USB Drive Cydia Application: Make Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad A Fully Functioning USB Drive [How To]

This tweak is a very useful one which will allow you to mount your iPhone as a filesystem to use as a USB device. You can transport files, images, videos – well, anything you do with a normal USB stick.

First you’re going to need to add the following source to Cydia:

Then go ahead and search for “USB Drive”.

Once this is installed, go ahead and open it up. USB Drive has 3 modes which are Default, Drive+iTunes and Drive only:

  • Default: This is iPhone default mode. USB Drive doesn’t install daemon application nor modify any USB settings. Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) is active as well as iTunes synchronization and tethering over USB.
  • Drive+iTunes: In this mode USB Drive replaces PTP interface with Mass Storage interface and let you use iPhone as USB Drive. At the same time you can perform iTunes synchronization, developers can use XCode debugger, etc. In this mode USB Mass Storage will not work on Windows with iTunes or Apple USB Drivers installed.
  • Drive only: This mode is to resolve compatibility issue with Windows and iTunes. In this mode USB Drive changes iPhone device USB product ID. This will prevent iTunes synchronization, but USB Mass Storage will work on Windows (and other operation systems of course). Switching to the Default or Drive + iTunesmodes restores iTunes sync.

I’d leave it as default unless you know what you’re doing. Go ahead and click “Create Disk…” and choose the size of the partition you would like:

Once you have selected the desired size, click “Create”.

Let this finish and hey presto you have yet another use for your iPhone. To delete the partition and roll everything back, just swipe your finger to the right on the selected partition and hit delete.

There you have it, iPhone USB. Let us know what you think in our forums or leave a comment.

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  • Jahnkeanater

    can you move files from the iPod to that partition?

  • Joeyoung

    Can you view the files you upload from iFile on the iPad?

  • Dan Bartram

    If you do it through a desktop explorer application, yes. You’ll need another tweak, such as iFile to be able to see those files though in the first place to be able to move them to the partition.

  • Dan Bartram

    Treat this tweak as a separate partition, you’ll need the help of a desktop explorer application to be able to move files between the partitions.

  • Aydarz

    Not working on my iphone 4 with 4.2.1.

  • Gajhfchuf

    Does not work

  • Leandro

    It worked!!!!!!!!!

    I have an Ipad 3.2.1 and I was looking for a way to connect my ipad with my ipod car dock. With this app I was able to connect it into the USB port.

    About 15 hours on google to make the accessory (ipod dock) become compatible.

    I’m very grateful to the app. I’ll make a donation for the developer, he deserves it.

  • Marco Afonso

    it does not make a partition, but make an image file (.img)
    inside the folder /var/Volumes

  • Bob12

    I did all this but when I went to delete it, it did delete but the memory is still being used. I made a 4 gig disk made! Someone please help!

  • Super_zaryab

    not working with iphone 4 ios 5

  • Barerandom

    dud i have the same problem. did find our how to remove these volumes, its annoying that is still here using up valuable disk space. dymtro are no longer supporting the sofware so there likely no help from them. peace

  • Example

    it doesnt fucking work with iphone 4 ios5 semi-tethered. i changed it too drive + itunes and it said it required a reboot and i did that now i cant boot tethered because my computer wont even reconize the device as a iphone , but instead a usb drive , so my iphone wont charge when connected to the computer and redsn0w wont read it and neither will itunes , so now im stuck on semi tethered boot mode and i cant restore my iphone , delete that fucking usb drive cydia app , or boot tethered :( please help

  • John

    Where on the iPhone (the actual address) the files goes??

  • John

    I want find them with iFile!

  • D!

    It does work on iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1. Just set it to drive only and reboot device.. but the transfer is so sloooooooooooooow.

  • Sh Elaggan

    i had it on ios4.3.3 but after i updated my phone to ios5.1 i lost the app tweak and all my data as well!!! Itunes doesn’t backup this data… and i don’t know what to to!! 
    should i try to get it again to have my lost data? or use some other program?
    please help…

  • Rs5996

    Super_zaryab. It is working on my ip4 os 5.0.1

  • Rs5996

    Been wondering the same thing, there should be a folder somewhere in the system.

