Cydia App: iShakeLock – Yet Another App To Lock And Unlock Your iPhone And iPod Touch

Normally to lock your iPhone, you press down the sleep button. How about a new way? A way that you probably would not think. iShakeLock! (iPhone requires to be Jailbroken)



  • Enable or disable the tweak
  • Enable or disable the vibration
  • Decide on the function of the “shake” (sleep or lockscreen)
  • Enable only the block or even the mouth of the DEVICE

iShakeLock works on how the name sounds. Simply shake your iPhone to lock and unlock. Once you installed iShakeLock from Cydia, head on over to the located on your springboard. Opening Settings, scroll down until you see iShakeLock. Here, you can change all the settings and features to you’re liking.

I really thought this was a cool idea, but sometimes it can be annoying as if you’re walking, running, or any strong movement and have your iPhone lock on you. I recommend giving it a try and leave a comment how you like it.

iShakeLock can be found on Cydia, from BigBoss repository, for FREE

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