How To: Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad On iOS 3.1.2 – iOS 4.0.1 With (aka Star)

After weeks of testing and preparation, the new iOS 4 jailbreak is finally released. Comex came through with another great, cross device, cross platform, new jailbreak. Yes, that’s right, is back! Just visit the site on your device, and you’re jailbroken! No need to download a new tool. No need to use your computer, at all. So easy. This was around back in the early days of jailbreaking, on iPhone OS 1.x.x. Looks like everything has come full circle.

This will jailbreak all iPhones and iPod Touches, old and new bootrom, untethered, on iOS 3.1.2, iOS 3.1.3, iOS 4.0, and iOS 4.0.1, and the iPad on iOS 3.2 and iOS 3.2.1. Here’s all you have to do:

Make sure you sync with iTunes first, and back up all your data. On your iDevice, open Safari, and go to Make sure you are on a good secure WiFi connection.

Move the slider to the right. It’ll say “Downloading…this may take a while” The speed depends on your internet connection and the server. Once downloaded, it will start to jailbreak right away. Just wait. Once finished, you’ll get a message saying Cydia has been added to your homescreen. No reboot or respring required, but is recommended.

If it’s going slow, it’s just because the server is probably slammed. As soon as the was released, it crashed right away. If you get stuck at the purple screen, reboot and try again. You might get this message, after a failed attempt. Just keep trying.

That is it. Welcome to your jailbroken device! As always, you do this at your own risk. Comex and the iPhone Dev-Team have been able to do a fair bit of testing, but they obviously cannot test every single scenario. Make sure you back up all your data before attempting this.

Some known issues, right off that bat: some people report losing MMS. Others report losing FaceTime on the iPhone 4. There has also been an issue reported of this jailbreak not quite working on iPads with 3.2.1. We’ll keep you updated, with fixes.


@chpwn: FaceTime/MMS issues: we are working on it. iPad issues: You too. Other issues: Less so, but still looking into it.


Cydia has been updated with a fix for the FaceTime/MMS issue. See here, for the fix.


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  1. Great to hear!

    Now I can JB my 3GS (new bootrom) on iOS 4.x.x :)

  2. RT @chpwn: FaceTime/MMS issues: we are working on it. iPad issues: You too. Other issues: Less so, but still looking into it.

    So that's good news :)

  3. Matthew Batey says:

    Is the boot screen changing so it looks like you have dead pixels? Or is it just me?

  4. Just tried, works fine ;)

  5. Awesome!

  6. Works perfectly on my 4.0 iPhone 4 :) gonna upgrade to 4.0.1 and do it again.

  7. Let us know how it works on iOS 4.0.1. Any problems with FaceTime or MMS?

  8. Are you going to run iOS 4.x.x? or stay at FW 3.1.3?

  9. Matt Chinn says:

    After updating to 4.0, simply run the jailbreak again.

  10. Matt Chinn says:

    Um, yea I lost MMS. Restoring to go at it again. (4.0)

  11. The website just went down

  12. nope never mind it was just my internet connection

  13. Mistnchris says:

    it worked perfectly on my 3gs os4, thanks!

  14. Silent Montreal says:

    ya I have same problem..I thought my phone pixels died

  15. Jssatwinder says:

    I`m stuck in recovery mode on my iphone 3gs 3.1.3…Is there any way i could jailbreak my iphone 3gs any suggestions

  16. h4ck3r4lyf3 says:

    just do it on you computer that's the easiest one i tried this new from comex its buggy and multitasking is disabled

  17. JB worked perfect, so the unlock, but after that I tried a restore and now the phone it's stuck on the apple logo screen and the circle won't move, tried UDF mode and no luck :( any idea?

  18. DFU typo…

  19. Matt Chinn says:

    Cydia patch fixes MMS issues. Post coming soon.

  20. Same here, with the two 3gs that I have…

  21. Jssatwinder says:

    I`m going to update to 4.01 so what should i do help me please

  22. Rudeboyinthebahams says:

    There are dead pixels on boot screen only…the home screen is fine no dead pixels. Any idea why this is happening?

  23. Antonfuline says:

    worked perfectly!! 3GS on OS4.01

  24.  Xaroc says:

    Jailbroke my Rogers i4 running 4.0.1. But as posted above I did lose mms and FaceTime

  25. Just tried it. It downloaded and went back to the home screen, but never didn't show cydia or anything so I restarted. Now i am stuck at the Apple screen. Help??
    (ios4.0.1 on 4G)

  26. Technogeek03 says:

    same here with 2 iphone4 and 1 3gs

  27. Technogeek03 says:

    yes u can try again and then ultrsn0w to unlock.

  28. @scott mine is the same way and i cant even restore mine it gives me an error i have no idea what to do :”(

  29. rorypiper says:

    Those of you stuck at the Apple logo; you'll have to restore. Connect your device. Press and hold the home and power buttons for about 30 seconds, or until it goes into recovery mode. Do a fresh restore. Jailbreak again. Restore from back up.

  30. Ripper92154 says:

    1, restore
    4, restore from back up
    work great on my iphone 4

  31. I open safari and slide it but i only get a purple screen! What should I do?

  32. Davebehnk says:

    it worked but then i restored to try it again (fix facetime issues) now when i visit, it just hangs after i slide. any ideas?

  33. Vs_ghotra says:

    my screen is stuck on emergency call screen. what should i do????

  34. Otto Rodusek says:

    Worked great on my new iPhone4 IOS 4.0.1. Super smooth -no issues!

