List Of Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 7

Now that you have Jailbroken your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on iOS 7 you are probably wonder which tweaks work and which ones are still in the process of being updated for compatibility. Well luckily for you we are starting a list of tweaks compatible with iOS 7 so that you will no longer be in the dark.

Compatible Cydia Tweaks With iOS 7 List

This list is based off work from Team-Sync iPhone Dev Team and from YOU, iJailbreak readers, who help us out. We will continue to update this page as the days go on and more tweaks are updated for compatibility with the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak.


  • WelcomeMe
  • OverAchiever
  • Plugication
  • Software Update Killer
  • ShakeToUndo Killer
  • NoStoreButton
  • NoPasscodeBlock
  • FakeClockUp
  • Privacy
  • Signal 2
  • Signal Booster (works after crashing on first open)
  • Appinfo
  • Fakeclockup
  • Activator (beta version) – You need to add Ryan Petrich’s repo to install the beta version.
  • iCleaner
  • iCleaner Pro
  • Swipe Selection
  • Accelerate (doesn’t work on iPhone 5s)
  • Mobile Terminal
  • snes4iphone
  • WiFi Passwords
  • FireWall iP
  • Music Box
  • MyFile
  • SwipeToRespring
  • Sicarius
  • HarlemShake7
  • AirDrop Enabler 7.0+
  • iPhone4Parallax
  • Gridlock
  • KillBackground7
  • Flipswitch
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • Poof (doesn’t work on iPhone 5s)
  • Speed Intensifier
  • Respring (doesn’t work on iPhone 5s)
  • Tetherme (iPhone 5 user has confirmed it works on iOS 7.0.4)
  • FolderCloser
  • Icon Renamer
  • Music Box
  • Movie Box
  • Smart 3G + LTE

Somewhat Working:

  • Abstergo (Installs, no effect)
  • Activator (beta): some things don’t work it also has a rather annoying message every time you unlock the device.
  • BytaFont7: you have to move the .app folder to the correct location, and it never resprings to install the font. I have had some people get it to kind of work.
  • Iconoclasm7: only one icon set works.
  • Infiniboard (Installs. No effect)
  • LocalIPStore (Sign into appstore keeps popping up, but some items unlock)
  • SBSettings (Missing some components, but working, must manually install)
  • Winterboard: It installs but won’t install themes.
  • iFile (registration fails even when connected to Cydia)

Not Working:

  • Abstergo
  • Accentify
  • Animate
  • App Sync for iOS 7
  • Auxo
  • Axis
  • Barrel: The tweak puts the Device into safe mode when you swipe the page.
  • BatteryDoctorPro
  • BBSettings
  • Bridge
  • ColorKeyboard
  • DashboardX
  • DreamBoard
  • FullForce for phone
  • Lame Switcher
  • LogoMe
  • No Badges
  • Power Disconnect Chime (got errors trying to install)
  • SimpleBanners
  • SmallBanners
  • Springtomize 2: has no affect on device.
  • Velox
  • Zeppelin: You can manually install this tweak but has no affect on status bar.
  • Zephyr

Note: Keep in mind that because Mobile Substrate currently isn’t working most tweaks that rely on this framework do not function.

If you aren’t yet Jailbroken then click here to follow our official How To guide for Evasi0n7. Don’t forget to keep us updated with tweaks that work for you and don’t work in the comments.

Update #1: There has been an official Google Spreadsheet started that contains a list of Cydia tweaks which are in a working and non-working state. As this document is crowdsourced it will prove to be more accurate than the list shown on this page.

Update #2: If you are wondering why these tweaks are not working on your device, but they are working for my Jailbroken device running iOS 7, click here.

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  1. what’s the point having jailbreak without appsync ?

  2. How do I get the tweaks to work? None of them appear in my Settings app

  3. Because we don’t all want to pirate paid apps.

  4. Stupid question, but i have to be sure that for the “working” tweaks wont send my phone into any endless loops..

  5. iblacklist?

  6. the only tweak i have my focus on is killbackground 7, when i search for it, i cant find it. I’d appreciate it if someone can provide me with the source to it….

  7. quick question for people, in the working list is gridlock, but from what i can see so far it needs to install mobile substrate what is whats not working yet, so can anybody confirm whether it is definetly working or not? thanks

  8. David Zakrzewski says:

    what source has the iPhone4Parallax tweak?

