IntelliScreenX 7 For iOS 7 Touches Down On Cydia, Grab It Now!

IntelliScreenX 7 has just been released into the Cydia store along with Messages+ 7. The tweak was teased multiple times last week with both screenshots and videos.

The tweak allows you to access things such as your emails, Calendar, Twitter feed, Facebook etc. all from your lockscreen without having to unlock your device.

You are also able to access IntelliScreenX from the Notification Center, meaning the power of being able to access all this information is only a swipe away. IntelliScreenX additionally includes Messages+, which will enhance the stock Messages app to function almost like BiteSMS with quick compose and quick reply functionality.

We are not done yet though. The tweak will also include a new “slide” feature which is essentially multitasking on iOS reimagined. You are able to switch between apps without having to leave where you are. Upon “sliding” a vertical panel with a list of icons with appear where upon tapping on them will give you a real-time, interactive preview of the app. The list of icons can be rearranged and customized based on recency and frequency of use.

The developers behind the tweak, Intelliborn, have released a list of things that still need to be addressed in the tweak:

  • When using Slide, can’t slide on top of Slide.
  • Scroll behind text for section headers needs adjusting
  • No Landscape Slide support
  • No Landscape M+ Support
  • Weather landscape has issues
  • When using passcode, sometimes the mail disappears on the lockscreen notification center page
  • No iPad support (runs but not pretty)
  • Remember selection of hidden on lock screen
  • Weather layout needs to be tweaked based on location name size
  • Mail in the ISX Notification Center page has issues when marking read/deleting/etc. Should be fixed early next week.
  • Slide icon rearranging needs to- pivot around the divider
  • Collapsible Sections
  • Mail Replies should use HTML
  • Sometimes compose button is misplaced to top
  • Messages+ does not support URL launches yet
  • Messages+ from balloons are square

IntelliScreenX 7 and Messages+ are available from Cydia now in beta form under the name IntelliScreenX (iOS 7 Library). The tweak costs $9.99 after a 3-day free trial. It is a free update for IntelliScreenX 6 users, $4.99 for previous owners of IntelliScreenX, and $7.99 for users who had purchased IntelliScreen.

Let us know what you think of the tweak in the comments section below.

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  1. In what repo? I can only see IntelliscreenX6 on cydia

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