  35. Peterlau29 says:

    I am stuck on the purple screen with my ipad 3.2.1. anyone can help?

  36. Jssatwinder says:

    thanks guys

  37. Mauricioup says:

    Hey you guys i only get a purple screen but nothing start to download ANY WORDS?

  38. @Mauricioup
    I'm having the same issue right now

  39. I'm having the same issue right now

  40. do you have the 3gs with old bootrom or new bootrom? MC-Model?
    did you have spirit before whilst using ios 3.1.3?


  41. For the people stuck on the purple screen its because to many people are on the site

  42. Peterlau29 says:

    does that mean it will work on the ipad 3.2.1?

  43. Blahblahman says:

    Just wondering, if i jailbreak my iPhone on ios4 with,

    Would it be possible to restore to a custom firmware made by pwnagetool or sn0wbreeze?
    Because states it only works on pre-jailbroken devices. Hence, its jailbroken and now shouldn't work?

  44. hi ppl that face the problem i faced if it says downloading and then on sit tight it crashes the fix is to restore your iphone using itunes (this is for 4.0.1) and then go to and it should work . 100% will work.

  45. Grinaxelrose says:

    work like a charm wooohohohoh.if you didnt get the jb and you keep trying you need to turn off your device n wait for 2 min restart then try again there you go enjoy!!!!

  46. Joonaadaa says:

    damn this is nice works great the best jailbreak 3gs 4.01 yaaaaaaaaa

  47. Awesome! is the simplest JB yet :P

  48. Agree! Works amazing on 3GS iOS 4.x.x ;)

  49. Akidahmad says:

    some of cydia apps doesn't work. like mxtube, irealsms. it makes my phone crash and i hv to go into safe mode to remove the app to make it function normally. are u guys facing the same issue?

  50. Akidahmad says:

    and im using iphone 3gs 4.0.1

  51. You can use Atube instead of mxtube, hope that helps.

  52. Creese773 says:

    I did the jailbreakme on my 3GS 4.0.1 now my multitasking is not working

  53. I have 3gs 4.0.1 and i did jailbreakme and the bosspref doesn't work. can you tell me why?

  54. i also had mine too. i read from some others comment that it was common issues and awaiting for a fix?

  55. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    guys, i want to try this out, but i'm kinda afraid…
    i have jailbroken my 3G with 4.0 and it works, sometimes slow, but okay and lots of apps, mainly cracked apps crash when start-up…

    i hope this jailbreakme solves the crashed apps issue, so i want to try to update to 4.0.1… but well, should I update through iTunes officially? im afraid i'll lose my unlock (ultrasn0w)… any ideas?

  56. rorypiper says:

    Need to activate with an official SIM.

  57. rorypiper says:

    No. “Pre-jailbroken” refers to being jailbroken with a bootrom exploit. Jailbreaks like Spirit and Star are a different kind of exploit. Still no new bootrom exploit out there.

  58. rorypiper says:

    Planetbeing has said the “dead pixels” thing is normal. Not dead pixels. Just a quirk of the new jailbreak. Nothing to worry about.

  59. Robert R Delagarza says:

    Ok so I was stuck on the apple logo and restored it it on the 11th or whenever was the same date as the 4.0.2 update and I unknowingly updated. now I'm stuck on 4.0.2 with absolutely no jailbreaking option…so sad..please please help me!

  60. Nick Burgess says:

    your outta of luck if you haven't backed up your SHSHs

  61. Anonymous says:

    Have done the jialbreaking, and now I installed flash on my iPad, it’s so cool that I can enjoy movies from Hulu and YouTube freewheelingly, though I got an iPad video Converter from ifunia, that only make sense when I travel and don’t have much data.
    Thanks for the helpful guide anyway!

  62. tried it on my iPod touch version 3.1.3, it crashed, what should i do? thanks?

  63. Tafheemshahid says:

    It crashes the installer and turns off the iphone

  64. it wont even let meh download it and i have the 3.1.3 it keeps saying it crashed..

  65. same thing to me and the button that says start jailbreak dosnt even move someone help:(

  66. Enzo_kid12 says:

    I have conection but cant get on website???

  67. S Patel_007 says:

    hi how to download jailbreak
    help me pls thans xxx

  68. Osman_vardar says:
  69. Rubydaniel says:

    im trying to jailbreak my ipod touch but it says that “version too new, you need to downgrade to 4.01/3.2.1 or earlier (which may be impossible, explanation) before you can use this site.

    HELP ME!!!!! BECAUSE I REALLY WANT CYDIA BUT IT WONT LET ME JAILBREAK MY IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!! someoen tell me what i should do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Nitrous3 says:

    I’m just stuck on some screen with a skier and a sign that says PDF!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!! =(

  71. Mufcblogg says:

    i have an iphone 4 a ios 4.2.1 when i visit the site it doesnt show the free sign to install, i bought my phone in China any help……………

  72. dude go online an look it up!!!!! stupid

  73. how do i jailbreak my ipod four for free????please help me

  74. Hossain_faruk79 says:

    How to jb my iPhone 4 version 4.3.5?

  75. Akahaarramsurwaj says:

    Did your iPod crash or just the server?

  76. Alwtr-al7sas says:

    I want 2 add the old jailbreak ,,,
    Can some one tel me how..????

  77. Noor

  78. Alexgutimelen says:


  79. How to download whatsup

  80. can anybody tell me about wifi charger app for iphone

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