How To: Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G/4G On iOS 4.1 Using Greenpois0n (Mac)

This guide will show you how to jailbreak iPod Touch 3G/4G on iOS 4.1 using Greenpois0n on Mac OS X. If you need to jailbreak iOS 4.0, 4.0.1, or 4.0.2, use Limera1n (Windows).

Note: THIS ONLY WORKS FOR MAC. A Wi-Fi connection is required for Cydia updates.

STEP 1: Download Greenpois0n (link here)

STEP 2: Connect your iPod Touch to the computer via USB, power off your iPod Touch and launch Greenpois0n jailbreak tool.

STEP 3: Click “Jailbreak” button.

STEP 4: There will be a series of on-screen instructions, so follow everything you’re told to do.

STEP 5: Now your iPod Touch is in DFU Mode and can be jailbroken. The jailbreak process will start automatically.

STEP 6: Your iPod Touch is now jailbroken. Click “Complete!” and you should see a “Loader” icon on the iPod Touch’s SpringBoard.

STEP 7: Press “Loader” icon and “Install Cydia”.

STEP 8: After Cydia is installed, a window will prompt you: “Do you want to remove Loader from your device”. Click “Remove”.

STEP 9: Through a Wi-FI connection, launch Cydia and installation files will be downloaded and automatically installed.

Congrats! Now you’re running an iPod Touch 4G/3G jailbroken on iOS 4.1. Enjoy!

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  1. Wantedmatter says:

    I’ve been trying to jailbreak this thing for over a month now and it always comes up at the
    “Connect to itunes” picture.

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