  • franco

    guys i had it on my ipad and it was working good now its not opening no more so my pc wont recognize my ipad what can i do??

  • Dz 93

    same problem here, i deleted the drives but the memory is still taken up, what the hell.

    if you have a fix please let me .com

  • Dz 93

    created a disk, deleted said disk but the memory i allocated to the disk is still unavailable to the iphone, i don’t know how to retrieve the storage space

  • Alex Apogee

    Please update. Not working with ios 5

  • Maurizio

    USDrive with IOS 5.0.1 IPhone4s works! is recognized only if mode is selected “USB only”
    iFile does not read. img (virtual disk image)…:(

  • wng

    I got same problem…

    my ipod touch 1st Gen 8GB, I made 1GB USB drive to try, it’s work…

    After a few days i deleted the 1GB drive but the memory is still taken up, even I completely restore iOS 3.1.3 the memory is still taken up.

    Capacity   7.1GB
    Available   6.7GB

    is it possible to “Delete Partition…” like HDD?

    or format and erase the usb taken up partition?

  • Slvdrcortez

    be very careful with this app! its very useful I used it for a year like USB drive! It will ruine your phone if it gets stuck! the three options wont work after awhile. I had it on drive only for 3 months and when i decided to backup my phone I tired to go back to default option and it wont reboot! I tried unistalling the app the the phone wont charge. then reinstalling then it charges again. Itunes wont sync with my phone cause its stuck on USB mode! Im afraid to restore cause it wont read the phone to update it and the phone will be ruined! Ive tried every thing to sync my phone even wireless but itunes gives error code! Ive even let it sit for a hour letting it try to boot to default and all I get is the loading cycle! I advise everyone that if you  install this app be ready to ruine your phone! I still use the phone and it works but im stuck on the DRIVE ONLY option. I wont be useing this app on my new phone!

  • Anoop Koushik

    works perfect on ios 5.0.1 … just needed to know how to mount img on iPhone ???

  • Wng88

    I got same problem…

    I cannot find any image file (.img), even I completely restore…

    my ipod touch 1st Gen 8GB, I made 1GB USB drive to try, it’s work…

    a few days i deleted the 1GB drive but the memory is still taken up,
    even I completely restore iOS 3.1.3 the memory is still taken up.

    Capacity   7.1GB
    Available   6.7GB

    is it possible to “Delete Partition…” like HDD?

    or format and erase the usb taken up partition?

  • Guest

    It worked for me, trying changing it from Default to Drive only.

  • Furikuri Yugi

     Download iPhoneBrowser for Windows or Cyberduck for Mac and Browse to /private/var and delete the Volumes folder

  • Mikel Brandon Harden

    DUde plz help me i did  both itunes and usb and no its got powered off and i cant tether it or connect to my computer help

  • Mikel Brandon Harden

    same thing with ipod cant connect to computer and cant delete it cause i nee to tether it

  • WTF

    it wont show up on my pc in any mode

  • Taiwantom

    Im having same problem with my iPad 2. 8 gigs are still taken up!

  • Taiwantom

    Delete the volumes folder? There is a plist file. Will deleting this file hurt my iPad?

  • HicksCME

    Now I can’t get itunes to recognize it in default mode. Is there a way to reset the USB product ID manually?

  • Anfaosfjaij

    screwed my iphone 3gs 5.0.1

  • Henry Thoreau

    So, what this app is doing is creating an image file and mapping it in loopback

  • Damn it

    did you ever get it fixed

  • in need of help

    my iphone 4s is fucked up by this app. now it wont charge and itunes doesnt recognized it and it has taken a big memory from my iphone even after deleting it. anyone know how to fix this?


    guys dont install this app its going to fuck up your iphone

  • nmz502

    Don’t install this if you don’t know what you are doing. It only “f—s up” your phone if you don’t know what you are doing.

