How To: Jailbreak iOS 5 On iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G With RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 [Windows]

If you are looking to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G or 3G running iOS 5, you will be glad to know this is now possible with RedSn0w. The Dev-Team have even recently updated RedSn0w to improve reliability while jailbreaking the iOS 5 firmware. This new version of RedSn0w is RedSn0w 0.9.9b6, and if you are currently jailbroken on the iOS 5 firmware using a previous version of RedSn0w, we recommend re-jailbreaking your iPod Touch with RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 (if you are re-jailbreaking your iPod Touch ensure you uncheck install Cydia).

Note #1: RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 is a tethered jailbreak.

Note #2: If you would like to update to iOS 5 you can follow our detailed guide by clicking here.

Jailbreak iOS 5 On iPod Touch With RedSn0w 0.9.9b6

Step 1: Download RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 for Windows from the iJailbreak Downloads Section or using the download mirror below:

Mirror #1: RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 (Windows)

Step 2: Once you have downloaded RedSn0w to your desktop you will need to launch it. Do this now by clicking the executable file.

Step 3: With RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 up and running you will simply need to click the Jailbreak button.

Step 4: You will come to a screen where you will need to put your iPod Touch into DFU mode. Read through and follow the instructions presented to you which is to plug in and power off your iPod Touch and click the Next button.

Step 5: When you click the Next button you will need to follow the instructions presented to you to put your iPod Touch into DFU mode.

  • Hold down Power (corner) button for 5 seconds.
  • Without releasing the Power button, also hold down the Home (bottom center) button along with the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Without releasing the home button, stop holding down the power button for up to 15 seconds.

Step 6: After you successfully enter DFU mode RedSn0w 0.9.9b6 will now prepare the jailbreak data. Once that’s done ensure the “Install Cydia” option is checked and click the Next button.

Step 7: RedSn0w will begin jailbreaking your iPod Touch. DO NOT interrupt or use your Mac during this time. When your iPod Touch is finished being jailbroken it will reboot into a jailbroken state.

Optional: Booting Tethered – When you Jailbreak your iPod Touch running the official iOS 5 you will have a tethered Jailbreak. Meaning in order for your iPod Touch to turn back on you will need to boot it using RedSn0w (this applies every time your iPod Touch looses power). To do this launch RedSn0w again and click the Extras button > then click the Just boot button and you will need to put your iPod Touch into DFU mode again.

Note: Yes, you need to do this every time your iPod Touch looses power.

You should now have a Jailbroken iPod Touch 4G or iPod Touch 3G running the iOS 5 firmware using RedSn0w 0.9.9b6. For more how to’s visit the How To Jailbreak Section. Leave any questions in the comment section below…

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  • R_j_vanderzouwen

    Hmm I see there is still an ibooks issue……is there any fix for this?

  • Shady

    i am reluctant to try this as i have just bought my new white ipod touch 4g. i think i will wait for the untethered version to release and then jailbreak. Thanks anyway :)

  • hit5

    After i followed ur instruction, it said done, but in my iPod Touch 4G the cydia app just a simple silver square..!!
    i tried many times to jb but same thing is happng..!! >_<

  • statizz

    im gonna wait for a untethered

  • Abvang18

    bullshit i can even open cydia 

  • ba39

    Same thing…Only silver square.

  • Adamview

    when you get the silver square u have to go back to extras and click just boot

  • Brian

    Just switch off then put into dfu with redsnow, click “extras” then “just boot now”.  When finished Cydia will appear.

  • Stanradu36

    I have a question ,why i cannot install Winterboard for example??? Can anyone healp me please?

  • HI

    you have to “just boot” for the white cydia icon to become a normal cydia icon

  • HI

    the last untethered version was 4.3.3…you’ll have to wait a while for an unterether version

  • Manutd_abhishek

    silver square! :'(

  • Manutd_abhishek

    DONE! :)

  • Joscada

    doesn’t even recognize that the ipod is in DFU mode already it just keeps going in circles with the how to DFU screen

  • robikiller

    i have a ipod touch 4g 32g jailbreaked on ios4, now i’m tryng to jailbreak at this way but i can’t enter at dfu mode, they said that i’m doing in a wrong way but is impossible im doing like he says to do.. sorry by my english i’m from brazil :)

    when i jailbreak last time i had the same problem, but i dont remember how i fix that, so can somebody help meeeee ?

