How To: Jailbreak iPhone 4S On iOS 5.0, iOS 5.0.1 With Absinthe v0.2 On Windows [VIDEO]

Absinthe was finally released for the Windows operating system in the form of Absinthe v0.2. This means Windows users can finally Jailbreak their iPhone 4S from a graphical user interface, unlike this mornings CLI Jailbreak method. Thus, without further a due, in the how to guide from you will learn how to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S running the the iOS 5.0 firmware and both versions of the iOS 5.0.1 firmwares (9A405 and 9A406) using Absinthe v0.2 on Windows.

Note: If you are looking to Jailbreak your iPad 2 with Absinthe v0.2 on Windows please click here.

Windows Absinthe iPhone 4S Jailbreak

Perquisites: The very first thing you need to do before starting this how to is make sure your iPhone 4S is backed up. As the Absinthe Jailbreaking tool was just released, there is a good chance that you may experience an error Jailbreaking it. Thus, it is always a good idea to make sure all your content on your iPhone 4S is backed up. Additionally, if you iPhone 4S has a passcode lock you must disable it, and furthermore you will need to disable any current VPN’s setup on your iPhone 4S.

Recommendation: It is our personal recommendation that you simply restore your iPhone 4S to factory settings on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware (if you do not require an unlock). This will dramatically reduce the chance you have of experiencing an error while Jailbreaking it.

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is download the latest version of the Absinthe Jailbreaking tool from the iJailbreak Downloads Section or from one of the direct download links below. It is always recommend that you check the iJailbreak Download Section, however, to ensure that you are downloading the latest version (we do not always update these guides with the up-to-date versions).

Download Absinthe v0.3 for Windows (Updated to version 0.3)

Step 2: Once you have downloaded Absinthe v0.2 you will need to extract it to your desktop.

Step 3: Next you will need to right click on the absinthe.exe file and then click the Run in administrator option.

Step 4: With Absinthe up and running you will need to plug your iPhone 4S into your computer (if you have not done this already). Upon doing this Absinthe should recognize your iPhone 4S, and once this happens, you will need to click the Jailbreak button in the middle-right side of the screen.

When you click the Jailbreak button your iPhone 4S will look like it is being officially restored through iTunes; it should say something along the lines of “restore in progress.”

Step 5: Once your iPhone 4S reboots you can slide-to-unlock it and then on your SpringBoard (homescreen) you should notice a new Absinthe icon. Tap this Absinthe icon now, the official GreenPois0n website should appear for an instant, and then your iPhone 4S will reboot. Upon being rebooted you should notice that Cydia takes the place of the prior Absinthe icon. Congratulations! You have just Jailbroken your iPhone 4S Untethered running the iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware with Absinthe for Windows.


The Absinthe Windows Jailbreaking tool is new, and thus most likely there is going to be errors people encounter. has done its best to reference the most common errors people are experiencing and additionally provide solutions for them.

Tip #1: If you are experiencing “Error establishing connection” this is simply because the servers hosting this Userland Jailbreak is being overloaded with traffic. Your best bet is going to be to keep trying to launch the Absinthe app on your SpringBoard, or simply wait an hour or two and try again. Another solution that has been reported to work for this error is to simply go into the > General Tab > Network Tab > VPN Tab and then toggle VPN to the ON position. This will cause an error dialog box to appear where once dismissed will reboot your iPhone 4S, and in most cases will allow you to use the Absinthe app to finish your Jailbreak.

Tip #2: If all else fails, try restoring your iPhone 4S (if you have not already) to factory settings, restart your computer and switch USB ports.

We hope this how to guide has helped you Jailbreak your iPhone 4S running the iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware using Absinthe v0.2 on Windows. If you have any questions or thoughts related to this tutorial leave them in the comments section below…

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  1. works like a charm!! no problems at all, no restore wAs NESECERY FOR ME…thank you very much Dream-Team defintly donating for the cuase!!

  2. TNX!! very mucH! i’ll use your jailbreak until the last ipad version from the future… your great! you and the team,.

  3. Felix Ricky says:

    hi there, my ipad shows absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by
    it has been going on for about 30 mins and still no reboot whatsoever. anyone with same result? pls let me know how to resolve this…

  4. Did the earlier process through command prompt to jailbreak the phone.  Using the GUI it says I am already jailbroken untethered.   I have the brown cydia icon, but I cannot open it – doesn’t work.  How can I delete and start over, or any idea how to get Cydia to start?

