RecognizeMe Tweak Has Now Been Released In Cydia For iPhone And iPod Touch [Biometric Security]

A couple of days ago we told you about a new tweak that was going to be released into Cydia called RecognizeMe. This tweak will bring biometric security to your iDevice. Meaning that instead of having to enter a passcode on your lockscreen you have the option to use facial recognition technology. This is done by first taking a series of automated photo’s using RecognizeMe’s Face Trainer. Once this is complete you simply lock your iDevice and you now have the option to unlock your iDevice using facial recognition.

After playing around with RecognizeMe I have to admit it is not the quickest way to unlock your iDevice. In fact it takes a lot of playing around (for me anyways) to actually get the tweak to recognize your face accurately. Though in my eyes this tweak has not yet been perfected but it is still a great start at biometric security and is something cool to show off to your friends. For a better preview of how RecognizeMe functions please watch the YouTube video below…

If you think you would be interested in RecognizeMe you can find it through Cydia for a price of $6.99! Let us know if you are going to splurge on RecognizeMe in the comments section below…

Note: You will need an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with a front facing camera for RecognizeMe to function.

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  1. I just bought recognizeme and it keeps crashing on me

  2. RecognizeMe has now been sorted 

  3. RecognizeMe has now been sorted 

  4. Jackperson333 says:

    I am going to buy it and if it keeps crashing I will call up Paypal for a dispute (the Cydia team never responds to my support messages).  

  5. I have the same problem. RecognizeMe keeps crashing, even in its latest version.

  6. Won’t RecognizeMe come for free download on Cydia ?

  7. i downloaded it via Cydia.

    Could someone tell me how to set it up?

    I followed the instructions given in “How to use” but it didn’t work.

    Plzz help me…

    Thanks in Advance…


  8. Man 360 says:

    it don’t work for me !!!

  9. Man 360 says:

    it has to be cracked  to be free

  10. Rocketfingers2 says:

    its cool and all but it takes way longer than entering your password but its gret if u forgot ur password

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