  • Lind L Trailor

    after i tethered boot my ipod bt i cannot open my cydia….

  • Maplebow

    Yo guys and girls… got a question, just bought a brand new “WHITE” iPod Touch with standard iOS 5.0 on it… can i jailbreak it? if so, what tutorial would you recommend?

  • Maplebow

    But it doesn’t matter the fact this link is for iPhone? note that i’ve bought a brand new ipod touch latest generation.. thing is xD i don’t want to brick it or anything since i just bought it ;) Ty anyways for the VERY quick respons :D

  • PaulO

    why is my MAIL icon turns into white silver? i just use a “Just Boot” then my CYDIA are now ok. How is that?

  • Bentos03

    I have an ipod touch 3G  32GB and I cannot jailbreak it with ios 5 ..when the process of DFU mode is done… it says that rebooting ..then my ipod screen stays white and on redsnow 0.9.9b6, it says no identifying data fetched!!! ><
    can anyone help me plz…

  • Pickles

    help my itunes doesn’t work now

  • chris

     u cant open it at first, but then you turn your ipod off then reopen redsnow and click extras then tether then u do the same to put it in dfu mode, when thats done, u shud open cydia!

  • alex

    i jbed it before wen it was 4.3.5…then  updated i to the ios 5…but now it says error shsh blobs

  • Derrick Noynay

    After jailbreaking an iPod Touch.. whats the next step? where can i download cracked apps and how to sync it?

  • Danielfrancis1999

    mine did not work i didnt get cydia

  • Vicomalozort

    I dit it!!!!! im so proud of myself :P (im 14)

  • Jermjoe

    What are the downsides of jail breaking it? Could it break? Could it go much slower?

  • Jermjoe

    i jailbroke it and was using cydia and i downloaded a app and it asked me to reboot it and i said yes but now it will not turn back on. the apple logo is just stuck on the screen. ahhhh what do I do???

  • jack

    Its hard, to jailbreak, im afraid there some bug/broken lol
    it is safe ? what cause may if im failed
    can i share this article on my blog ?
    thx before

  • Tyler

    It is not hard to jailbreak at all ive done many times its safe the software does every thing for you all you have to do is put it dfu mode and you can always sync it on itunes before if you think something will go wrong hope this help

  • Tyler

    you have to plug it back into the computer open redsn0w click extras then click ‘just boot’ then follow the on-screen instructions to go into dfu and it should boot right up(you have to do this everytime you start or reboot ur ipod/iphone) hope i helped

  • Tyler

    ATTENTION everyone who says theres a silver square instead of the Cydia icon you have to plug it into ur computer turn it off open redsn0w click extras, then click ‘just boot’ then go int oDFU mode just like when you jailbroke it then wait a little bit once you see a pinapple in a running suit on the ipod/iphone it means its booting up you will have to start it like this everytime u turn it off or restart other wise it will get stuck at the apple logo

  • Lewis Victoria


  • Tyler

    happy to help ur welcome

  • Derrick Noynay

    where did you download apps for your iPod Touch 4th Gen? please help me..

  • Antquan

    when i’m stuck at the apple logo how do i get it unstuck?

  • AbdulHakim Mazouz

    I did my first on 12 :P

  • Gsvio

    after the process and everything works fine, does it mean whenever I want to restart my itouch I need to use the redsnow?

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  • Nasuki3

    hey…uhm… I kinda need help. I tried this, and the first time i got stuck at a white screen like Bentos03 did, so i canceled it out. Now it gets to “exploiting with limera1n”, and it gets like 99% across, and then it just stops…

  • Misky

    i can’t turn my ipod on or even get it to work i have tried everything i tried restoreing it but i keep getting an error and i just want to use it again

  • Misy

    i forgot to mention that now when i try to use redsn0w to try and just boot now it stops working and i can’t get it to work

  • Cena John Rox

    The download speed for the redsn0w 0.9.9b6 is very slow but it works gud so thank you very much

  • pinneaple_break

    everything seems to be going smoothly,just waiting for the little pinneaple wit a chunk taken out to finish moving applications :o

