Infinidock, Infiniboard, And Infinifolders 2.0 Now Available For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch–Now With Support For Infinite Icons

We learned earlier this week that Grant Paul–also known in the jailbreak community as Chpwn–was working on a complete rewrite of his apps. We speculated that Chpwn would most likely update his paid apps, including Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolders, VoiceActivator and Zephyr; as it turns out, these are the apps that were updated.

Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolders 2.0

Infinidock, Infiniboard, and Infinifolders; now with true support for unlimited icons and iOS 6.

As Chpwn explained on his blog, the changes were long overdue; Infinidock was only the second Cydia tweak Chpwn developed, and the first to appear in the Cydia Store. According to the developer, the base code for all three Infiniapps was written–amazingly–in the span of a week in 2010. The developer thought he could do better.

Infinidock, InfiniBoard, and Infinifolders 2.0 are intended to be seamless rewrites of the code. The idea is that all the features you’ve come to expect are still in the updated apps, it’ll just run smoother and with greater stability. There are also new features included: Infinidock now supports scrollbars and ‘bouncing’ physics, while the increased performance in all the Infiniapps allowed Chpwn to remove the icon caps–from now on they will really be able to handle infinite icons. All the Infiniapps were updated for iOS 6, so they will be waiting for us when the upcoming untethered jailbreak arrives.

Infiniapps 2.0

Grant Paul announces his rewritten updated apps.

Chpwn didn’t stop there: VoiceActivator and Zephyr received minor updates with support for and bug fixes in iOS 6. The developer is also working on a Gridlock update for iOS 6. Paul’s been tight-lipped about the current state of the iOS 6 jailbreak, but the fact that he’s now taking the time to support the current firmware… at this point we’ll take anything as a good omen.

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