BiteSMS: My “Cydia’s Finest” [Review and Video Walkthrough]

For people who live to text 24/7, we know texting means the world to you. Whether you’re eating dinner, going to the bathroom, or in school, you’re always texting. But have you ever wished that your standard Messages app from Apple would be a little more…cool? Well check out one of the greatest things to ever hit Cydia, BiteSMS.

What is this you ask? BiteSMS is a substitute app for your built-in Messages app you’ve been texting on. However, BiteSMS lets you add more style and personality to it, while providing features that will make you smile instantly. Now I know this will sound impossible, but BiteSMS will make you want to text even more. Yeah, I said it. When you launch this app, you will find it is very similar to the standard one installed. The only thing is, you now have pictures that appear for your contacts, emoticons are shown, and the best of all…a pop-up will be shown when you get a text that doesn’t require you to exit out of what you are doing! Score. Here is a little walkthrough I filmed to show you a hands-on experience with one of the greatest apps available in Cyida.

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  1. The app is reason enough alone to Jailbreak….. I can’t rave enough about biteSMS

  2. TeenWolf says:

    This is the one jailbreak app CANNOT live without. I updated to 4.3.1 early just to test it out and regretted it every day. I’ll be jailbreaking until the native messaging app has this functionality.

  3. This app is messing up marriages.. I hate technology…!

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