  • shytessa suffocates

    I’ve jailbroken but when i go into cydia all it does is show up with the whao are you? screen and once i hit user it crashes again and ive done this twice to fix it. its an ipod touch 4g ios 5. this is my first time successfully jailbreaking and i have no idea what to do next heeelllpppp! D:

  • shytessa suffocates

    I just recently jail broken my ipod touch 4th generation iOS 5. It’s my first successful jail break and I’ve got cydia but it crashes after it asks who i am to which i hit user. what do i do to start downloading things? help please? D:

  • Youngfear

    Find SinfuliPhone’s repo add add it to source, download the AppSync there and also installous, you might need to reboot after you downloaded AppSync

  • iSeeRobo

    When you jailbreak and your iPod Touch spoil, for example battery Fused or something, you cannot use your Warranty to exchange for a new one for free, if you do not have these problems, on my side i dont thik Jail break has a downside

  • iSeeRobo


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  • Cristian Resina

    you can do when you lock on the apple logo?

  • catguy

    i jailbroken my ipod touch 4g ios 5. i have cydia, the actual one not the silver square. my friend says i need to have something called installer. the icon looks like a crate with an arrow. i dun hv it. i jailbroke and unjailbroke several times to see if i could get the icon. but i still dun have it. is it suppose to be there? or is it unnecessary?

  • Julian

    Should I new download the new IOS 5 on my Itouch 4th generation? and then jail break it again?

  • Pate

    I doesn’t work for me, it goes almost to the end, but when redsnow should start to jailbreak it, it just says unrecognized build.

  • Jen

    you should always Select IPSW, right before Jailbreak, right before Just boot tethered, etc…

  • Anthony

    i have the same problem =/

  • Ahmad

    I had that problem ” unrecognized build ” but after I Select IPSW and Boot Tethered everything worked fine. Thank you very much Jen !

  • Hayam

    I just jailbroke my new ipod touch 4G iOS 5, but Cydia doesn’t appear at all? Not even the silver box thing everyone is talking about. Someone help me?

  • Guitarman12074

    go to cydia and intall “intallous”

  • Guitarman12074

    It this a tethered or Untethered

  • Fuckyou

    das klappt nicht 

  • Fh_is

    i cant switch on my ipod touch after i try enter the DFU mode.

  • Mooni

    I downgraded my jailbroken iphone 3gs with ios5 but locked so i downgrade it to 4.3.5 bt it is now in recovery mode i tried tiny umbrella but still in recovery mode how can i figure this out plz help

  • Uservx1

    Why am i getting a message saying no identifying data fetched???

  • -____-

    Okay i did all this perfectly &then cydia was on there .i clicked on the icon and the it said something about it loading or whatever and that it will close when it was finished.well i decided id do it later and when i locked the screen&unlocked it ,cydia,my camera,and my appstore were not on there.neither was the game

  • Ragevomit

    my ipod wont turn on

  • Omasa12345

    go to youtube and search up a source called sinful iphone repo.
    add source aand find installous 4 cracked and install

  • Ronaldo

    I want a untethered jailbreak, how can i have it????

  • pb

    i cant download this jailbreak link!!it asks to suscribe on mega cloud

  • Anonymous

    is there anyone out there that is willin to take sum time and chat with me about the process of jailbreaking ipod touch please email me

  • Dontreprioleau

    i’m doing what u say but it hasn’t loaded yet what do i do?

  • MrHacker

    Amazing, I’ve tried every JailBreaking program and none worked, RedSn0w is reliable. Takes you step by step to get your iPod/iPhone/iPad jailbroken.
    Thank you RedSn0w!

  • Roderick

    I dont understand how to download RedSn0w 0.9.9b6

  • Jasminevickery

    i have just done this but now all the apps that come with the ipod4 like settings, facetime,imessage have all dissapeared and cydia is not there either?

  • bren2t

    when is the untethered jailbreak for ipod touch 4 coming out?. thanks..

  • Fatycakes

    i put my ipod into DFU mode but redsn0w cant detect my ipod and now i cant open my ipod help

  • Brenda

    Whenever I get to the jailbreak it loads all the things ans then says  unrecognized build. Why can anyne help me??? I don’t know what to do!

  • Asmita

    why does it say no identifying data fetched?