  5. Poiuytrewq says:

    my iphone4s has same issue but I don’t know how to resolve
    I retried absinthe on windows twice, but nothing were changed

  6. restore from apple and jailbreak with absinthe clean.

  7. X[V]IIIstand4anonymous says:

    you’re masters
    thanks a lot 4 ur work
    I deeply envy your cracker knowledge
    I am searching 4 a master

  8. Its been stucking at the last step “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by…” for 30minutes. Is it that long or something happened?

  9. Mr_steeev says:

    Tys0702: I have the same problem!! :(( now I am trying to rejailbreak it again.

  10. Mr_steeev says:

    to: Tys0702: I found the solution… before u click on Absinthe to go Settings and turn on the VPN ;))

  11. Nbustillos24 says:

    i get the error message “VPN Connection  A configuration error has occured.” any help would b appreciated

  12. Kirby Leesa says:

    Absinthe won’t read that my iphone 4s is connected? Please help..

  13. Mbgrayson says:

    Absinthe kept crashing on my Windows 7 PC. Didn’t matter if I ran as administrator, or in Windows XP mode. Tried three Win 7 PCs, two of which were 64 bit, one was 32. Absinthe crashed every time right after the iPhone rebooted.
    SO then I ran Absinthe on an old Windows XP PC, and it worked first time. Jailbroken!
    So I think the problem is Windows 7…

  14. Clement Andre says:

    Its been stucking at the last step “ABSINTHE is now setting things up,
    please stand-by…” for 30minutes. Is it that long or something

  15. Jongermono says:

    i got the same on my screen, saying absinthe is now setting things up please wait… what to do please help

  16. same problem,have found solution???????

  17. It launched it but the Jailbreak is disabled.  Please help

  18. can I use absinthe also for my Ipod Touch 4G with 5.0.1. I have to jailbreak my iphone 4s and Ipad 2 but also my touch and want to use the same utility

  19. I have a problem… absinthe is now setting things up, please stand-by?
    What to do with that??? People said me to try the vpn but i dont know
    Ho to do it..!
    Please help!

  20. Mine took over a hour to jailbreak if no error just leave it do it thing

  21. Same issue on absinthe stand-by screen!!!…45 minutes no luck!…any1 went through the screen problem!?

  22. This jailbreak worked fine on my 4S on 5.0.1, but the phone is still locked to Orange.  I thought the phone should also now be unlocked for use with SIM cards from any network/carrier (as long as I stay on 5.0.1)?

  23. same. let us know if someone knows how to fix this. im running win7 64 bit, if thats an issue

  24. Vpn is not working it shows me error without rebooting

  25. Ok so VPN message fix is very simple just run Jailbreak again but turn on VPN before you click on Absinthe icon in your Iphone4S

  26. Mine stays at “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while… ” and nothing happens . What can I do? 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Finally this works for me on iPad 2:

    1) Restore iPhone/iPad (backup data)
    2) Wait iTunes restore… and configure as “New iPad” (DONT RESTORE BACKUP!!)
    3) Open Absinthe in your Mac/Pc and click Jailbreak
    4) When it tells you “Almost done…”, unlock the screen and go to Setting->Turn VPN ON
    5) In my case… I get error “VPN Connection An error ocu…”
    6) Click OK
    7) After 10 seconds iPad restarts
    8) Finally Absinthe icon disappear and now Cydia apears!
    In my case I don’t have to open Absinthe on iPad… when I turn on VPN
    and I got the error, my iPad2 restarts automatically and then Cydia icon
    appeared!!! Then in iTunes I restored my old backUp with my data :) I
    hope this works for you.