  9. Joshua Jones Makaveli says:

    The only things that work are emulators, iapcracker/iapfree appsync vshare appaddict and 25pp doesnt support iOS7 yet even if you install tweaks it doesnt show up in settings so we need to wait… for updates -.-

  10. iOS 7 has a built in Blocking feature!

  11. Just want to note that iFile works flawlessly.

  12. OpenSSH, Mobile Terminal work too..

  13. suttonmontreal says:

    Pandora downloader works too. also NoCyads
    does anybody knows the source for sicarius?

  14. You have to reinstall Mobile substrate everytime you reboot you device

  15. James Bourne Rabaja says:

    How to install Bytafont to make it work?

  16. Quick Reply? Does it work?

  17. a shitty blocking feature that u cant view texts!

  18. DroidBricker says:

    You wouldn’t walk into GameStop, grab a video game and leave with it, would you? Downloading paid apps on AppSync is doing that same thing.

  19. How do I get airdrop enabler 7.0+?

  20. i would

  21. Brandon Dowdy says:

    what version of pandora Downloader are running and on what device with what firmware

  22. suttonmontreal says:

    version 3.4.6 and I’m using it on Ipad air 7.0.4 and iPhone 4S 7.0.4

  23. (Video Zoom Mod) is working i5
    (LocalIAPstore) working i5
    (MxTube) is workig i5

  24. krayziegee says:

    bitesms is not working

  25. When I download tweaks, they dont show up

  26. SBsettings don’t work on 4S. In fact the wallpaper goes grey! SUCKS! Nothing works

  27. Tony Kirov says:

    I had a problem with the installed Cydia apps which didn’t show up in Settings after I installed them and also problem with not working SwipeSelection. From Packages in Cydia I uninstalled Substrate Safe Mode which caused uninstallation of all previously installed apps, then respringed and installed apps again. Previously “invisible” in Settings apps showed up and SwipeSelection start working properly. But when restarted the iPhone, the problem reappeared so I had to repeat the procedure ones again…

  28. Tony Kirov says:

    try to do what I described above. It worked for me with some apps. If not… the tweak may not be compatible with iOS 7 and update will be needed…

  29. LeanneEvic4 says:

    I can’t find the Movie Box, is it on different source?

  30. cydia is been updated to 1.1.9 version

  31. Adilson dos Santos Luna says:

    My activator is stuck in safe mode installed the beta version of what I do, i have iphone 4 ios 7.0.4

  32. whats the moviebox source anyone?

  33. movie box source anyone?

  34. Gridlock 2.0 mis working fine for me. i5 7.0.4

  35. *is

  36. yea i dont know why mine went crazy but works all ok now, anyways all have yaself a merry christmas!!!!! =]

  37. Winterboard works… its the themes that dont, i have some working themes for ios 7 atm on my iphone 5, dont install ANYTHING on your iphone 5s cus itll brick it.

  38. Insanely repo not showing apps I just reinstalled it from a backup using isprit. Had back to ded on my other phone Movie box 2.4

  39. Patrick Creasman Jr. says:

    my iPhone 5 is running iOS 7.0.2 and the background is grey and it seems to be stuck in safe mode. i have no clue what to do??

  40. Thats one of the one i want :(

  41. Fahmi Robeto says:

    I’ve download localiapstore on my iPad mini. I can’t seem to find it on my setting to enable it in order to use it. Can any kind soul help me?

  42. AleksandarJ says:

    I have the same problem. Everytime i install a tweak i can’t find them under the Settings.

    Using: iPhone 5S

  43. welche cydia quelle?

  44. RUSTY RAIL says:

    I looked (kiil background)for it also and wasn’t there,someone is mistaken.The list that was given about working apps isn’t all that accurate,The apps will load in cydia but not working.HiddenSettings7 is there but not working on a 5S.Not suppose to be compatable with a ipad but it loaded and then after a few settings it vanished but the settings I did stayed.I deleted the app and the settings remaimed.Speed intensifier worked but quit.That one I wished they updated.

