The Top 15 Cydia Tweaks For Your Newly Jailbroken iPad 2 On iOS 5.0.1

With the iPad 2 being freshly Jailbroken on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware (thanks to the Dream Team). I am sure you are wondering what are some of the best Cydia tweaks that you should, at the least, check out. With thousands upon thousands of Cydia tweaks available finding some of the most useful ones can be a challenge; especially if you are new to the Jailbreaking community. That is why here at we have decided to list some of the best Cydia tweaks that we think you should install on your freshly Jailbroken iPad 2 running the iOS 5.0.1 firmware. Thus, without further a due we present to you the top 15 Cydia tweaks for your iPad 2.

Top 15 iPad 2 Cydia Tweaks

Top iPad 2 Cydia Tweaks

Tweak #1: SBSettings

This tweak should be a given, in fact, it is the reason why most people Jailbreak their iOS device in the first place. You see, SBSettings gives you quick access to frequently used toggles like WiFi, Brightness, 3G etc. SBSettings can be configured to be activated in numerous ways using the Cydia tweak Activator (also on this list) and will integrate into the iOS 5 Notification Center.

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Tweak #2: Activator

A lot of people take the Activator for granted and never really realize just how powerful of a Cydia tweak it is. In fact, due to how powerful Activator really is, numerous other Cydia tweaks rely on it for their activation methods. In case you have never heard of the Activator Cydia tweak before, it is a powerful shortcut tweak that allows you to specify an action to activate a certain system feature (IE: Switching songs, increasing screen brightness etc.).

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Tweak #3: The “Infini” Lineup

What do we mean when we say the “Infini” Lineup? Well mean mean the InfiniDock, InfiniFolders and InfiniBoard tweaks of course. While one might not be so keen to install all of these “Infini” tweaks I suggest at least installing InfiniDock and InfiniFolders. Confused on what these tweaks do? Well each “Infini” tweak allows you to have unlimited icons in the area they specify.

–> For More Information On InfiniDock Click Here

–> For More Information On InfiniFolders Click Here

–> For More Information On InfiniBoard Click Here

Tweak #4: The Fullscreen Duo

Many Applications are not yet compatible for the iPad’s giant display. This is why two tweaks have been created to reduce the likelihood of running into this problem. These tweaks are RetinaPad and Fullforce. While RetinaPad tries to enable Retina Display on Applications that support it for the iPad, Fullforce will try and force applications to go into fullscreen mode.

–> For More Information On RetinaPad Click Here

–> For More Information On FullForce Click Here

Tweak #5: Extended Weather & Time App Icons

Two very useful Cydia tweaks that I really enjoy are WeatherIcon and LiveClock. The WeatherIcon Cydia tweak changes your weather app icon to display realtime weather info. So if it’s midnight and rainy, your app icon will be dark, have a cloud with rain on it, and the temperature will be displayed. The LiveClick Cydia tweak on the other hand makes your clock app on your springboard (homescreen) a real time app. Meaning it will display the actual time on the app logo, instead of the default 10:15 time.

–> For More Information On WeatherIcon Click Here

–> For More Information On LiveClock Click Here

Tweak #6: Springtomize 2

The Springtomize 2 Cydia tweak allows you to customize any aspect of your iPad’s springboard. I would personally say Springtomize 2 is one of the must useful, and money saving Cydia tweaks available because it integrates numerous Cydia tweaks into one simple and easy to use Cydia tweak. Meaning, for example, you can customize the Statusbar, folders, dock, app labels and so much more all through one Cydia tweak.

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Tweak #7: Gridlock

The Gridlock Cydia tweak tweak was developed by two well-known developers – Chpwn and P0sixninja. It allows you to make your SpringBoard like a computer in the fact that you can arrange your icons however you like. This means app icons do not need to appear next to each other, and can have spaces between them.

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Tweak #8: Barrel

Say hello to a new way of flipping through your SpringBoard pages. Introducing Barrel! A tweak that adds a variety of SpringBoard transition effects like the famous rotating 3D cube effect. The Barrel Cydia tweak will really make your iPad 2 stand out from the crowd, and will more importantly make things more lively.

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Tweak #9:  SpringBoard Invaders or SpringBlock Breaker

With the SpringBoard Invaders and SpringBlock Breakers tweaks you can turn a SpringBoard page on your iDevice into an actual game. The SpringBoard invaders tweak will turn a page on your SpringBoard into one giant game of Space Invaders and the SpringBlock Breaker tweak will turn a page on your SpringBoard into a game of block breakers.

–> For More Information On Springboard Invaders Click Here

–> For More Information On SpringBlock Breaker Click Here

Tweak #10: TwikaFly

Attention Twitter addicts everywhere! TwitkaFly enables you to QuickReply to push notifications, and tweet directly from your SpringBoard using the Activator command of your choice. A very easy to use tweak, with a great user interface and seamless integration with your Twitter application.

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Tweak #11: SplitMail for iPad

If you are an avid user on your iPad 2, then you are probably more inclined to use the landscape orientation because it offers a much more robust browsing experience. Thus, what the SplitMail for iPad Cydia tweak does is force this robust browsing experience on to the portrait orientation of the

–> For More Information Click Here

Tweak #12: ProTube HD

The ProTube Cydia app is a complete YouTube application with tons of advantages over Apple’s stock In ProTube you can browse normally through YouTube, watch videos in High Quality or Standard Quality, manage your account, comment etc. You can also download an unlimited amount of YouTube videos and watch them offline. If you are someone who would like to download the audio from Music videos, for example, just the mp3 audio can be downloaded too.

