• H5ire

     Hey Dusty – Jaden..
    Can u plz tell me som Cool – USEFUL tweaks which ur using in ios5..!! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/pengas Nir Zion Pengas

    seems like there is some importance to each version of the logo, i.e. the sliver, black and etched, as the logo is presented on different background colors.

    did you guys write a script to automate these images or can explain what needs to be done?

    cheers :)

  • Es50678

    I just did this and i messed up on the colors so i changed them and now it wont let me drag and drop to the iexplorer… help?

  • xImortalxJokerx

    if you have Ifile just send the pic folder in a zip file to your self, download it from your itouch, iphone or ipad. 
    then goto the download folder in ifile. take the folder and put it into the correct spot. but if you dont, download ifunbox and try using that
    hope it helped :D

  • Elmeu

    how do I send my new logos to Cydia and make them available to everybody?

  • Lotrax

    Just for your information. The retina images aren’t 50% larger, they are actually 400% larger than non-retina.
    Besides that: nice tut :)

  • Jairo

    Thnx allot, really helpful tut.

  • 27free

    Zip it up and go to the bigboss or modmyi websites and hit upload.

  • Tim

    so you’re saying 40px is 400% larger than 20px..

  • NoLotrax

    No, he’s saying 20×20 = 400, and 40×40 = 1600. So 400% larger.

  • YoureWrongImPro

    400% more pixels.
    Twice the size.
    Hence @2x.

  • Troy

    if someone can make one of these for me with my own logo i will pay $15 paypal. Please email me at troyweber23@gmail.com

  • ajayabishek

    Actually 100% means twice and to say four times u need to say 300%