  28. I have the same problem facing, but after i reboot my PC, try again to jailbreak my ipad 2, then it working fine. hope this information can help to you

  29. Guys, recently i did my ipad2 succesfull, now i did my iphone 4s. no problemo.
    Again, make sure you reset/default the device.
    DONE. easy..
    thx a million

  30. it worked for me but my weather app is blank

  31. For me worked ok: iphone 4s 5.0.1. However i do i unlock from sprint? it still says may sim is not valid

  32. Jose Borges says:

    JB successful!
    WIn7 64bits, iOS 5.0.1 (9A405), Carrier locked
    1. Factory reset (all settings)
    2. No password unlock
    3. Ran absinthe as administrator
    4. Connect phone (detected)
    5. Hit JB, 10 minutes process
    6. Hit absinthe icon on springboard reboot after 30 secs
    7. Cydia on it! JB successful

    Thanks to all the devs and ijailbreak

    Now waiting for the more needed unlock tool

  33. Josh Stein says:

    **ATTENTION** for people that are stuck on the “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by…” Here is my fix DOES NOT require a reset to factory, backup, or VPN on/off.

    My solution,

    1. Disable your Passlock
    2. Delete the ABSINTHE icon off your homescreen
    3. Reboot your Iphone 4S
    4. Run the ABSINTHE.exe as ADMINISTRATOR, it will tell you it found a error and will attempt to fix it
    5. Untether your Iphone and then retether 
    6. Rejailbreak
    7. ABSINTHE app should work as it is suppose to and will automatically reboot iphone and the Cydia icon will take its place.
    8. …Cheers!!

    Worked on Windows 7 x64 for Iphone 4S if this doesnt work please reply, if it works on a differnt platform please reply and let others know.

  34. Eric Edington Hryb says:

    yo that worked perfect thanks a lot

  35. The same thing happened with me . make sure you dont have any virus-protecting things running to prevent the program to infect your computer as it jailbreaks . you can turn them back off when the jailbreak is done .

  36. **back on

  37. thanks a lot it worked

  38. Keeps saying the “attatched device is not supported” on Windows version with my iPhone 4s 5.0.1 (9A405) Verizon. Help? This is my first jailbreak, so I have no idea what to do!

  39. thanx bro vpn switched on got error and iphone restarted and got cydia 

    Thanx alot

  40. i tried everything else on the web and nothing worked until i read Josh Stein’s post. It worked flawlessly, thank you Josh.

  41. Ehh… it doesn’t work man, my ipad 2 didn’t reboot at all

  42. I am having the same problem. I have restored 3 times, but after each, a non working Cyndia is there. I’ve started up the Absinthe V0.2 Jailbreak, but that tells me that the device is already Jailbroken. 

    What do I do to fix this?

  43. It works, thank you <3

  44. Didn’t work for me on OSX.

  45. Hey all I need your help.

    I’m using an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 and used Absinth v0.2

    I downloaded a lot of apps and tweaks through cydia and I found that I’m not able to open the Wi-Fi app in settings.

    Later that day, my phone crashes and gets stuck at the boot logo.

    I restored my phone, and only reinstalled certain apps and tweaks and the same problem happened forcing me to restore my phone.

    What is the problem here?

  46. do what josh says, follow his instructions to the letter T. if it doesnt work then do it again…and again…it will work eventually took me an hour so dont give up

  47. Juice2728 says:

    seriously i need help  im stuck on the apple logo after i download a tweak
    i need the phpne back in 4 hours help asap !!!

  48. Tenpizounds says:

    I’m sorry to sound foolish, but when you say untether and retether, what exactly do you mean? Unplug from USB and reconnect or is it an actual setting you have to change? Once again, my apologies, but I’m at my absolute wits end with this jailbreak tool…=(

  49. Worked for me on the 4S.  iOS 5.0.1 (9A406)

  50. Demis Client says:

    Thank you man !

  51. Josh Stein says:

    Yes, tether refers to the USB cord. Being foolish has nothing to do with it not everyone is familiar with the terms.

  52. 2 Devices Down says:

    Brilliant, worked flawlessly

    Thanks for the solution!!

  53. Tenpizounds says:

    You, my good man, are a GOD! THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!

  54. [email protected] says:

    Hi all… Jailbroke my 4s ver 5.01 no problem… but its still locked to AT and T and i need touse another sim… what do i do next?

