Nexus One Theme For iPhone And iPod Touch Now In Cydia, Download Now!

The iPhone really changed how people look at a mobile device. Since the release of the iPhone, just about every other smart phone has tried to copy the iPhone in one way or another. Jailbroken iPhone owners know this can go the other way, as well. Whenever a new smart phone comes out the tries to mimic the iPhone, someone eventually makes a theme to look like the new device, as if to say, “Yeah, the iPhone can do that.”.

The newest theme to hit Cydia, that mimics another smart phone, is the Nexus One Theme. This them does a great job of copying the look and feel of the Google phone. It comes with a complete lock screen theme, custom icons, “live” wallpaper, custom UI, custom pop-overs, and more.

The developer did a great job with the live, moving background. It uses CSS and Java to create this really cool background. I have to show you it, on video, for you to appreciate it.

The Nexus One Theme is available now in Cydia, for Free.

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  • Braxton Overby

     It is a relatively decent theme. I did notice a lot of graphics that could stand to be fixed as they shading and what not is a little off. I love the sliding background. :)