Cydia Tweak And Application iOS 5.1.1 Compatibility List [Updated]

We’ve noticed that certain apps and tweaks are not currently functioning in iOS 5.1.1. We started off with a small list and asked the iJailbreak community to contribute to the list of working apps (and apps that don’t  yet support iOS 5.1.1). Here’s the list so far:


  • Activator – An app launcher essential for many tweaks
  • Airblue Sharing – Share files over WiFi
  • Sliderwidth – Adjust width of lock screen slider
  • AndroidLock XT – Android-style lock password
  • AppList – Allows Cydia apps to see what’s installed on your iPhone
  • AppLocker – Sets passwords to apps
  • AssistantExtensions – Plug in voice commands for Siri
  • Barrel – Adds 3D effect to springbord
  • BytaFont – Change iOS fonts
  • BiteSMS – Send SMS messages outside your phone plan
  • BlurriedNCBackground – Aesthetic tweak for Notification Center
  • Brightslide – Adjust brightness with a gesture
  • Callbar – Overhauls iPhone notifications for incoming calls.
  • Celest Blutooth – Bluetooth file transfer
  • Cleverpin – Lockscreen password settings
  • Color Keyboard – Keyboard themes
  • Copic – Displays pictures in contacts
  • Cydelete – Allows Cydia apps to be deleted like iTunes apps
  • Dashboard X – Wigets in SpringBoard
  • Dockhide – Hides the app dock
  • DoNotDisturb – Disables alerts and banners
  • Dreamboard – Springboard themes, WinterBoard Alternative
  • FakeCarrier – Custom carrier name
  • Five Icon Dock – Expands the dock to five icons
  • Foldericonlagfix – Open folders faster
  • Forecast – Weather widget on lockscreen
  • gpSPhone – ZodTTD’s GBA emulator
  • Graviboard – Makes springboard icons float
  • Gridlock – Arrange icons however you want
  • iBlacklist – Filter unwanted calls and SMS
  • iCleaner – Free up space
  • iFile – Browse the iOS filesystem
  • iKeyWi – Adds 5th row of customizable keys to keyboard
  • Infinidock – Scolling dock with infinite files
  • Infinifolders – Allows for folders with over 12 apps
  • Infinite Tweet – Tweetlonger integration for posts longer than 140 characters.
  • IntelliScreenX – Lock screen widgets
  • iShakeLock – Shake To Lock
  • iSmart Dialer – Adds functionality to phone dialer
  • LocationHolic – Spoof locations
  • Mail Enhancer – Signatures, custom notifications, quiet hours, highlighting, HTML
  • Mobile Notifier – Alternate notifications system
  • MobileTerminal – UNIX-like terminal command line
  • MusicCenter – Music widget for notification center
  • My3G – FaceTime over 3G
  • NC Settings – SBSettings for Notification Center
  • Now Listening – Displays songs in banner
  • OpenSSH – Allows for SSH communication
  • Poof – Takes apps of springboard
  • Protube – Download YouTube video and audio
  • Remove BG – SBSettings toggle to kill background apps
  • SbSettings – Toggles WiFi, 3G, SSH, and more
  • Speed Intensifier – Speeds up interface
  • Spite – Siri Port for iOS 5.1.X
  • Springtomize 2 – Springboard customization
  • SwipeBack – Swipe back through iOS menus
  • SwipeSelection – Highlight text from the virtual keyboard
  • TetherMe – Adds tethering options on all carriers
  • UnlockFX – Slide to unlock animations
  • Weather Icon – Live weather icon displays current weather
  • WiFiFoFum – WiFi scanner and ‘wardriving’ utility
  • WiFi Passwords – Keeps a list of your Wifi passwords
  • WinterBoard – Custom SpringBoard themes
  • Wraparound – Infinite horizontal scrolling
  • Zephyr – Multitouch gestures, app switching, notification center peeking
  • Zeppelin – Replace Carrier name with custom logo

Not Working

  • Display Recorder – records iPhone display
  • Firebreak – Enables panoramic camera
  • Hands-Free Control – Siri voice activation without home button
  • Mame4iOS Reloaded – Arcade emulator
  • Music Controls Pro – Music control and display settings
  • nes4iphone – Zodttd’s NES emulator
  • RetinaPad – iPhone retina graphics in 2X mode
  • Rotation Inhibitor – Prevents screen rotation
  • SMS Flooder – Annoy your friends with repeat SMS messages
  • snes4iPhone – Zodttd’s SNES emulator
  • Spire – Grant Paul’s Cydia port
  • Switchy – Expands the iPhone’s native app

