How To: Port Siri (GUI) On iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 1G Running iOS 5 Firmware

Earlier today we told you that a developer posted files to port the Siri GUI to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. These files contained everything necessary to get Siri’s GUI functioning on unsupported iDevices. The only aspect of this port that does not work is actually the ability talk to Siri; this is because Siri can not yet contact Apple’s servers. As Siri cannot currently contact Apple’s servers why would one go to the trouble of installing it?

Well the developer who released these files claimed that there were some files included he would not show us how to get functioning at this time. It is in my opinion that these files may contain the key to getting Siri to contact Apple’s servers. Even if I am not right about these files, once you install the GUI to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, all it takes is another developer to release the activation files and you will have already done a brunt of the work to get Siri fully functioning on your iDevice.

If you are ever going to be interested in porting Siri to your:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPad 1G

We suggest following this how to guide on installing the Siri GUI files to your unsupported Apple iDevices. That way you will be prepared for when an activation method has been found, and it will be an easy task to get Siri fully functioning.

How To Install Siri On iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Before you start this how to guide you will need to download the following:

  • Siri GUI files
  • AssistantServices.framework file (Try this if the one downloaded with the Siri GUI files did not work)
  • iExplorer (Apple iOS File Manager For Mac OS X and Windows)

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is update to the iOS 5 firmware and then Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running the iOS 5 firmware.

Step 2) – The next thing you will need to do is open iExplorer and navigate to the following directory:

/Root Directory/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/

Once in the directory you will need to transfer the AssistantServices.framework folder into the directory specified above.

Step 3) – You will now need to navigate to the following directory:

/Root Directory/System/Library/CoreServices/

Once inside the directory you will need to transfer the contents of the SpringBoard_Assistant_pics folders into the above directory.

Step 4) – The next thing you will need to do is edit the SpringBoard .plist file. It will be named N81AP for the fourth generation iPod touch and N9x for iPhone 4 (x may be 0, 1, 2 depending on whether you are installing Siri on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4).

To edit this file you will need to drag it to your desktop and open the file in a text editor program. Once the file is open look for the following line:


Underneath that line you will need to add the following line:


Once the line has been added you will need to save the file and then transfer it back to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Note: An alternative method to manually editing the file on your computer would be to use an application like iFile.

Step 5) – Now you must simply restart your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Note: As you have a tethered Jailbreak you will need to boot your iDevice using RedSn0w (Mac/Windows).

Upon restarting your iDevice you can hold down the home button and you should notice Siri appears. Congratulations! You have just installed the Siri GUI on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. We will keep you updated when more information is discovered on how to enable Siri to contact Apple’s servers. Until that time enjoy showing off to your friends that you have Siri your iDevice.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below…

UPDATE #1: Try this AssistantServices.framework file if the one downloaded with the Siri GUI files did not work.

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  • smart one

    i have doesnt show key 720 p key?
    what should i do

  • Hosamww2000

    It’s works but mic not working

  • wasim

    i have 3gs.all steps dne.but ,plist file doesnt show key 720 p key.where should i write nw?

  • Jaden Ellett

    What do you guys see? Is there something similar? I tried on my iPhone 4, not 3GS aha.

  • Jaden Ellett

    What do you see? Anything similar at all?

  • Joseph Mikhail

    can someone tell me why those 2 folders exist Assistant.bundle and AssistantUI.framework
    if we are not going to use them ??

  • Joseph Mikhail

    i did the exact steps, nothing happens the normal apple voice control :( something is missing in the guid

  • wasim

    i edit the plist file.but nothing happened.same voice control is coming :(

  • Panamera

    Just followed all the steps to a T, but still nothing happens on my iPod touch 4 after all the files are transferred; it still shows the normal Voice Control when I hold the Home button.. :P

  • Joshua Stewart

    Same here, no difference

  • Jmorel6

    Is anyone having a drag an drop problem?? it lags and the blue outline doesnt show up around privateframeworks

  • Jaden Ellett

    Try downloading the new file in Update #1 note

  • Jaden Ellett

    Try downloading the new file in Update #1 note guys

  • ‘Evgueni Kovalenko

    dont know if its an issue, but I dont see siri button. when i press home button, siri screen shows up, but no button. I checked twice and the siri microphone pictures are in

  • ‘Evgueni Kovalenko


  • Panamera

    Thanks! It worked perfectly after using the new file ;)

  • Abeeche12

    Does OpenSSH works on iOS 5? Help

  • Jancarsten

    On my ipod touch 4g i have voice conrol ist is not going :(

  • Panamera

    Try downloading the new AssistantServices.framework file noted in the Update at the bottom of the article, and use that one instead of the AssisantServices.framework file that comes with the Siri download.


    Works for my 3GS

  • Jazz

    the only thing i get is a black screen when holding the bottom  

  • geircito

    Ported Siri to my iPad 1 – working :-)

  • Abbey8k

    is there anyway to adjusted settings in settings app?
    i’m using a 3gs

  • CyCLoBoT

    I got Siri to come up but when I click on the Mic button, the blue light does not come on. I’m guess that’s normal for now until someone figures out how to enable it correct?

  • Bkoch66player14

    doesnt work still. boot loops and respring loops. kinda sucks. and i used the updates file.

  • Joseph Mikhail

    ok after the update it shows siri but even the regular voice control commands doesnt work as the button itself doesnt do anything when pressed :(

  • Hunt2013

    Does this disable real Voice Control? I have the GUI working but no beep for voice control and talking to it does nothing.

  • Hunt2013

    Does the normal Voice Control work as it should when using this?

