Auki: Cydia’s Best Quick Reply Tweak

Recently I’ve been using biteSMS for about 3 months then I decided that it was not fully compatible with one of the tweaks that was present on my iPhone.

I’m not a big fan of biteSMS because the only thing I need from biteSMS is the quick reply function. The other functions are okay but I solely need the quick reply function. Therefore, after I decided to uninstall biteSMS (don’t get me wrong, biteSMS is an amazing tweak) I needed to find the right tweak for my needs and wants.

Then I came across to Auki, this tweak which is developed by Surenix and Benno doesn’t just offer a quick reply function but also features a silent mode just like muting groups in WhatsApp but in this case, it can be applied to an individual contact.

2014-04-17 00_27_25

The quick reply function works just like the other quick reply functions. When you receive a new message, you can directly reply to it thanks to the reply button on the right hand side of the notification that will spawn a popup alongside with your keyboard and the sender photo and address/number where they sent the message from.

If your iPhone is locked when the message comes in, you will be able to reply to the message directly without unlocking your phone. This feature is needed by almost everyone with a jailbroken iPhone.

Moreover, you can compose a new message by swiping down on the notification center screen that will bring (obviously) the popup where you can type the recipient number/address, add media to your message and the most important thing is it works on the lock screen notification center too! And you can always compose the message using an Activator gesture which works just the same.

2014-04-17 00_12_46

The presence of the silent mode also helps to cover the things that are missing from the iOS 7 Messages app. By enabling the silent mode, you will not hear or see anything from them. No notification banners, alerts, or vibrate to your phone. The stealth mode allows you to read the message without changing the delivered status to read for the silenced contacts (basically without alerting them that you’ve read the message).

2014-04-17 00_19_00

These are also some minor tweaks that Auki features that haven’t been explained by me regarding to the developers:

  • Smart iMessage/SMS detection
  • Custom Activations
  • Video, Image/GIF support
  • Landscape mode
  • Group messages
  • Message carryover
  • Native look/integration

All in all, Auki is definitely staying installed for a long time on my iPhone because its simplicity and hassle-free quick reply function. Probably the best 4 bucks I’ve ever spent. Auki is available on the BigBoss Cydia repo for $3.99.

So what do you think is missing from Auki?

Tell us in the comments below because Auki is still on its first released version!

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  1. topherMario says:

    Add a favorite/recent recipient quick selection to the compose feature and I’m sold

  2. Ray Jeremy says:

    In version 1.1, we now can customize our Auki settings through the Settings app.

  3. digitaldumdum says:

    “Cydia’s Best Quick Reply Tweak” seems a bit strong. It’s good that Auki apparently answers your needs, but BiteSMS’s features are still unmatched. In any case, the lack of iOS 6 compatibility means I can’t even try Auki.

    Like many, I prefer my jailbroken iPhone 5 on iOS 6. And judging from those who updated to iOS 7 and wish they could go back, I’m especially happy I stayed with 6, even if developers are tapering their support of it.

  4. Ray Jeremy says:

    I published this article as my own views, and therefore I think there’s no right or wrong in telling opinions.
    I’m happy that you prefer biteSMS but as I am running a jailbroken iOS 7, I’d say Auki is the best quick reply tweak.

  5. digitaldumdum says:

    Sounding a litttttle bit sensitive there, Ray, especially for a writer of tech news and reviews. I was merely suggesting that calling something “the best” is always a little dicey. It depends on many things, and is, at best, subjective.

  6. Ray Jeremy says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a sensitive person.
    Thanks for your suggestions, I’m just starting out here.. :)

  7. digitaldumdum says:

    Not at all! Thank god for sensitive people. And very glad you’re here and contributing. Your writing is good (how I tire of poor writers on blogs), and I like the illustrative gif animations.

    Keep ’em coming!

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