  • Magoo657

    omg you guys do get rid of the vm file go to var/volumes
    god! and delete the vm file

  • Magoo657

    this app works fine if you know how to use it

  • Ughd18


  • Jch1993

    smart one, just put it into recovery mode and restart it back to factory.. ppl are so stupid I’ve had my ipod for less than a year and IK this already

  • Jch1993

    I used this app once before and It did everything ppl are saying it does, but if you just put ur ipod/iphone into DFU or Recovery mode, your should be able to restore, Im just using it as a temp thing atm so I can use it on my xbox for a mod

  • Jfjfhfhf

    Works perfectly on my ipad 2 5.1.1 created a diskpartion for 1GB then deleted it then gave back my 1GB again..

  • Jfjfhfhf

    Didn’t affect the capacity volume of my ipad 2 as well..

  • F0x_trot

    !!!!WARNING!!!! If you are installing new tweaks that you don’t know work on your iPod, or are modifying things on your iPod, MAKE SURE TO SET IT TO DEFAULT!!! This tweak, when set on Drive mode, makes it impossible to restore, so use with caution.

  • F0x_trot

    Impossible to restore only on 4.2.1

  • Mike

    1) Delete the source. Don’t just uninstall it, delete the source.
    2) Don’t respring it, hold the home and sleep button until it reboots.
    3)Once it turns back on re-plug it into your computer.
    4)It should come up in itunes. May take a minute or two.
    5)This fucked up my phone too and After about 30 mins i finally got it to work. Never installing this shitty app again. Good luck!

  • vibes

    hi i have the same problem please tell me the solution if ya have any.mail me

  • myth

    great app but cam i acees the things that i add through ifile in my iphone

  • Cody Ace

    anyone know how to fix this?
    i installed it onto my iphone and now its stuck and wont connect to my computer
    if you could, contact me on:
    if you know how to fix!

  • ShakeSpear

    Its not working on iOS 6.1 simply swipe to delete the volumes and uninstall it through Cydia by going into SafeMode and then restore to delete every single piece of “USB Drive” off your iDevice. Or try rebooting (it will not really clear out the data of USB Drive.

    This needs to be updated.

  • ShakeSpear

    Also, make sure you go into DFU mode and then try to restore. -.- Seriously you guys, lack of common sense will be the reason of our extinction…

  • karis

    hey Fox, so tis possible to restore later versions like 5.0.1?

  • karis

    hey Ace, did you get help? i hav same problem now

  • Random Guy

    Hey ppl I had the same problem with this app after I tried using it on my I touch 4g. After creating the drive I discovered the USB mode options didn’t work so I tried deleting but It wouldn’t return m storage space. Somehow I lucked out though and managed to get everything worked out. Here’s what I did, hope it helps:

    1. Delete the Virtual Drive from within the app
    2. Delete the app
    3. Delete the source
    4.Under Settings -> General -> Reset: select “Erase All Settings and Content”
    5. At this stage I waited about 45 min for my iTouch to reset but it was stuck on the black loading screen so I put my device into recovery mode. After this iTunes finally recognized my device and allowed me to recover to 6.1.3, as well as get back my drive space.
    -GL all

  • Solution

    Guys their is a simple fix to get your memory back if you deleted it just reinstall it and make sure you delete the virtual disk than afterwards you can delete the whole thing

  • traphik

    thats not even a gig used buddy, thats 0.4 gig lol

  • Ray

    Alright, for those whose had “lost” chunks of their phone memories, here is the solution:
    1. Download “iFiles” on Cydia.
    2. Open “iFiles”.
    3. Go to “/var/Volume”
    4. Inside, there will be .plist files and .img files depending on your partitions you created.
    5. Delete them all.(They will be transferred to the “Trash” folder)
    6. Delete the files inside the “Trash” folder (you can do this by pressing the trash can icon and a list of actions will pop up)
    7. Power off your phone.
    8. Turn your phone back on.(“Respring” won’t work, just do it the old way)
    9. You should have your “lost memory” back.

  • Skyler9604

    Probably in the /Applications folder and then in the documents folder for USB Drive.