Three New Tweaks To Disable Features On Your iDevice!

Lately a lot of very useful tweaks have been released, and today is not exception! Today we see three tweaks that are meant to disable features on your iDevice that only a handful of people really end up using. The benefits to disabling features on your iDevice are increased battery life and even increased performance in some cases. These three tweaks are Disable Multitasking, Disable Voice Control and Spotlight Hide!


Below is an explanation of what each tweak actually does:

  • Disable Multitasking: This tweak does exactly as it sounds, it will disable multitasking on your iOS4 iDevice. This can increase battery life and even performance in some cases. To activate this tweak you will need Winterboard.
  • Disable Voice Control: This tweak again, does exactly as probably predicted, it will disable voice control on your iPhone. To activate this tweak you will need Winterboard.
  • Spotlight Hide: This tweak is actually pretty useful if you never use spotlight search. Once you install Disable spotlight search through Cydia, spotlight Search will now be disabled.

All of these tweaks are available through the Modmyi Repo/Bigboss Repo for absolutely free! If your interested in using one of these tweaks, simply search for them via Cydia.

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  1. Roshan420 says:

    hi there… the tweak for Disable Voice Control doesn’t work on my 3Gs? i installed it but my voice control still working lol?

  2. Roshan420 says:

    hellooooooooooo can anyone answer me????

  3. Hello Roshan420, I am sorry you are experiencing errors. Try reinstalling and then rebooting your iPhone. Tell us how it goes.


    Does the “Disable Voice Control” tweak speed up the iphone too? i downloaded the multitasking one and my phone is faster, cant be too fast ;)

    i have an iphone 3g on 4.0 if it helps

  5. I actually have no Idea! I see what you are seeing about the multitasking one, it really did speed up my iPhone too! Try it out and let us know how it goes. :D

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