  • Panamera

    Nope, installing the Siri GUI disables Voice Control.

  • Panamera


  • Panamera

    Installing the Siri GUI disables Voice Control.

  • Hackpro1989

    to fix the spring loop used iPhone Explorer or iFunBox to drag N88AP.plst backup file or removed the lines you added into the springboard folder overwriting the mod one and it should come back up Video Coming Soon 

  • Alooooony

    I followed all the steps, but my phone keeps re springing I dont know what to do. I booted from RedSnow and it still does this  

  • Josh Hylton

    did everything used updated file on ipod touch 4g but no mic button

  • Jaden Ellett

    Thanks for helping others Panamera. Much appreciated :)

  • Hunt2013

    Thank you for answering. I was hoping that the most basic voice functions would work. 

  • Wasim

    yep working for my 3gs.thanks.just waiting for apple servers to connect.

  • Ezekiel See

    so what can i do with this two folders

  • guest

    where did you write this assistant there is no key with 720 p

  • Adnankunbaz

    The mic still not working


  • imran

    because this is just part of the siri hes gonna release the rest of the tutorial

  • ricks

    i have installed siri on my iphone 4, the GUI works but there seems to be no siri settings option in the general section, any 1 faeing the same problem?

  • alpesh

    please help me which file you edit

  • Shibabz03

    trying this now.. why is it that on step 2 it says
     The next thing you will need to do is open iExplorer and navigate to the following directory:/Root Directory/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/but on the screen shot he only copied it to /Root Directory/System/Library

  • Ghost121411

    is this how it is supposed to look like? ad the Siri button does not work either? and the background is black as well?

  • Shibabz03

    working but mic doesn’t work.. will wait for the update..

  • Panamera

    This is just a simple GUI port of the images/animations, Siri voice recognition is non-functional in this port.

  • Panamera


  • Dylan Khiew

    update #2 works. I can see the GUI now.

  • Jadeneastonellett

    For some reason the program did not update its directory properly. The directory in writing is right.

  • Josh Hylton

    did u open in plist application or a text application you need to open in text application

  • H5ire

    iexplorer is keep crashing on my win7
    ne idea how to solve it?

  • Anonymous

    It’s in the .plist that needs to be opened in iFile

  • hhyyppeee

    ok so i did everything correctly but is anyone actually getting siri to respond or will we just have to wait for the next update to get it to work good ?

  • @idarkside

    in the 3gs its differant


    and you shall see


    under this add


    save the file and after it should look like this


    it seems to reorder the file in to alphabetical order

    PS you must be using the updated files


  • Jancarsten


  • zylar

    my iphone4 keep loop boot..:( already follow all the steps..:(

  • Mus3na

    i got a problems to run iexplorer, each time runned, it crash. iam running win 7 and iexploerer for pc. please help

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  • Mazokopos

    try the ifun box is better

  • Cooperjazzy55

    follwed all steops and mine is stick in loop boot, currently restoring.

    Not sure why it done this?

  • J-City


  • Cooperjazzy55

    Now my N88AP file looks complettely scrambled but looked fine before?

  • Andrew

    You are encountering Loop Boot because you messed up the springboard settings.
    Pay big attention to the syntax of the lines you are adding.

    For 3GS, edit the /System/Library/CoreServices/ via notepad or notepad++:
    Find this exact same line:

    And add right below it:

    For iPhone 4, look for the N9xAP.plist (don’t know the exact number, could be 90) and do the exact thing. Search for this lines:

    Add these lines below it :


    Then turn off phone, and Boot Tethered.

    Loop booting or stucking at the spinning wheel most likely means you messed up the springboard settings.

  • Andrew

    Freaking editor: make sure the is written as , don’t forget the /, write it without spaces.

  • Andrew

    I uploaded the files I used.
    Thing is, the site editor keeps resetting my syntax.
    You need to make sure there is a / at the end of the statement. Look for the syntax in the N88AP.plist to see what I mean.

  • Jameson

    Wow man, you are a freakin’ genius!!! Though I couldn’t say I can now use Siri on my iPod Touch 4G, at least, I already have it. I am totally gonna wait for your next update. Hopefully, we all get to use Siri on older iDevices defore the holidays come in. Thanks a lot dude.

  • Cooperjazzy55

    where i can find your file?

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  • Andrew

    My post needs to be review first, then it will show up… Or maybe you can give me your email, so I can forward it.

  • Cooperjazzy55

    my file looks nothing like it did before, its all over the place with different symbols everywhere, i restored my phone and re-jailbreaked it yet its still the same.

    it looked like the one above before i got the boot loop


  • Cooperjazzy55
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  • Mus3na

    ok, now i used ifunbox to transfer the file. edit plist inside ifile and respring, notning happen, the old voice comman show up.

    had tried the update1 but still no hope. any help?

    running iphone 4 ios 5.0 jailbreal redsnow 0.9.9b7

  • Bayu Adi Samodro

    it doesn’t work on my ipod touch 4,

  • Cooperjazzy55

    uploaded the file you emailed me yet still stuck in boot loop?

  • Mus3na

    ok, now i got it working, just need to think what the rest file will be used to connect to apple server

  • Andrew

    You are using redsn0w to Just Boot right?

  • J-City

    don’t restore man, you should keep a backup of the N90AP file, when you do something wrong just delete the edited N90AP And Replace It With The Old One

  • Cooperjazzy55

    i am yes

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  • Fail0h

    Same problem here, boot loops. How Do I solve?

