Easily Change Your Siri Mic Icon Color On Jailbroken iPhone 4S [Siri Mic Colours]

With your Jailbroken iPhone 4S you are now probably looking for some of the best Cydia tweaks to take advantage of! One Cydia tweak that we thought iPhone 4S users would want to take advantage of is the Siri Mic Colors Cydia tweak. This is because the Siri Mic Colors Cydia tweak allows you to easily change the Siri mic icon that appears when you activate Siri. For example, you can change the boring old Siri mic icon to a green icon, a yellow icon, a red icon and even blue icon.

Siri Mic Colors Cydia TweakThe neat aspect to the Siri Mic Colors Cydia tweak is that it will change the colour of your Siri mic icon to the tone of your voice; making almost a rainbow effect. If you would like to change your Siri mic icon’s colour to a static colour, however, you can install on of the individual colour Cydia tweaks. Are you ready to change your Siri mic icon colour? You will need to add the following repo through Cydia by going into the Manage Tab > Sources Section > Edit > Add.

When you add the repo shown above you will simply need to go into the repo’s page and you will see the available options to change your Siri mic icon. Did you change your Siri mic icon colour? Share your replies in the comments section below…

Note: You must activate your selected Siri Mic Color through WinterBoard before it will take effect.

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  • Sammiedee

    I installed it, and it didn’t work

  • Meshaun Hobbs

    Ok nevermind it’s worked :)

  • Bhal

    just installing, just me is does cydia take a while to download packages on the 4s? 

  • ooooo

    not just you im currently installing as i type this and my screen as already dimmed twice while waiting for it finish

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ST2VGSCA3MEFKHVBWU56VDINLU Narankhuu

    my cydia sometimes has getting crazy on my iphone 4s.i cannot even add sources.how to fix it?

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  • http://tavlen.tk/ Mathias Lindberg

    If you use Blank on White or whatever it’s called. Siri looks Greenp0ison-like ^^ All green an creepy. I want it!

  • Anonymous

    This is sick. Thanks.

  • tayla

    wheres the manage tab ?!

  • John Wilson

    Fuck this website