  45. RUSTY RAIL says:

    I tried this and it worked for me,after each reboot you have to reinstall the MOBILE SUBSTRATE the apps I managed to get to work came back on a ipad 3.The apps I have working are as fallows:CLEAN UP CRAP,ICEANER,MOBILE TERMINAL,MOVIE BOX,PROTECT MY PRIVACY,,SIGNAL BOOSTER.Not sure why mobile substrate helped but it did.I read it farther down on one of the other posts,Thanks to the other JB that hint,guy

  46. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Thanks for the hint it worke for also on ipad3 ,Can you tell me why and it won’t work on a 5s.Seems that most of the apps will load but don’t work.

  47. RUSTY RAIL says:

    The working list that is shown here,who tested this list.Most if not all here ofthe posts comments are about the apps not working yet there has not been one comment from a admimister about the failures.I know how to JB and root the device but each one of those apps shown come as loading but not working the list should be taken down till the substrate is fixed.This list looks like it was made up before the failure
    with Taig and we all know what happened there,A little bit of credability

    would have been in order here and the jail break should have been pulled down.

  48. Overachiever isn’t working for me. Any tips?

  49. wait for Barrel and DisplayOut update!

  50. Hi,auto tower tweaks not working for towers of savior.this for info

  51. RUSTY RAIL says:

    I installed a app Mobile Substrate and I do think it helped to improve my ipad3.I aslo installed two other apps after,KillBackground and iRespring,this app works and does what it says,KillBackground shows in Settings but haven’t got it to work.everything else is holding up and working.My 5s,most apps I load does not show in up insettings.The 5s will respring but the most of the app don’t show up.

  52. RUSTY RAIL says:

    SORRY I should have said (Mobile Substrate Fix ios7) fallow directions

  53. RUSTY RAIL says:

    DO NOT INSTALL SBSettings as it will mess up the idevice.I was able get the mess corrected,by running the script cuc and icleaner,lucky me

  54. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Install MobileSubstrate Fix IOS 7

  55. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Why doesn’t this blog show the latest post as a first come in and the oldest posts farther do the list.The way it is now some the posts at the top of the list are posts with dead history issues,2 & 3 days old,where those post and problems are dead and gone.The blog should show the latest post as some of posts problems are solved.In a newmerical order of time would make scense for those that are new to the game of JB.

  56. Doron Marom says:

    Because your in a safe mode

  57. Dan Saporita says:

    Tweaks are built using 32 bit architecture not 64 bit architecture that the iPhone 5s uses, they will not work bc mobile substrate does not work for 64 bit

  58. Dan Saporita says:

    What device and ios version?

  59. Dan Saporita says:

    Nothing that requires mobile substrate will work on a 5s bc of the 64 bit architecture, until Saurik updates mobile substrate, no tweak will work

  60. Dan Saporita says:

    iPhone 5s will not work, nothing supports 64 bit architecture

  61. Dan Saporita says:

    Do you have sbsettings installed?

  62. Dan Saporita says:

    Just go to mobile substrate, and reinstall it, have to do this at every reboot until it is updated by saurik

  63. Adilson dos Santos Luna says:

    Not,i just installed the beta activator, and had installed normal activator and was in safe mode version 1.8.1.

  64. Dan Saporita says:

    Okay, activator is not in safe mode, mobile substrate is in safe mode, technically, so you have to reinstall it, but after the install you need to respring,
    Step 1. Open cydia and REINSTALL mobile substrate, DO NOT uninstall then reinstall
    Step 2. Open activator and when it says restart, hit restart, it will respring, and activator should be working flawlessly.
    The issue is on ios7 mobile substrate is pretty much “tethered,” kinda like a tethered jailbreak, where you have to use redsn0w to use jailbreak again, mobile substrate you have to do something similar, just follow the two steps and you’ll be golden :)

  65. RUSTY RAIL says:

    I installed SIMPLOCK on a ipad3 and it works.When I installed the new ios7 and saw that new loock screen and you could slide to unlock from any where I had a right on moment as the old way seemed to be totally useless,I don’t need to told where to slide,The worst part as the text:SLIDE TO UNLOCK.That looks to simple,If I can slide any where why do I need the slide to unlock.With SIMPLOCK it is gone,Now its clean and looks like it should.I couldn’t get it to work on a 5S.