Partially Working

  • Belfry – Install stock iPhone apps on iPad
  • BlurriedNCBackground on iPad
  • Slidetomod – Does not hide lock screen camera


  • IntelliscreenX on iPad
  • RetinaPad – iPhone Retina graphics on iPad

Pod2G iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak

As you can see, we have a sizable list of apps that work. What we still need are reports of apps that haven’t been carried over to iOS 5.1.1. If you notice an app that isn’t working, please mention the issues in the comments section. Not only will it help people decide whether to upgrade to iOS 5.1.1, but it will help us get in contact with developers who haven’t updated their apps for the new firmware.

Remember, if you get HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Errors (or similar messages) while downloading apps in Cydia, please don’t report the apps as non functioning. The error message only means that the apps couldn’t be downloaded in the first place, likely because the server was busy with too many requests. It has nothing to do with the app’s compatibility.

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  • Damian W

    switchy, works and music controls pro as well.

  • Tommydido

    aptbackup, musicgestures, nccolors, bulletin and applocker working on 5.1.1 ipad 2 and iphone 4

  • Ryan Kruger

    intelliscreen X is working on my iPad 3rd Gen.  No problems.

  • Shawn Ullrich

    I’m not having any problems with Five-Column Springboard or QuickMemo for Notification Center.

    MyWi 5 runs, but does not tether data.  3G data is not routed through USB or WiFi.

  • Jesus Arjona Montalvo

    i need display recoder para iPad ios 5.1.1 ufff ot para iPhone 3gs ios 5.1.1. thanks

  • Osama Zourob

    Switchy is working perfectly :)

  • Michael Schnier

    What hardware are you running, Damian?

  • Ricky

    you can add chip to the list it doesn’t work as of now in it’s current state

  • Jabberwocky85

    I concur. I’m running 5.1.1 on iPhone 4 and switch is workIng perfectly.

  • JuLiO-Sk

    intelliscreenx works but the messages+ or whatever is not working also the weather widget tweak for notification center is not working

  • JuLiO-Skp

    oh and mc pro works on iPhone but not on Ipad even when Cydia says its a tweak for ipad(so weird) and blurriedNC from Ryanp works on iPad3 (5.1.1) / belfry, doesn’t work on iPad it doesn’t even let me install it / protube Hd have a square icon and I don’t know what difference it has with normal YouTube app on iPad maybe the download option, I think protube is only good for iPhone / music banner works too

  • 19by

    does ultrasn0w work? I have a unlocked phone and want to know if i can update..

  • Michael Schnier

    “oh and mc pro works on iPhone but not on Ipad even when Cydia says its a tweak for ipad ”

    Ah, that explains it.

  • Mads Teland

    I can see i get black background if IntelliscreenX as have notfitcation center on lockscreen, automatically some times when turn on the screen with BlurriedNCBackground on iPad 3 iOS 5.1.1 ;)

  • Ryan Patrick

    Switchy has been working fine for me. Just reinstalled it cause it had a darker background on top half and than it went away. It is on the “not working” list here though. I’m on and iPhone 4 CDMA

  • Ryan Patrick

    Yep just posted than read this. Epic fail. But working flawlessly on iPhone 4

  • Nabiel Hussain

    siri glowing apple also works

  • Ethyn Resausk

    Display Recorder works if your using an activation method. If you go and press the “+” alone it will not work so it partially works, you should edit this list and make a partial

  • sean maguire

    same for me its working fine

  • SamsungAppleFan

    Quasar works great!

  • Upstruckz

    Mywi isn’t working for anyone when u try to connect it spent transfer data

  • Provy

    Fusion works perfectly.

  • mrmalo

    Yes it does work, but a 5.1.1 fix has to be installed from a cydia repository in Order to make it work. I have done it to my 3GS untethered 5.1.1 BB 5.13.04 successfully.

  • Damian W

    iphone 4 and ipad 2

  • 3azz

    iKeyWi have some problem on AltKey mode.. sometimes the icon is dissapear. mine is 4s..

