CleverPin Cydia Tweak: Make Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Ask For A Passcode Intelligently!

A new tweak was released into Cydia a couple days ago that I have been meaning to tell you about. This tweak is called CleverPin and was designed to make lockscreen functionality on your iDevice much smarter. How many times did you disable passcode, because you didn’t really need it? For example, I don’t need it when I’m home. Or I don’t need it while I’m listening music. This is a fairly common mindset amongst people and because of it, CleverPin was created.

CleverPin allows you to make your iDevice ask for a passcode intelligently: you can choose to automatically disable it while you’re connected to your home network (more than one network supported), listening music or charging battery. You will never need to waste time again to disable the passcode, because you’re iDevice will ask you for it only when it’s actually needed. You can also choose to automatically re-activate the passcode after a certain time of inactivity.

CleverPin Cydia Tweak iJailbreak

If you are interested in the CleverPin tweak it is actually available through Cydia for FREE!  Not very often are tweaks of this caliber free, so I suggest you download it right away before the developer changes his mind. Let us know your thoughts on the CleverPin tweak in the comments section below…

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  1. Budhna Roshan46 says:

    i can’t find it in cydia???

  2. its not free……

  3. Anonymous says:

    doesent work eather

  4. awwwwwesome says:

    it became paid!!,but i can get any cydia tweak for free hehehehe,and i wont tell how heheheheeee

  5. Ishlovesu34 says:

    U kan

  6. Ishlovesu34 says:

    Almost 95% of the paid tweaks u kan get it free from the ‘Insanelyi REPO !
    Gosh ppl r so selfish and kiddish now a days ! I hope u guys knoe hu im pointing out ! :D enjoi the tweaks ! And if u have any qs reply to to my comment !

  7. Yeah what a disappointment. First time a paid app did not work as advertised. I’m using iPhone 4S on 5.1.1 and CleverPin had no effect on the lockscreen at all.

  8. idiot its call insaneyli repo idk how to spell so stfu cuz evryone knws about it

  9. Brian Nobles says:

    I’m using BigBoss $1.99 version for ios 6. The app is unreliable for keeping your phone locked. Usually my phone is locked but sometimes it’s not.

  10. Phil manwarren says:

    won’t work with my pp jailbreak 8.4 any buddy help

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