  • Fail0h

    How can I fix boot loop? Thanks

  • Da_rapper_2004

    I got the same problem did everything the right way .. tried both AssistantServices.framework ‘s but with both i’ve ended in a bootloop..tried to respring and tried the just boot from redsnow both ended in boot loop.. to get out of the bootloop just use Iexplorer and upload the original N9X.plist file and the phone should get out of the boot loop at least it worked for me..

  • jo3y

    Will  this work with semi-tethered ?

  • Mehran

    SAme, only black screen, no images or anything

  • Mehran

    also running on iphone 3gs ios 5, old bootrom so fully untethered

  • Saxovtr1998

    Just wondering-If you jailbreak,then install Siri,then restore to lose the jailbreak will Siri still be there or would you lose it? Don’t want a tethered jailbreak really.

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  • guest

    can i type this anywere in the .plist file?

  • Pingback: Confirmado: Siri funcionando en los iPhone 4 y iPod touch 4G()

  • Riickg87

    thanks got this working on the iphone 4 edited the n90ap file with coda first then put files in place restarted it didnt work them added the update files with out folder with no replacing resrung and rebboted phone a it work thanks will be waiting on info bout iphone 4s token too allow

  • Chris

    does not work, have tried the update and all it still shows is the normal Voice Control when I hold the Home button

  • Courtsoph09

    iv followed your steps but when i type it doesnt let me save. If i type it lets me save but i get stuck in boot loop, could you help please?

  • Chris

    removed all files, then added them again including update and works fine.

  • Jason

    HI.. i have a same with you
    iphone 4
    iOS 5
    jailbreak w/ redsnow 0.9.9.b7

    always display the old VOICE CONTROL.

    what the step you do ??

  • uruhara

    need help.doesnt work after using  the new file..followed the steps carefully but still didn’t work for me..

  • Diazdavid87

    The link is down.
    Anyone going to upload new link?

  • Thomas

    Both links (Siri GUI) and (AssistantServices.framework) seem to work fine. What error are you getting?

  • Diazdavid87

    Link is down, anyone want to upload fresh link.

  • Berat

    I have now a big problem… It doesnt reboot, when I reboot my iPhone 4 with Redsnow it just stuck when it’s load on the iPhone, I see just a load logo and my iPhone always makes the tone, when you unlock your iPhone, again and again, please help me!

  • Diazdavid87

    This is the error.

    404 – Page not found

    The file or page you tried to access is no longer accessible.
    Become a Premium user and get access to millions of files at unlimited speeds and unlimited storage for your files. You can purchase a Premium Account.
    Your account will be activated immediately.

  • Diazdavid87

    Got the link to work and did step-by-step to the T but no Siri.

  • Tayab Khan

    My i button doesn’t show by the siri button 

  • Berat

    Lol now I am in that Loop Again and again, just cant install iOS5 new and now my iPhone isnt more than shit…

  • Adnankunbaz

    try to restart your pc

  • Adnankunbaz

    that mean i lose the voice control too????

  • Diazdavid87

    Yo if your stuck on loop screen your just tetherd jail break.
    Just get lastest ver. of redsnow and run just boot tetherd.
    If the first time it don’t work second time is a go.
    If not download recboot to get out of recovery.
    Hope this helps.

  • Kclbm4

    Please help!!! I can’t find the 720p thing on my 3GS!!!

  • Kclbm4

    I’m in the right directory, I just can’t find anything that says key,720p whatever

  • Kelvin C

    Hi there. 
    i have done the GUI copied into iPhone 4 and after reboot once keep press the home button i only got the Siri’s mic came out without the “doo doo”, and the small text box just didn’t show any “What can i help you with ?”

    Is this all normal ? I tried to reboot a few times but still the same error.
    Am i missing some steps ? 

    I followed the steps exactly from the above page.

    BTW, i am from Malaysia, is that Siri will choose country for functional ?

    Thanks for any input… !!


  • Julian Ggl

    I can’t find the N9x.plist on my iPad 1st Gen, What should I do???? I’ve tried iFile and iExplorer. ;-( 

  • Diazdavid87

    Just hit edit txt with Ifile and add the “720P key” then below type in the other line.
    Good luck cause my ipod touch actually has the 720p and the key below on, and I still got the fail trying to port.
    Ipod Touch still not working.

  • Seanlzq

    I got the siri GUI but the background is black instead of the black cloth and there is no “how can I help you?” text… HELP!!!

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  • Diazdavid87

    This is just an unreliable post from this site.
    Other ppl are claiming that it works but when I do it all step by step and it don’t work.
    I call that I fail.
    We need new update that actually works cause I was actually up all last night trying to do this.

  • Ohatsos

    Guys my ipod 4 wont boot. What can  i do now?

  • Javiduran80

    OK! In the step 3, you write the following directory: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/
    And in the picture, i can see you leave the new folder in /System/Library/
    What folder is it really? Thanks!

  • Sean Looi

    Yes mine is EXACTLY like what yours is! What is the problem? Did u fix yours? How did you fix it? Please help!

  • Sean Looi

    BUGS : Background is BLACK and there is no “How can I help yoU?” text! Please help me….

  • Javiduran80

    Hello Wasim, I have too iPhone 3Gs, and where do you leave AssistantServices.framework?? /System/Library/ or /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/
    Thank you

  • Javiduran80

    Only write it too… I have 3Gs new bootrom, and i can see Siri but mic doesn’t work

  • Snipers Recon

    works fine for me, after i used the updated assistantservices.framework, just wish it actually WORKED instead of just getting the siri icon to come up when you hold the home button.

  • Luisan1977

    Help, not work in ipad1, i modified archive K48AP.plist in ipad, but black screen with loop.

