent so you can have the power to go after people that download it otherwise shut the fuck up.

  24. There’s no other way to look at this: Piracy is stealing – period. So you guys are all for stealing people’s stuff. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  25. II AIRWOLF II says:

    Fucking idiots. So why is there negative comments about free stuff, you obviously research what is free and illegal and then find a website like this to slag off to the people using it, go fuck yourselves you bunch of anal licking cunts, it’s free, go steel some kids Xbox. What’s up, having problems installing movie box or can’t fucking jailbreak…..? Dee fucking dummmms. it takes time for all companies to find ways for there products apps films fucking music to not be shared or copied and at some point I guess it will be hard to get free shit, not that it’s putting these huge rich companies in dept realy is it so until then I’ll enjoy the free stuff I get until the government and everyone else that’s in it for the money stops being so fucking greedy. And let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen.

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