  55. trés beau travail merci

  56. KkhudGabbar says:

    4s, version 5.0.1 (9A405), Modem Firmware 1.0.13absinthe-win-0.2 hangs at “Preparing Jailbreak data..”and I see following problem in windows 7..please help me..Problem signature:  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH  Application Name: absinthe.exe  Application Version:  Application Timestamp: 4f1b1980  Fault Module Name: absinthe.exe  Fault Module Version:  Fault Module Timestamp: 4f1b1980  Exception Code: c0000005  Exception Offset: 00012c4c  OS Version: 6.1.7600.  Locale ID: 1033  Additional Information 1: 0a9e  Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789  Additional Information 3: 0a9e  Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  57. Mariojrfreedomcommunications says:

    My jailbroken 4s won’t boot tethered, are you fucking kidding me?? i just downloaded a million and one apps now i have to restore smh not jailbreaking agai

  58. Thanks it work

  59. i have tried it prolly 50 times the absinthe screen disappears right after saying preparing jailbreak data ….. any help would be awesome 

  60. Belgium Frank says:

    keeps on crashing after my Iphone reboots ..

  61. Am I the only one that this won’t work for? I have Restore my iPad probably 30 times to factory settings with 5.0.1. Tried VPN and all other work arounds listed below. It still keeps getting stuck on absinthe is now setting things up…. An then it just sits there and doesn’t do anything. I have tried everything. Different computers, rebooting, deleting absinthe and re-installing, any ideas?

  62. And voilá!

  63. Don Tweety says:

    Worked like a charm with no errors! Million thanks! :D

  64. I have jailbreaked my ip4S now my apps freezes evrytime i try to open. I tried to restore back to manufacture setting but itune doesnt allow it. Help plz…. Any solution? How do i get out of dis jailbreak????

  65. Arsene Godin says:


  66. Gerald Vegas says:

    Many thanks Josh! You da man!! :o)

  67. so i tried doing this a couple of times, and while its preparing the jailbreak data, it stops and ends up saying ” absinthe.exe has stopped working”
    then i have to close it. any solutions? T__T

  68. Has anyone encountered their wifi button not working. N wifi possible
    Any ideas?

  69. Bryanchung2012 says:

    me too

  70. A K Htet 06 says:

    Dude, you are a GOD! you have any idea how many days i spent to fix this stupid VPN issue???????? THANKS MUCH!!

  71. Thanks a lot for help Josh. I am now done

  72. why the attached is not supported??I already click the run administrator and plug my iphone 4 to computer….

  73. Do you have any Idea when will the unlock tool available?

  74. Davids236 says:

    Thks man, been trying for over an hour until you helped me out

  75. EverThunder says:

    General question: Should you upgrade your Iphone 4S from 5.0 to 5.0.1 before installing the Jailbreak?   Thanks

  76. |I|I|I Mohamed yusuf I|I|I| says:

    Thank alot Josh.. Its works for iPad2 aswell.. 

  77. Lillowernu says:

    mine keeps failing when it should be going good  its right after it reboots the absinthe keeps automatically closing???

  78. I see all those successful stories about using ABSINTHE and I feel really sad, ’cause it does not work for me. I have a iphone4 5.0.1 (9A405) MF:04.11.08 and ABSINTHE does not recognize it; it says “Sorrty the attached device is not supported.”.
    Any sugestion? TY

  79. when you buy iphone 4s with which firmware comes

  80. Saiful2001 says:

    I get the error “url cant show”I did try the tutorial exactly how it is but my iPhone 4s don’t reboot after switch on the VPN connection.When jailbreak my iPad 2 it was easy no error.Is there a solution how to fix the error?Everything is up to date in my computer,it’s windows 7.Please help me

  81. Saiful2001 says:

    It doesn’t work for me its show the same error URL can’t show.Is there any other way

  82. Asrulafwan says:

    Is it compulsory to turn on the WIFI during the Jailbreaking? 

  83. How do I get the installous icon after I see the Cydia?

  84. I just finished jailbreaking my 4S. How to I set it up to use it as a hotspot for wi-fi?

  85. Hartyboy03 says:

    I downloaded absinthe and when i clicked run as administrator and i had my iPhone  plugged in it says “error: consistency check failed: could not find required files”

    i re-downloaded and tried again and I keep running into the same problem.. 