  • Anonymous

    Delete the code you edited in the .plist, extract it on your computer and ssh into it to get the .plist

  • Javiduran80

    Help! I did everything in my iPhone 3Gs new bootrom, and i used (I replaced his 3 files in the folder of Siri) and i can use Siri but the Siri’s microphone doesn’t work. Why? What should I do?

  • Panamera

    This is just a GUI port of the images/animations; voice recognition and everything else doesn’t work in this port.

  • MrMuffinManZulo

    OMG please juss tell me the missing step ! okay ive followed the guide EXATLEY ! and it didnt work with the first assistantservices , nor with the update. i keep getting the same voice controll pop up when i hold the home button ?? seriously this is drving me nuts -_____- … what do i doooo :'(  

  • MrMuffinManZulo

    ohhh and im trying on my iphone 4 ,, ios 5 :S

  • Izzyoneofkind Imsogoodkidd

    mines is n88.plist help im on 3gs plz

  • Luisan1977

    I’ve done that, restore the backup file so K48AP.plist and turning the iphone. but I can not jump-start the siri in the iphone.

  • Ghost121411

    its supposed to look like that :/ well according to Panamera hes probably right cause keep in mind its basically like having a beta we still need work on it i bet in a couple of days or weeks we might have the Real Thing “The Final Release” but just saying..

  • Umbi98

    true ;)

  • Melad_khalid

    the mic doesnt work help

  • Ga Buenaño

    Now that SIRI is working with apple servers, can anyone make a tutorial about how to do it? 

  • H_acg

    do you guys think that they will actually release the code? will apple allow?

  • Dickson-tan

    it doesnt let me boot. can you upload the nx90.plist file?

  • Ghost121411

    oh and just curios whats with the “Assistant.bundle” and other files floating around in there do we not know were to put them or…..

  • Dickson-tan

    Got problem with the boot up , can upload the nx90.plist?

  • MrMuffinManZulo

    forget it ….. got school tommorow and my gcses exams …. not wasting my time on this …..

  • Diazdavid87

    Yea this is the same thing happening to me with my Ipod touch 4G.
    So I just got over it.
    I think there was just a select few that got the port.
    I’m just going to wait for a new update and move on.

  • Bwulff4

    I’m pretty sure I followed all the directions as said above and when I hold down the home button, voice control continues to show up.  HELP!!!

  • Kclbm4

    Worked perfectly on my 3GS!!!

    For all you people that don’t have the “720p” key on your 3GS, just type that in like this


    And it should work!

    I used Cyberduck on a Mac…. Now just 2 more things:

    1. UNTETHERED iOS5 Jailbreak (However, my 3GS has the old bootrom so its untethered)


  • Jessemarell

    can u tell me the solution if you learned

  • bwulff4

    Now all that happens is the black screen.  Has anyone been able to fix it?

  • Panamera

    This is just a port of the GUI, or Graphical User Interface; therefore voice recognition and all other features of Siri do not work in this port.

  • Panamera

    Everyone saying the Siri mic won’t work: this is simply a port of the Siri GUI (Graphical User Interface) which means only the images/animations are present in this port; voice recognition and all other features of Siri are not present in this port.

  • littlea

    lol guys its just the GUI for Siri, its far away from working… stay tuned

  • Aswd

    this step for a fully working or just a test

  • R A Z E

    when i hold the home button, siri does appear but it does not make the beep sound and does not let me talk to her :( .. also it doesn’t appear under settings. i also tried update #1 still no luck.

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jurisic Sven

    My 3gs wont boot please help..

  • Aswd

    can any one make video guys?

  • randomer1

    in October? are you doing a resit or something? good luck

  • help :)

    apple certainly won’t allow it, but since when has that stopped anyone?

  • Elysium

    I too just have the mic icon – but nothing happens


    iBooty, use it to boot your self out of the Apple logo.
    You should know that iOS 5 is untethered unless you have old bb.

  • Kclbm4

    Yes use the N88 Plist.

    You would then need to enter 720p


    (Add the / after true, it won’t let me do that on this comment)

    Then it should work

  • Kclbm4

    Help! This doesn’t work on my 4S LOL ;-)

  • Ahsan Anderson

    And I do this on my Mac how????

  • Ahsan Anderson

    Sorry guys ignore me, the application kept downloading the Win version, so i changed browser and bravo xD

  • Feista01

    All I get is a bunch of respring loops. The lockscreen doesn’t even load. 

  • Chris Dark

    Added both lines like you did but stuck in a never ending loop now..

  • Linda Choi Xu

    I don’t think it works on iPT4 :( I tried everything, yet every time I hold down the home button the voice control still shows up >.<

  • Ril_ben

    I don’t have an Iphone, what do i do?

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  • jacob

    this is great, when do you think the voice part will be available?

  • IJailbreaker

    I wrote it n saved it in N81AP.plist n then paste it in springapp foldr
    but when i open it in ifunbox

    goes missing after 720p>__<
    ne1 know how to solve it?

