The Official iOS 6 Cydia Tweak And Application Compatibility List

Whenever Apple releases another firmware generation, the cycle of Jailbreaking continues. Cydia tweaks are updated, Jailbreaks are developed and we all sit tight in anticipation for the Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 Jailbreak.

Right now we are currently waiting for the iPhone Dev-Team to release an updated version of RedSn0w to support officially Jailbreaking the iOS 6 firmware tethered with an official distribution of Cydia. Mind you, it is possible to Jailbreak the iOS 6 firmware untethered for A4 devices right now using our unofficial method that involves manually installing Cydia.

iOS 6 Cydia Tweak Compatibility List

Due to this unofficial method that iJailbreak was first to report on numerous people have Jailbroken their iOS devices and have started testing Cydia tweaks to see which ones are compatible. We can officially confirm that Activator, Winterboard and Zephyr are all working on iOS 6, but as for the thousands of other Cydia tweaks available, we are left in the dark… that is until now.

Thanks to a Google Docs spreadsheet created by the Jailbreaking community, we can now all see which Cydia tweaks are compatible with iOS 6 in real-time. Check out the embedded document below and feel free to contribute to it if you have been testing Cydia tweaks for compatibility yourself.

Once the iPhone Dev-Team’s official iOS 6 Jailbreak is released we will create a top iOS 6 Cydia tweaks overview, but until that time keep your eyes on iJailbreak. What Cydia tweaks are you waiting on to be iOS 6 compatible? Have you Jailbroken iOS 6 tethered yet? Share your responses in the comments section below.

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  • Uriel Albarran O.

    password pilot don’t work have installation issues

  • Uriel Albarran O.

    swipeselection don’t work

  • stueee123

    swipeselection works for me

  • H5ire

    whatspad working..?!

  • thenotriouskp

    jailbroken ios 6 ipod4g with cydia , siri and a whole bunch of other cool things compatible :D

  • bossinhossin

    also jailbroken on 6.0 with my ipod touch 4th gen. so happy it works. i got aquaboard and my iconoclasm layouts set. my friends don’t know what to do with me. ;)

  • Oscar

    i jailbroke my iphone 3gs iOS 6, and i download tweaks but they dont show up in the setting, what do i do???

  • Brock

    Pandora downloader works great

  • MobMech01

    “Deck”does not work with iOS6

  • Maix

    I olso jailbroken my iphone 3gs on ios 6 and i try to install siri but when i try to talk to him , i have everything eccept the siri microphone and when i start siri the iphone switch to Safe Mode and impossible to talk to siri. :(((
    And when i uninstall it my iphone block on respring and i have to boot thether with redsnow and i have to restore it . So DON’T TRY TO INSTALL SIRI ON IPHONE 3gs ios 6 !!!!!! Good luck and thank’s for the jailbreak

  • Maix

    Try to restore youre iphone and jailbreak again and install all youre tweaks

  • Ryan Pederson

    any news on when my3g or 3g unrestrictor will be up on ios 6? They both currently do not work!

  • Doty1154

    Ya all the siri tweak/apps won’t work on ios 6 from what i’ve heard i wrote the developer of some siri tweak/app (i forget which), and he said that there is never going to be a ios 6 3gs siri….