  • Noah King

    Spite – Siri Port for iOS 5.1.X???
    does not work for me, boot looped me absinthe, sn0wbreeze and rocky racoon D:D:

  • 3rd gen ipad

    graviboard doesn’t really work on my 3rd gen ipad. idk if its other tweaks causes it but for now it ain’t working for me

  • Mrarkon

    Five-Icon Switcher causes my phone to freeze (and then respring) whenever I close five apps, so I guess that doesn’t work.
    And BiteSMS has always been glitchy on my phone. First time it would crash whenever I tried to send a picture, second time the number keyboard would be invisible when I replied to a text from the lock screen, and now it crashes my phone whenever I try to close it out of the app switcher (that was after I uninstalled Five-Icon Switcher). I’m on an iPhone 4 GSM.

  • R3dApple2

    Will Installus work?

  • M Woolweaver

    Barrel works better for me know than it did before…..and shrink would send to me sate mode after respring

  • blackbushido

    Hello. New here, but I’ve been on the jailbreak scene for a while!! Just had a few apps, I wanted to know about! Here they are: Lock seconds,fakeclock,smsconfirmation,appstorelous,cydelet,notification center and passwordpilot?? Thank you for your timely response and have a very very blessed day!!

  • Jakedunc

     RetinaPad working flawlessly here on iPad 2 WiFi

  • Rt

    gpSPhone not working

  • guest

    nimbus doesn’t seem to work. cookies doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Pxtb


  • lastpiece0fpie

    Spite threw me into a reboot loop :/

  • Marcos César

    Springtomize também não esta funcionando, já tentei vários buscar algum outro capaz de deixar a Springboard com cinco icones enfileirados mas até agora não consegui. Alguém tem alguma sugestão que funcione no iPad 2 wi-fi 16GB?

  • Guest

    Installous doesn’t work for me. The IPA simply disappears from the list and the filesystem after downloading.



  • scotty16

    Imastergear says “Unable To Purchase, This product is not supported on your iOS version” so can’t tell if it works on 5.1.1 or not.

  • Drico

    Man, n são poucos n… Tentei instalar uns 15 pego só um esse jailbreak esta muito limitado, 5.1.1 iPhone 4s 64gb, a maioria dos tweaks n funcionam só instalei o installous, zeppelim e o activator! Queria por um pra mudar meu tema, alguém pode me indicar um q mude tema?

  • Guest

    Wraparound 1.0.1-1 not working on iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4 the message says “This product is not supported on your iOS version.”

  • Thekidd

    Shrink not workin properly

  • Joshi Kevin

    ThemeIt is not working on 5.1.1

  • iChris 10.0

    iRealSMS 3.0 works

  • nect

    ncrotationlock not working

  • Vahab Mehrabani

    I have it working on my iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 :)

  • scottpiro

    I don’t think LockLauncher is working.  I need a respring every time I try and open one of the 9 apps from lock screen

  • Mad_Inferno

    LScameraextender isn’t working. Mobile substrate immediately Loads safe mode.

  • Chad

    Slideaway does not work

  • Lnd30499

    Mail Enhancer not compatible, but the pro version is.

  • Tekken Meister

    Alertartist is also not working on 5.1.1

  • Iggledelphia

    icons in the iGlassSol theme doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else using this have the same problem?

  • John

    Dashboard X sends me into safe mode after i unlock my 4S on 5.1.1 In the list above it says its working and i cant seem to find anyone on here with a comment having the same issue. I dont have a clue why im having problems…. I’ve also contacted the dev…still waiting for an email back.

  • Shem Mesh

    My3g tweak doesn’t work on ios 5.1.1, and it’s on the working list….. is there another tweak for facetime?

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  • someguy

    Says here that Five Icon Dock works for 5.1.1 but it doesn’t for me.
    Installed and restarted – doesn’t work.
    Uninstalled and restarted
    Reinstalled – still doesn’t work.

    How do I get this to work? Someone? Anyone? Help?

    [iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, jb using absinthe-win-2.0.2]

  • Pinedajuan28

    You can use springtomize 2 to put 5 icons in your dock.

  • Marcosmaxiclean

    Try 3G unrestrictor , it worked for me .

  • Mads Teland

    It’s now fixed :D

  • Christian

    Does DisplayOut work on iOS 5.1.1 for an iPad 2?

  • Cirneliusbowick

    Yes display out works on the iPad 2. However the iPad 3 is have a little inverse issue.

  • Thomas

    CallLock and XMessages work fine as well

  • Emroda

    imovies is not working :(

  • Jane Issac

    Is Parallax compatible with my iPad 2?