  • iSharpy

    i did all of that but now i reboot tethererd with redsn0w and im stuck at pineapple screen

  • Jailbreaker

    is this fake??
    I am using iPod Touch 4G iOS 5 Jailbroken

  • Da_rapper_2004

    I’ve got it working too ..
    Follow the exact steps from the post and use the Siri GUI files the first one that is uploaded. Then copy into AssistantServices.framework the 4 files from AssistantServices.framework files from the 2nd link in the tutorial. Respring / Reboot the device and it should work good luck ;)

  • Deepzinzu

    I got Siri n a Mic thing on my keyboard … But its not working … If i press home button than siri does appear bt what to do with? Its not accepting any commands and mic also not working ,… Help me plzz …

  • Deepzinzu

    I got Siri n a Mic thing on my keyboard … But its not working … If i press home button than siri does appear bt what to do with? Its not accepting any comments and mic also not working ,… Help me plzz … Guys help me with this problem…

  • Anonymous

    That’s isn’t a problem! That’s all you are going to get for adding the GUI. Once the other part is released you will be able to talk and accept commands

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  • J-City

    For Everyone That’s Having Respring Loops :
    The Modifications in N90AP.plist file Is Not Wrong
    Just go to AssistantServices.framework
    you will find info.plist and infoo.plist
    delete The infoo.plist and this should make siri GUI work like a charm but only GUI

  • J-City

    delete the infoo.plist file in AssistantServices.framework

  • Mxtime

    TO ALL IN A BOOT LOOP!!  move the AssistantServices.framework folder to AssistantServices.framework.BAK and create a new AssistantServices.framework folder with the new “updated” version.. If that still doesnt work copy the rest of the files back in from the original folder into the new one WITHOUT overwriting ANY of the files…
    Hope that helps…


    that’s because SIRI is yet to connect to apple servers. we all have to wait for hackers to update the siri to connect to apple servers version. this is only the GUI of siri

  • Richard

    shows up on my ipad after using the second file.. however, it looks like i’m looking at a picture and it doesn’t recognise my voice or have that purple line moving as i speak. also the siri icon disappears when touched. (on a ipad1) what gives? (imessage id : chaolan77 @ daum . net)

  • Richard

    same here.. no sound, nothing in settings either and also the siri icon disappears when
    touched. (on a ipad1) what gives? (imessage id : chaolan77 @ daum . net)

  • Anonymous

    Siri has been connected to the apple servers. The issue now is waiting for the files to be release to the public so we can add them to the GUI file

  • J-City

    delete the infoo.plist file in AssistantServices.framework

  • Z W 94

    can somebody help me i can’t do step 3

  • sirloin34

    When i add
    and i save the file it puts it in alphabetical order, so the lines i add end up on line 23 and 24 not on 9 and 10. am i missing something?

    thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Weiloon87_lp

    try all the step given to edit my N88AP, keep giving me boot loop~

  • Hearttown

    Stuck my iphone 4 in boot loop after adding line in N9X. file……what can i do??? plzz help

  • NintendoNaut

    Can someone please answer this question: Should there be an AssistantServices.framework file inside the AssistantUI.framework folder.  I think I might have added it by mistake but can’t be sure.

  • NintendoNaut

    Followed everything exactly, used the new framework file, and I still just get voice control.

  • sirloin34

    check the plist file, see if it’s put your in alphabetical like it did mine. i just get voice control.

  • NintendoNaut

    Well yeah it’s in A-Z order but that’s how it’s always been.  Look at the screenshot.  I’m lost at this point–I’ve followed everything and used the new file.  Look at the screenshot–He’s putting the AssistantServices.framework file into a different directory than he says in the text…Which one’s right?

  • sirloin34

    into the PrivateFrameworks i  guess, that’s where i put it, the plist file, he says put new text on line 9 and 10, when i save it goes to 23 and 34 even though i type in 9 and 10.

  • NintendoNaut

    Eh.  Over it.

  • Colombiandj

    did not work for me on the iPhone 3gs i have a little trouble at the end with that SpringBoard .plist help

  • Badyabmx

    i have the same problem((

  • sirloin34

    sorted with UPDATE #1

  • mhikez


  • mhikez

     i guess you messed up with the files

  • mhikez

     just add AssistantServices.framework into this directory SystemLibraryPrivateFrameworks and that’s it

  • Justin Zetzer

    Peace Sells but Who’s Buying! HAHA AWESOME!!! Yeah, my mic isn’t showing up, it’s just black with a thin stretched out bubble where the text is suppose to be.

  • LiLegend

    it wont let me talk

  • Sneh Amrania

    it does not work… atleast not on 3gs n88ap

  • Sneha Amrania

    I am assuming thats on for iphone 4… coz it doesnt work on 3gs

  • mhikez

     that is normal since this ported siri is just a User Interface(UI) that means it’s not connected to apple servers to answer your questions and it doesn’t function as of now..Let’s just wait for the hackers to release the files needed to be able to connect to the apple servers…

  • mhikez

    it is located in the

    use ifile to navigate and change something inside that N9x.plist ….

  • mhikez

     it works!!! only that it can’t connect to apple servers… what it says its GUI porting only…..Graphical User Interface – no functionality at all….

  • Budhnaroshan

    My problem is that my iExplorer for windows doesn’t show the root directory when i open it! it show media and apps directory only!!! plz help….

