New Crowdsourcing Website Offers A Reward For Open Source iOS 7 Jailbreak

It is without question that there are a lot of people waiting for an iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak. Despite the fact that it is still actively being worked on by the Evad3rs this hasn’t stopped a new website called from surfacing that is offering to crowdsource bounty for anyone that can Jailbreak iOS 7.

At the time of writing this article the venture has generated over $3000 and uses Stripe to accept donations from those eagerly awaiting a Jailbreak. All of the bounty will be given to a developer or development team who releases an open source iOS 7 Jailbreak that withholds to the following: The jailbreak must work for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s running iOS 7, including the latest iOS 7.0.4. It must be untethered. And it must be publicly released free-of-charge and under an OSI-approved license. website

As long as that criteria is met whatever the donation pool has amounted to will be given to whomever releases the Jailbreak first.

So who made 

Chris Maury, the founder of accessibility company Conversant Labs, and he explains the reasoning behind the incentive to Jailbreak iOS 7:

We strongly believe that users should have the freedom to control their devices. We wanted an open source jailbreak for iOS 7, giving users the capability to install what they want on their own devices and the ability to audit the code they’re using to do so. Jailbreaking is also critical to ensuring that the disabled are able to use their mobile devices as easily as possible. So we started a prize for the first people who can do it.

Although the cause seems to be selfless in nature, after digging into the Terms and Conditions we have found it does mention that the beneficiary of the idea does receive a 5% commission from the final crowdfunded totals.

This seemingly contradicts the ethics behind what Jailbreak is all about, being a free offering with noone financially benefitting from it. The whole matter has actually sparked a very heated discussion on Reddit where Saurik – the creator of Cydia – has stepped in to offer his thoughts:

The primary problem I have with this website is that it attempts to change the dynamics from one of “people who do things that are fun to make devices more open” to one of “people who do things to win cash prizes”. Meanwhile, it changes the dynamics in the minds of the people contributing: normally, people contribute after the fact to the teams that built something that they found of value; under the model of this website, people contribute ahead of time, and then hope that the thing that is released works for their specific device (or even “runs on their computer”, etc.), and if it doesn’t they are kind of out of luck.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think it is a good idea to crowdsource a Jailbreak? Drop us a line in the comments section.

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  • Moynihan

    Genius except for the fact no one except the Evad3rs are the only ones going to jailbreak ios7 and they know that, so it’s not really gonna speed up the process.

  • Gruffogre

    This will only encourage fakers and false news

  • tsued

    But it can give other developers a motive to work on a jailbreak for iOS 7. Developing a jailbreak is not an easy thing to do – plus it’s a time eater – that’s why there’s only a few working on it.

  • TheHeroBilly

    Actually several developers actually have made a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 on all carriers, it’s not untethered yet but it might be soon.

  • Riley Freeman

    Jailbreaking used to be huge but with iOS 7 people are finding less and less reasons to jailbreak. For me, bitesmd, display recorder, call recorder and phantom are the only reasons I still care. Maybe 3G unrestricter as well.

    I used to have to go into Cydia regularly. Now aside from phantom there hasn’t been an update to any of my tweaks in like 4 months

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  • Saajid Hasan Rizvi

    What is Jailbreak ? An ability to free ur device from doing what u wish to.Isn’t it? Well if ur motive behind jailbreaking is only to test full paid apps for free then there r already 2 programs i know which do tht & i have been using both since ios 7.0 till ios 7.0.4 successfully on my iphone 5 & iphone 5C.Both programs created by the chinese.