  • Clyde

    Will VoiceActivator work?

  • Blkbltwoman

    Worked fine for me. Download Five Icon Dock, Respring and drag your 5th icon to the dock. No problems…

  • Silversun_pickups

    perpageHTML + does not works for me on 5.1.1.

  • Djtroy30

    FBUploader, AutoResponder and Away Text all not working on 5.1.1

  • Bandsoldseparately13

    PerpageHTML works for me on my iPhone 4s iOS 5.1.1. The + version has never worked for me

  • Preet Gill123

     display recorder works fine

  • Hifzurliton

    ALERTARTIST on Bigboss repo needs an update for 5.1.1,thanks

  • Raiderfour3

    Need an update for tonefxs

  • Jeffsee 55

    How were you able to install CallLock?

  • Kristian

    need to sms from my ipad3  but phoneit-ipad not working :(

  • Tunkureezal

    Im using ios 5.1.1..all my cydia tweaks wont appear in settings but it work

  • Hugh Hefner

    So is anyone able to get SMS flooder to work? I love that app!! Please help!

  • Intestone696

    My3G Not working on 5.1.1.. Please help.

  • Bishopwm

    Has anyone had a package from Cydia affect their vibration on their phone? My won’t work at all.

  • Ios

    iMovies crashes and groves shark enchancer

  • Mrferrelliii

    Yea mine its louder i wonder what it is if u find out email me

  • Shukla Aditya28

    Whenever i tap Remove background on my SB settings, sprigboard gets crashed everytime

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  • Robertjesstin

    Volume button disable doesn’t work



  • guest457890-

    sprimgtomize not working on mines!!!!!!!!!! -.-‘

  • Norik Ter-Grigoryan

    i can’t make Display out work on iPad 3. it just don’t install. can you help me please? or do i just need to wait for an update

  • Tom @

    I’m using Display Recorder 1.3.2 from insanelyi repo on my iPhone 4 version 5.1.1 and it works fine now, however it can’t record sound from apps AND your voice so it’s only one or the other but it’s perfect for recording the screen for my YouTube vids.

  • Ziyan

    Does deepend twek support in ios5.1.1 Iphone 4 ??

  • Leondpimp

    crashed my iphone 4 too. had to restore

  • gerard

    reboot your device

  • Greg78

    Artist alert definitely NOT WORKING on IOS 5.1.1. As soon as i went landscape with bite sms it went into a respring and came back in safe mode.

  • Greg78

    I uninstalled through Cydia and all is well again in regards to artist alert

  • Juan David Bolaños Rojas

    graviboard isn’t working i used it and when i activated it the springboard crashed

  • L’Bib En Ciel

    My psx4all not working on my ipad1 5.1.1 please help.

  • Timothy McDaniel

    I downloaded “Callock” 2 days ago on one of my iPhone 4’s and two days later I went to down load it on another iPhone 4 I have and it says “not sure if this package is compatible with your version of IOS waiting to hear back from developer” I dont understand how I could get the tweak on day and now I can’t. Both iPhones are running 5.1.1 same firmware too. Would you guys see what is going on with this? Thanks

  • Ash

    Desktop / SMS is installing but not working

  • Kiril

    dreamboard doesn’t work in ios 5.1.1

  • kiril

    pls help me…

  • omni crunk

    This is what i think. I think before jail breaking you should backup and restore your ipod touch, ipad, or i-phone to factory settings. I was checking this list out and for clarity i download some of the apps. My first check was GraviBoard and graviboard dose work well.

  • Hamza

    Imovies.. PLease help and do somthing for it to work on IOS 5.1.1

  • Sekhon

    Mcoolphone doesn’t work on the iOS 5.1.1
    Downloaded from xsellize…by studboy

  • choco_ju


    I have installed a few of the cydia tweaks






    it made my 3G and wifi and data all turn off by itself as long as the phone screen ‘s off (black I set it off after 4 seconds) / or when I press sleep button

    I had more app tweaks before then I removed them

    I am not sure what cause it

    As my ipone 4, ios 5.1.1 now will turn off by itself (power off)

    pls shed some light

    thx :)

  • Ramiro Nieves

    AndroidLock XT isn’t Working for my Ipad 1 ios 5.1.1

    i set the lock, when i slide to open, the slider doesnt go all the way and unlock it… just keeps you at slide to unlock