  • Ro Shan

    How to edit the file “N88AP.Plist” on 3GS? I used notepad but it shows “bplist00ÒncapabilitiesYiconStateß5 ” etc….. 

    please help!!!!!!! :(

  • Abdulazizaddas

    the mic does not work

  • Fishbone3332

    it doesnt work

  • Weiloon87_lp

    my iphone spin right round right round on the boot loop so round. try all the guide given by putting 720p, assistant, true and so on, it just end up boot loop on my 3gs

  • Svenii

    Didn’t work on the iPhone 4 either :(

  • Svenii

    yea same here, I deleted the infoo.plist file but still won’t work, used the latest assistantservices folder etc but still does the stupid loop, it will start up again when I fix my plist file which I made a backup off ;) but I just can’t get it to boot with Siri working  

  • Svenii

    I finally got it to work on my iPhone 4 by deleting the whole assistantServicesframework folder Downloaded the one from the Update 1 AGAIN and copied it back into System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/  all while my phone was still stuck in the loop. I’m using WinSCP to edit my phone ;)

  • Amid

    pleas tel mi thiz Siri  whork ios 5  oda ios 4.3 ?  iphon 3gs  

  • Suck

    Yeah, this shit broke my iphone, re-installing and jailbreaking now

  • Josh

    UPDATE: it cant be done right now. the ipsw files are encrypted so there’s no way to copy siri onto older idevices RIGHT NOW…and theres the copywright problem, which shouldnt be that big of a deal because it would just be the person who put siri on their device’s fault. Siri should be on our devices around the time when the iPhone 4S jailbreak releases

  • Josh

    re-copy the image files

  • Elektromouse

    hi! I have a question, i port GUI on my phone, it works!
    but in folder “Siri” we have other files, if i port this files to my phone, Siri would be working completlly? where must i port this files?

  • erdi

    done everythin but voice control still comes up .. 

  • Cooperjazzy55

    get plist editor for windows :) I had the same problem

  • Jimmys_206

    IPHONE 3 GS Confirm  working the GUI as for the siri button when i press i to talk to it nothing happens…. i guess its untill it connects with the servers ?


  • Josh

    This is cool even if the voice does not work.  The fact that I just see it is really fun! Thanks.

  • Anket_panta

    when i edit N81ap through ifile,springboard restart loops occur??what to doo ..plzz help

  • Ro Shan

    but WinSCP use wifi only rite?


    Why everybody and in all possible guides are advising to use iexplorer , Ifile etc for transfering files and editing the .plits file ??? To all of you – the easiest and fastest way is to use WinSCP (if you are on Windows , of course), both file transfer and editing of all file types is easy and quick …
    Regards to all


    Yes , only wi-fi but i do not quite agree with the word “only” :) – everywhere there is a wi-fi networks :)

  • Ambrose699

    Hi there, i am using Iphone 3gs jailbroken with semi-tethered and edited my N88AP.plist. I had successfully installed and added the folder/files using iexplorer as according to the steps posted here. After rebooted and try to use Siri using holding down the home button, siri microphone does appearred but it doesn’t hear any beep sound from my phone. Just wonder how does it work?. And also Siri doesn’t appear under iphone’s settings. Anybody can help ??

  • Josh

    Not online with servers. Just a nice look. I think it would be best to really look for FULL operation to be ready around the time the 4s public jailbreak comes out. Just  my opinion. Atleast you are some what there. Hopefully the update will come and you can add those files as well for it to work right.

  • Sheoques

    Hi guys, who can help me? I did everything but now my iPhone is not working. it seems that i lost the firmware.
    Please help me!!!!!!

  • Ambrose699

    Thanks mate, thats mean have to wait till it connect to the server then only SIRI could be function able in my phone? anyone out there successfully connected and SIRI being used in Iphone 3Gs or 4?

  • Josh

    I got the recovery loop when I did it wrong . Not sure if thats what you mean by lost firmware. Mine just kept beeping and spinning. In which case I did full recovery and used UPDATE #1: Try this AssistantServices.framework file if the one downloaded with the Siri GUI files did not work. Listed at the top. It stinks when you mess up but its great when it works sorry thats what I had to do.

  • Bryandonkey

    Got it all right..guess what my Siri was deaf 
    it won’t respond the mike sticks out of my iphone 4 and can’t hear a thing i say 

  • Jonathan Fernandez

    please send me your folder edited fo the installation siri  in my iphon 3gs siri not worked

  • Shibabz03

    As per the title says this is only the GUI and not the whole thing so the mic probably wont work..

  • Mail

    That ends in a boot loop…PLEASE HELP!

  • Mail

    what about the difference between the too packages contains a file called assistant_service and the other file AssistantServices?

  • Mail

    it works :) but only the GUI and i can click on nothing??? DAMN!

  • Miguel Palau

    Worked fine with the updated file. Can’t wait for part 2 of this tutorial to get full siri

  • jlats26

    After doing this successfully is it suppose to appear in settings app as well? Mine worked but I cannot see it in settings>general.

  • iModzify


  • Johnnyho

    I cannot find SpringBoard .plist file on iphone 3gs . what happen ?

  • wowangel1

    hey bro i have a 3gs and i tryed all the steps in this tutorial but it isnt working would you pls highlight something to me that happent to you that may had not work for you even tho you did every step plsss and ty very much

  • Johnny

    Mine is a N88AP

  • Maytty

    you make that with iFile on the iPhone when you open up the N90AP file with property text viewer you go to capabilities and you press the + button at the bottom you type assistant and select the bootlean class and press done

  • thehunter399

    The only file visible to edit is the N88AP. And nothing there has anything related to do with the instillation of siri and dosent contain any sting with 720p in it? HELP!

  • Oladapo89


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  • iPhone <3

    i cant drag and drop

  • Ryanxp

    Ignore that, if you are using iFile, open it in Properties viewer and add “assistant” with boolean and enabled.

    Also I have the 3GS also, you will need the alternative Springboard files.

  • Rmcg10

    When will our ported versions of Siri start working with Apple servers? Sometime after a 4S jailbreak sure, but how long will that be?

  • Allnighter246

    i did  everything it said exactly and nothing happened at all

  • Gerardo_galvan_olvera


  • Mohamedjaffar

    hey if you have mac use x code, as far i tried on iphone 4 and 3gs, and 3gs only working.

