How To: Install / Flash C-RoM Mix On Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 [GUIDE]

Android 2.1 Éclair was the official OS of the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. The next update was in the form of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. After this update, Samsung didn’t announce any new OS upgrades for the device. However, custom ROMs came to the rescue of owners.

XDA Developers’ member ‘aways’ has released a new ROM called C-RoM Mix. It incorporates features of CyanogenMod 10 and AOKP Jelly Bean, which makes it a powerful offering.

Users are expecting something great from the mixed features of both ROM’s. The latest C-RoM Mix version gives the smartphone increased battery life, along with better speed and stability. Additionally it includes the Semaphore JB 2.4.4 kernel and Google apps.

How To Flash C-RoM Mix On Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 [GUIDE]

C-RoM Mix How To

There are some pre-requisites to be followed before starting the actual tutorial. This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000, and may damage other models, or devices if applied to them. You should also charge the battery up to 75% or higher, as improper battery levels may lead to an interruption of the process. Next create a backup of all the important data on the device. Keep in mind that we won’t take responsibility if anything unfortunate occurs to your device due to unfortunate circumstances.


  1. Install ClockworkMod Recovery on your device. Ignore this step if it’s already there.
  2. Download C-RoM Mix (link) to your computer.
  3. From your computer, transfer/copy the C-RoM Mix file to the internal SD Card of your device.
  4. Power off your phone and press and hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power keys. This will reboot your device into ClockworkMod Recovery Mode. To select an option you can use the Power button and to move up or down in the menu, use the Volume Up/Down keys.
  5. Create a Nandroid backup of the current ROM. To do this go to the “Backup and Restore” option in the menu and select “Backup” from the next menu that appears. The backup will be created in a few seconds.
  6. Next select the “Wipe data/ factory reset” option and allow the process to continue. After this gets completed select the “Wipe cache partition” option from the menu.
  7. Go back to the main menu of the recovery mode and choose “Install ZIP from SD Card” > “Choose ZIP from SD Card”. Search for the C-RoM Mix ‘.zip’ file, and select it to begin the flashing process.
  8. To complete the flashing process the phone has to be restarted. You can do this by choosing the “Reboot system now” option from the main menu.

Your Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 has now been upgraded to the C-RoM Mix v7.0 ROM which is based on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Feel free to leave comments if you run into any troubles below.

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