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Tweak #13: NoLockScreen

Have you ever thought that the lock screen on your iPad didn’t need to be there? Well, a tweak has popped up in Cydia that gets rid of your lock screen. The NoLockScreen Cydia tweak bypasses the lock screen when you hit the home or power button, and takes you right to your home screen. You can enable/disable it from the Settings app, and you can uninstall at any time.

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Tweak #14: iFile

The iFile Cydia application is a complete file-system viewer that allows you to browse through your iPad 2’s file-system, change permissions, and view/edit a variety of files. It has support for a variety of file types such as .ZIP, .PDF and also popular movie/image formats.

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Tweak #15: Fullscreen For iPad

The Fullscreen For iPad Cydia tweak enables a true fullscreen safari browsing experience on your iPad 2. Besides adding fullscreen browsing however, this tweak also makes Safari a real multitouch browser. Adding configurable gestures like two and three finger swipes, three finger tab, shake and much more.

–> For More Information Click Here

Bonus Tweak: WinterBoard

Where would we be without this classic tweak? WinterBoard allows you to change the look and feel of your iPad 2 without hesitation. With WinterBoard you can change the entire GUI (graphical user interface) of your iPad 2 by installer themes created by artists around the world.

–> For More Information Click Here

I hope you have enjoyed this look into some of the most note-worthy Cydia tweaks for the iPad 2! We will have a similar list of Cydia tweaks available for the iPhone 4S available in the near future so stay tuned. Until that time please leave your thoughts about these top 15 iPad 2 Cydia tweaks in the comments section below…

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  1. Dominikcouch says:

    Why do you recommend liveclock and weathericon when there’s no native clock and weather app?
    I would apprechiate when you mention how to install these “missing” apps.

  2. Also, liveclock is not compatible with ios 5!

  3. Fischiesp says:


    I’m very confused about Cydia with the Time. Because many tweaks are payware. Where is the hackers spirit? They are only see the money. I understand that this is hard and much work, but no one coerces them! I think a gift button should be much nicer. I hope things will change and the hackers are not so interrestet in money like at this moment.


  4. On iPhone 4s by accident I installed MyWi (No Rock) 3.4.3. Now I can not uninstall it and even can not restore the iPhone with iTunes – error 21.
    Please help 

  5. Turnoi Music says:

    Please be aware that with the TwitkaFly.App we have had some issues. One being that the ‘AppStore’s icon turns blank, this can be fixed with a reboot, but has an act to return. If you find anymore bugs please let me know; @ItsJoeTurner:twitter 

  6. John Allan says:

    cheap bastard! and who said they were hackers? break bread or be without you baby…

  7. New at this. says:

    I like to have a fix for the Direc tv iPad app patch, is not working with the new Cydia program. Please fix.
    ps: I am a first time user and I think you guys are doing a GREAT job. Thanks.

  8. Gatorboy019 says:

    Liveclock AND Weathericon are not compatible with iPad 2.  Do your research author!  Liveclock’s description in Cydia actually says NOT compatible with ios5 or iPad 2.  (and even so I tested it anyway)  I also tested Weathericon and even though there is a way to bypass it’s native dependancy with Apple’s Weather app (which does not exist on iPad 2), it still doesn’t work.  I entered my Yahoo Weather code, and in Weathericon’s settings I turned off modifying the Weather icon (because again, not there to start with) but turned ON putting the weather in the statusbar.  Tried it.  Didn’t work.  Done.  I’ve heard there is a way to download the Weather and Clock apps off of an existing jailbroken iPhone 4s, then upload them to your jailbroken iPad 2.  Hmmm….

  9. There is. Search bellfry in cydia

  10. Tyrone Newby says:

    go to your cydia and download “belfry” which will add stock items such as weather, clock, etc. to your ipad. look well and travel lightly!!

  11. bypass ur itunes while restore ipsw in progress to avoid validating with Apple

  12. Yo…jailbreaking is worthless. I mean yeah if you want to make your iphone look cool, but otherwise f”ing pointless. Just like Fischiesp said people just want money. I jailbroke my iphone and after going through all the tweaks and setting etc, etc, I found that anything worth downloading/installing costs money. So in conclusion to John Allan, go F yourself idiot!!!!

  13. jeneaston says:

    wow dude.  You need to calm down.  If Jailbreaking is worthless to you because you tried it already and found nothing for YOU, doesn’t mean others won’t find it useful or be willing to pay others for their hard work.

    No need to act childish and name call.  

  14. Mynameisnobody says:

    I think you guys are not using the jailbreak correctly. Did you download other sources? The stock source on Cydia doesn’t have much, but if you load xsellize, all the apps with a “?” are free versions of the paid ones. If you’re strictly biotching about your iPhone, this article is for iPads. Learn a little before you b&$/:$:$ch so much!

  15. Ben Fortune says:

    Thanks for the tips :)

  16. I downloaded winterboard and many more twerks. But when i use them they have no effect on my ipad. What could it be? I have the ipad 2 ios5

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