The iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 Untethered Jailbreak Is Getting Closer To Being Complete

We have heard more news on the status of the iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 Jailbreak today from Winocm and apparently “it needs work but its almost there.” 


Although it really doesn’t give us more information than what we already knew, it is encouraging to hear that more progress has been made and that the Jailbreak is getting closer and closer to being finalized. This will finally allow those that refrained from updating to iOS 7 be Jailbroken Untethered.

At this point it is not known whether or not Winocm plans to release the Jailbreak with a staggered approach (where there will be limited device support) or if he will hold off until there is support for all iOS Devices. By the sounds of his tweet he will likely release it for a small subset of devices first, but we will soon see.

On the iOS 7 front we haven’t heard much besides Pod2G’s previous tweet that he was feeling more confident in the Jailbreak.

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  • Luis3232

    Release it i can’t wait!!!

  • Luis3232

    i don’t like ios7 suck to much problem

  • Alfie Tubillara

    Please post on Facebook page when its complete,


  • Austin

    probably cause you’re running on the A4 chip. my device has the A5 chip and it has no errors, no lagging, its just as fast as 6.1.3 for me and I have no problem with it except for the music library, I just hate the new layout for it -_- but they may come out with an old theme for it.

  • caelin

    please hury

  • Brian Eklund

    Is there an actual JB out for 6.1.4? I’ve seen a couple sites claiming they have it but nothing on here. How do you know what’s legit and whats not?

  • ffcc

    Isit legle to jailbreak.

  • fghcyyfth

    shut up

  • fdhasuhf

    If you have to ask it probably is