  • Mohamedjaffar

    does your siri works, mean talking.

  • Shaan Shah

    How did you make it work on 3GS N88AP.PLIST. I followed the steps and got stuck in a respring loop…

  • Shaan Shah

    How did you make it work on 3GS N88AP.PLIST. I followed the steps and got stuck in a respring loop…

  • Guest

    mic should NOT be working yet as it cannot be connected to Apple server

  • Ethanductran

    eh guy after i done everything……my iphone 4 try boot up but it can’t boot up please help 

  • Leevbyrne69

    Same for me, any fixes?

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  • Josh

     AssistantServices.framework file this upate from above worked for me after retry. I too got nothing the first time then this update corrected that. hope this helps.

  • Dillon Shifflett

    this is dont fucking work puts your phone in constant boot!!! fucking waist of time 

  • Jake greer

    Ive done everything and siri pops up but I cant talk to it. What did I do wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dillon Shifflett

    stop feeding these people lies this shit does not work!!!!! this is my 4 try and nothing just constant boot!!!!!!!

  • Jaden

    works beautifully!!!! had to use iFunbox and iFile cause iBrowser and iExplorer would not work properly. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Now we just need to on switch. Anyone know how this is possible email me at

  • SAMYYYx3

    i am reboot my iPhone but there is only the apple-logo :(

  • :)

    I can’t find the file on my iPad. Where is it listed?

  • Jaden

    It does work. Just doesn’t connect with apple server. It’s 100% valid!!

  • Nufreedom

    mmm it doesnt work dude! when i finished with all those things i restart an tethered my ipod 4g, i goto setting and the resolution of my screen appear in 168×240!

  • Jaden

    Does the Siri port conflict with BigBoss’s semitether?

  • Jaden

    Oh my name is really Jaden. Jaden Murphy to be exact. I noticed the writer of this article and I share the same name. Lol.

  • MrMuffinManZulo

    no im in year 10 ,, im taking my exams early /: buh thanks dude :)

  • ricks

    i think it does, i wasn’t able to reboot till i delete siri

  • Oreocookies

    trying to reboot on Redsnow, on iPhone 4 but its stuck on the pineapple logo… what can i do?? please help!!!

  • Bumsnnoses

    has anyone else noticed the other files downloaded, that arnt needed?

  • Sorcery077

    ohat i recommend using pwnage tool or redsnow to put your phone in dfu mode and restore, also i heard that replaceing the files you changed with the originals could fix. I hope this helps

  • Vignesh Muru

    It would take quite awhile as it requires an Iphone 4S validation token – Which requires a jailbroken iphone 4s (no public release available) and its a time consuming 20 step process to extract it. Still stroughton Smith or Chwkd arent going to release it because it would be an infringement of copyright, but im sure someone will write a tutorial after a iphone 4s untethered jailbreak is available. :)

  • Hayd3nl3

    I got the siri logo on a black theme with no sound or text.. Please help, thanks!

  • Sharringan

    how to edit the text i used the normal notepad and it shows up wierd words

  • Sharringan

    help im stuck at this blackscreen with a wheel tat keeps circling in the middle please help me

  • Lokiyo Flores

    does not work in my iphone 4

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  • Harry Pickworth

    If the hackers that managed to get Siri to work as seamlessly on the iPhone 4 but are not going to release the validation token (or the other necessary components) due to copy write infringement, how likely is it that these components will be released at all? 

  • Md Islam

    After so many failed attempts, it finally works.

  • Alisa Gaylon

    where in the file do you put it?

  • Rb

    I downloaded the files on copy to /Root Directory/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/. DID NOT WORK. BUT I download update #1 and copy them and overwrite the old files. and WOOOOP working.. ANd for you noobs who saying this is a fake and so on.. Wtf read about untethered jailbreak and tethered i think that would solve your problems about your phones is stock at boot screen. 

  • Wesley

    Can siri be put on a cdma verizon iphone 4

  • Justin

    I just install it, I press my home button and I can see Siri’s icon, but I can’t use it.
    Is it the server problem?

  • Peterporpix


  • Yakuza Yagami

    tutorial for porting the SERVER

  • Matthew Ryan

    The linen (black cloth) file is corrupt in the zip. Just find it somewhere else and replace the file. However, I don’t know why there aren’t any text and it’s really bugging me…

  • Soumyadityac

    Respring in the SBSettings, and u’ll get it working

  • Peterporpix

    first of all, I HAVE RESPRUNG(respringed. Whatever) IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. all exept for that way. just stays at restarting springboard

  • ☠iMaC 74☠

    Cool i’ve now got the Siri GUI installed on my iPhone 4 iOS5 and to be honest it’s really a waste of time as it’s only the GUI and dose nothing lol “we live in hope” but were half way there guy’s so great work and i hope to see the full Siri port before Christmas lol no rush ;)

  • Zynchro

    No matter what i do, I still have the original voice assistant… No Siri…
    What do I do?

  • B-boy-riko

    Guys the file of siri 160 mb not the 7.54 mb or something like that, that you all know and maybe you dont have everything thats why its not working

  • Ranger666

    Did anyone do this on the iPad 1?
    I don’t see the N81AP.plist file or anything similarly named.


  • Zafwan98

    HOW 2 JAILBREAK…….plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! cud ny1 help me

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  • Dossolini

    I’m on iphone4 and i was able to get the gui to work. I also have semitether and have no issues. It’s quite useless though since it is just the gui… For now at least ;)

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  • Small kid Unfamous

    i’ve successfully ported SIRI/GUI into my ipod touch 4g.there is “What can i do for you?”.but the problem is that it has not been connected to apple server.i’ve tried so many times,it keep saying “Sorry,i’m having trouble connecting to the network.” or “Sorry,i’m not able to connect right now.” or even “Sorry,i don’t have a network connection.”