  66. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Hi & thank is that why it works on a ipad3 and not for the 5s

  67. RUSTY RAIL says:

    The device is ipad3 on ios7

  68. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Delete the app THEN
    Install,icleaner and run,install Mobile Terminal FIX ios 7,install Clean Up Crap and run it.These two will clean up the mess and then rebbot,it worked for me

  69. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Movie Box is on,repo,insanely

  70. RUSTY RAIL says:

    I belive you have to install HiddenSettings7.Problem though some JBers it doesn’t show up on 5s,READ my other posts
    I wished it worked also

  71. RUSTY RAIL says:

    won’t work on 5s.Cydia needs to up,Read the posts

  72. RUSTY RAIL says:

    Does anyone here read the posts below,most ofthe questions all answered below,

  73. Zeppelin and barrell work perfect on my iphone 5 7.0.4

  74. And i spoke in iphone 5S????? My iphone is 5 and its working everything

  75. None of the updated tweaks work on my iPhone 5!!! :(

  76. Good your getting through the maze.I have a ipad3 and most everything will work.My 5s some/few of the apps work.I wished HiddenSettings7 worked on 5s.

  77. Can ayone tell me is,INSANELY, a pirated repo.I would like to know,When I first started out way back when this JB fun started I will admitt I used it,but when my idevice failed a few times,Suspect, I gave up,clean off my device and started over not using it.Getting around different JB blogs I see advertisment for it,is is safe or is it a hands off repo.

  78. I have a 5s,I should have known but was lucky and able to get it back with out a complete restore,other than my nerves and pride,that needs some work,its there app for that.

  79. Dan Saporita says:

    Sbsettings should work fine with it, the iPad 2 is having the issues along with the 5s and the iPad air and mini 2, so the iPad 3 should be fine, but your 5s WILL NOT work until mobile substrate is updated

  80. Adilson dos Santos Luna says:

    Eu fiz como você me sugeriu, mas não funcionou, eu fiz pelo evasion 1.0.1 não pelo redsnow, eu tenho um iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 .Acho que vou esperar até que atualizem o activator. Já tentei pelo activator normal mas ele entra em modo segurança.Deixei instalado o ultimo beta do activator.

  81. Activator keep call me restart my phone! I5 ios 7.0.3

  82. Hi Dan
    I tried SBSettings and after the installation the wall paper went gray,I was able to get it back by running iCeaner and the script Clean up Crap from Mobile Terminal.

  83. zeppelin works-ios7.0.4 iphone 4

  84. Safari download enabler did’t work

  85. PAJRI PUTRA says:

    What source

  86. Zeppelin now working on 7.0.4 iPhone 5

  87. bridge does not wrok on iphone 4s

  88. I am waiting for iblacklist cydia for ios 7?

  89. Audio recorder isn’t working on 7.0.4 iphone 5

  90. barefootgirl123 says:

    I don’t know if it’s pirated or not, but it is safe. I doubt it’s what caused problems with your device.

  91. barefootgirl123 says:

    You can sort the comments from oldest to newest or newest to oldest, whichever way you want

  92. barefootgirl123 says:

    repo. insanelyi. com/
    (Remove the spaces)

  93. barefootgirl123 says:

    Add the repo: cydia. myrepospace. com/ ipwndapple/ (Remove the spaces)
    However it installs but doesn’t work on my 4S, some people claim it does but nothing i’ve tried helps.

  94. barefootgirl123 says:

    Check it out, apparently we got an honest thief right here

  95. RustyRail says:

    Thanks for the reply

  96. My safari won’t work on evasion jail break
    I’m on 7.0.4

    Can anyone tell me why it’s doing this

  97. I have two iPhones 5s and both are jailbreak, however one I can search and find ownspy and the other I cant find ownspy. do any one knows why is that.

  98. Cydelete does not work for me it keep on restarting the device ever time i try to delete a cydia app. Help!!!

  99. Jose Concepcion says:

    PDANet is working on iOS 7.0.4, I’ve tried it on my iPhone 4S, and it does work.

  100. Jose Concepcion says:

    Just search “Sicarius”. You should be able to find it.

  101. RustyRail says:

    Jan 9
    My in house maps are greyed out with no detail,has anyone else had this problem/All other maps/charts work okay.

  102. RustyRail says:

    Did you reboot when you started your JB.Make sure all your apps are shut down when you start the process/JB

  103. RustyRail says:

    I would check my repo source that the app is listed with

  104. witch one gives free music/apps?

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