IconRotator Cydia Tweak Rotates SpringBoard Icons With Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [VIDEO]

Sometimes, a simple Cydia tweak can make a huge difference to your iOS device and make it look that much cooler! There are many such tweaks available in Cydia that do just that, make your homescreen, lockscreen, icons and font look better. Here’s a new Cydia tweak from the famous Ryan Petrich called IconRotator.

IconRotator tweak animates your SpringBoard icons and makes them rotate according to your iDevice. You rotate your device to the left, the icons also rotate to the left and so on. It’s pretty cool and the animations are very smooth, something that the developers tweaks are known for. There are no settings to fiddle with, just a Respring after installation does the trick. There are other Cydia tweaks out there that do similar things, but I don’t think they’re this smooth.

You can download IconRotator for free from Ryan Petrich’s repository in Cydia. For those who haven’t added the repo, go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:¬†http://rpetri.ch/repo. Try this tweak out and tell us what you think!

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  • Srbin


  • RoniXt

    Is there a Jailbreak tweak to rotate the entire Springboard yet?

  • Tigerkushhh

    Thats what i was thinking. Why goddammit??

  • Zxsxsxsxsxsx

    yo yo

  • Qweliant

    my wallpaper wont show up now. even after unstalling. any suggestions

  • Qweliant

    Seriously tts just a black screen. Everthing else works its just the backgroundReboot Respring turnin off and on doesn’t work I hope I’m not a dumbass and has missed something obvious but I need help nonetheless

  • Liorlevin

    yes its called SBRotator works great on my iphone 4s , but makes problems if you combine it with 5 icon row