  • Small kid Unfamous

    if anyone wants the source i can give…………….but do this at ur own risk n dun ever complain to me about messing up ur iphones,ipod touch,ipads!!!

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  • kobe

    can someone post a video of the complete process will be much helpful

  • Fernando

    Does it works on ios 4.3.3?

  • Me

    What the hell are the pics on teh second part?

  • Key Nguyen

    When I transfer it back to my iPhone. It doesnt disappear anything on iExplorer like your guidelines.
    Help me Please  

  • Åķ Ķħåïřå

    My settings are minimized into the top right corner! just like some ipad users. i have a white ipod touch 4g 32gb

  • Åķ Ķħåïřå


  • Ted Friend

    if i download the gui do i get the dictation when theres a keyboard?

  • Anil Funsized Patron

    go into settings>General>Siri and turn it on, i made this mistake too, i did the tutorial twice and then realized i had it but didn’t turn it on

  • Yani-hamwi

    hey you most install SIRI also !! its  around 130/ MB  now it just done GUI for siri :)

  • Lex Mcdonald

    Hi, im on a 3gs, and in my plist file there’s no “720p” key. is this normal? should ijust add assistant

    to the top?

  • Aidan Mears

    done everything it says and it still doesnt work on the iphone 4, any ideas?

  • Adam

    same heree

  • I Have No Name…

    im using 5.0.1 does that change anything??

  • Adam D

    K48AP.plist is the file on iPad 1.


  • Fultuc

    Did it work for someone on ipod touch 4 ? I dont know what am I doing wrong, becouse I keep getting the respring loop

  • Jorgefolonier

    This is bullshit!!!

  • Scelf693

    Im trying the same thing Ill let you know

  • Spyruf

    I have done everything , tried the new file , but still all i get is voice control

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  • Axelsnowman

    hey i have it now on my iphone 4 but my keyboard is not working anymore.
    what can i do??

  • Chriswebbyisthebest

    Can I still port it to my iPad if I’m running iOS 5.0.1?

  • iZarCream

    Sorry !!!! ios5.0.1 can do it

  • buyer

    Did not work on iphone 4 :( , tired new AssistantServices.framework file

  • Martin89

    can siri work on iphone 3g? :/ 

  • Meow

    I can’t find Siri under General. And yes I did copy the springboard folder files to the springboard.ap dir

  • David Behrens

    Just crashed and i cant get it to come back

  • Khematat345

    Asså! det är bullshit.. arab god damn

  • I Have No Name…

    Does work on 5.0.1 just need another siri port added to it

  • Oo

    dont do it.. i had to do a full restore

  • Fabian Fago

    delete the info.plist file in AssistantServices.framework 

  • Patrickdaschner

    Step 4) – The next thing you will need to do is edit the SpringBoard .plist file. It will be named N81AP for the fourth generation iPod touch and N9x for iPhone 4 (x may be 0, 1, 2 depending on whether you are installing Siri on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4).

    whats the name for ipad? :)

  • Giorgikikoria

    The next thing you will need to do is edit the SpringBoard .plist file. It will be namedN81AP for the fourth generation iPod touch and N9x for iPhone 4 (x may be 0, 1, 2 depending on whether you are installing Siri on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4) and ipad????

  • jamescce

    Turn siri on by going to:

    Settings==>> General ===>> Siri ===>> Enable ===>> Use you’re siri.

  • Elvis Wong

    im not really sure how to do this . 

    do we need to copy and paste 

  • Elvis Wong

    is not working . i done everything . 

    but when i press home button it came out Voice Control . 
    In Setting i dont see Siri 

  • Danny vogelzang

    wil its works on ios 5.0.1?

  • Jtragna

    i did everything to a key! but the Siri GUI still wont pop-up i even tried the updated file…any help? Is it becasue im running ios 5.0.1?

  • Vlad198844

    Panamera help meee dosen`t work me 

  • Aloush18

    please help, I can’t find the line “720p
    ”   in the file  N88AP.plist. 

  • Ben–daniels

    how do i transfer it ????????????

  • Mikeberro

    PLEASE EMAIL ME! i got lost at the trnasfer files! ILL PAY FOR UR ASSITANCE IF U GOT A PAYPAL!

  • Kyle P Mcgrogn

    With any boot loops go into iexploror or sash and go into the n88ap.plist file and go into TextEdit and delete the new line you added, then reboot you iPod/phone and it should be fixed

  • Kyle P Mcgrogn

    With any boot loops go into iexploror or sash and go into the n88ap.plist file and go into TextEdit and delete the new line you added, then reboot you iPod/phone and it should be fixed

  • Riyan321

    Does it work on iPad 2 meaning like has nyone tried it on iPad 2

  • Kangaroo2680

    The battery percentage is gone after i did this on my iPhone 3gs.

  • Abeuoi

    i downloaded everything but when i try to use iExplorer it doesn do anything.

  • Justinmahone

    why would you wont it on the 4s? Apple gives you it on your 4s for free

  • Bashironbima

    why the ipad don’t wont to active, when i reboot the ipad, the ipad just still waiting ??

  • Coroneallinkin

    those links are fake you fukin asshole

  • Wow…

    He was joking retart. 

  • hello

    siri is a chip some1 made siri up i like voice activator but some1 else made it