  86. Hartyboy03 says:

    My Siri is completely different. She is changed to “voice control” and now she doesn’t rocognize half the stuff she used to recognize and she is unable to do half the things she used to be able to do 

  87. iPhone4SGuy says:

    You need to go into the General menu, and then the Siri tab and turn it on. Or is the siri box coming up but not functioning properly??

  88. Freddie Millman says:

    I have jailbroken my iPhone 4S on absinthe ios 5.01 etc, and the cydia app is there but it won’t load, It just open a window and then fades back to the home screen…?

  89. Brilliant!!!….. we bow in awe :)

  90. Wild Child3 says:

    What exactly am I suppose to do if Absinthe isnt jailbreaking my phone? Like I plug it in and I click “jailbreak” then it says “connecting to ….” and then it says it cant jailbreak my iPhone. I restored and backed up my iPhone, I even re-downloaded Absinthe.What should I do?

  91. My first jailbreak!!!!! so easy!!! i loved it:)

  92. I keep trying to jailbreak my iphone 4s 5.0.1 (9A405) on windows 7, after the phone reboots the program stops working. it never loads the absinthe icon onto my phone. the computer gives these details for reason. Please help me
       Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: absinthe.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4f1b1980 Fault Module Name: absinthe.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4f1b1980 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00012c4c OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  93. beauschless says:

    I thought the 3GS was being supported by Ansinthe…what happened??

  94. Sahad Daud says:


  95. Lola Fox says:

    does it REALLY restore your iphone???

  96. Aaron Gray says:

    My iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 is configured to connect to my company exchange server and use Active Sync.  One of the items they pushed is that I cannot disable the password feature.  It says I need to do that in order to Jailbreak it, right?  so, I wonder if I remove “Exchange” as one of my mail accounts, will those settings go away?  After jailbreaking, I can re-add the Exchange server, and then I can control what policy they push.  But how can I get this disabled?  I could wipe the device I suppose…  but eh..

  97. Eddiechan says:

    It doesn’t work for me its show the same error URL can’t show.Is there any other way

  98. Arshan Bakshi says:

    Will this jailbreak remove all the data (apps,contacts,songs etc. ) from my iPhone?

  99. Jennawalker12345 says:

    Worked for me but deleted a lot of my old apps that I had…

  100. thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u

  101. Does it work on Windows XP? Please reply. Thank you.

  102. Ladifremont says:

    I downloaded and did all the steps. It eeps telling my iphone 4 is not supported to even start the jailbreak.

  103. Oltraford1000 says:

    I have done all those steps and when I plug in my iphone 4s nothing happens. It seems it doesn’t recognise my device. Is there any suggestions?

  104. thanks alot work like a charm!! ;D

  105. When I connect my iphone 4s the gray jailbreak button dose not change and it kicks it back saying that my device is not supported… I do not know what to do. I have researched different troubleshooting tips and none of them are working. Please help me!!

  106. i cant open absinthe…

  107. my device is not been recognized ,whenever i plug in my device nothing happens ,kindly help

  108. Gamerz_pig says:

    my absinthe cant detect my iphone 4s!!!who can hlp?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  109. Natalia almeida says:

    I tried this but still get the error that says that the first attempt gone wrong, will try to fix, disconnect and reconect but it won’t work at all

  110. Thank you so much for this wonderful article

  111. this is a verry good guide to jailbreak! thanks a lot!1

  112. Mine has the same problem, what should I do?? Someone Help???

  113. Andzia Gruszka9 says:

    do you know what to do ?

  114. Andzia Gruszka9 says:

    Me too!!

  115.  sameee….. have you found any solution?

  116. Kristian Godfred says:

    not support..

  117. Sham_ash says:

    Those who having problem with Windows “Don’t send error” just erase all data from settings and retry jailbreak will work for sure. :-)

  118. Has anyone figured out how to add back Microsoft Exchange mobil email after jailbreaking the iphone?

  119. Tiger0415 says:

     did you get any help with the question, mine does the same thing?

  120. The process seemed to work fine except that I do not have the Cydia app.

  121. Saabir_08 says:

    wen i hit jailbreak da blue bar stops moving completely plz help

  122. wen i do restore,cydia goes missing.can something be done?

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