SwitchBoard: Another New Tweak That Allows You to Customize The MultiTasking Switcher!

Quite a few new tweaks were released yesterday, and one more notable tweak that we are going to cover is called SwitchBoard. SwitchBoard is a great new tweak if you are looking to be able to customize your multitasking switcher. You see, with SwitchBoard you can apply many advanced filtering options, as well as some options that effect the way icons are displayed via the multitasking switcher. You can for example stop certain apps from displaying in the multitasking switcher bar, stop apps from wiggling, adjust home button settings while the multitasking switcher is running and much more.

The bottom line: If you are interested in customizing your Multitasking Switcher bar, then SwitchBoard is the tweak for you.  It is available through the Cydia store for a price of $0.99!

Note: Switchboard does not add any icons to your springboard, and it is configurable via the settings.app.

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