Dream Jailbreak Is Never Gonna To Give You Up, Never Gonna To Let You Down!

After developers, writers, and Twitter followers began to suspect that the video demo of the Dream Jailbreak was, well, totally fake, Dream pulled a gutsy move: the developer announced on Twitter that the jailbreak would launch “tonight,” and then, “in 45 minutes.” Thing is, at that point we had solid evidence on multiple fronts that the jailbreak was a hoax.

Dream Jailbreak Officially A Hoax

Though the visual effect was realistic, there were continuity errors in the clock on the phone, the EXIF data on the screenshot of the Mac OS X utility showed that it was doctored, while the verbose boot sequence and loading bar was lifted off of RedSn0w’s bootloader–the verbose boot wouldn’t have even been possible on what was supposed to be a userland jailbreak. With userland jailbreaks, like GreenPois0n, there’s no access to iBoot, so you can’t have custom bootlogos or a verbose boot.

So I was curious. Would there be a download link? Would it contain malware? If there was any small hope of this being true, why change the release date from December 22nd to now? After 45 minutes, Dream Jailbreak posted the link to his site, and the download led.. to YouTube.

That’s right: Dream Jailbreak Rick Roll’d everyone who they had promised a jailbreak to, and then paid lip service to teaching everyone a lesson.

“Be careful when it comes to jailbreak solutions that are advertised outside of the prominent and accepted dev teams.”

Of course, that’s of limited consolation for any naive jailbreakers who updated their phones and tablets to iOS 6 in anticipation. Before you grab your torch and pitchfork, from what I can tell the actual developer community had nothing to do with the Dream Jailbreak. This seems to be a troll deflecting negative attention.

Still, it does me proud that iJailbreak responded responsibly to the Dream Jailbreak from the beginning, while mainstream tech sites like CNET went along for the ride. Maybe they should follow our advice and check in with actual jailbreak developers before passing off bad information. :)

Were you fooled into believing the Dream Jailbreak? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. (Be honest!)

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  • Alu Zeros

    The only thing he did was show the world how much of a tool he is.

  • joe

    If you are stupid enough to think everything you read is real. With out waiting or doing a lil research you deserve to be trolled like this. Use your damn head.

  • hyllal

    I can Jailbreak my iPad 2 in my NightmareJB lol

  • la parka

    u fucker why are posting this fake stuff everybody its waiting for the jailbreak on the new iOS specially on the iphone 5 but tjank god there still smart people out there are real devs not like this scam that all he wants its just attention your a fake and false dev!

  • flapmio

    it was probably by Apple themselves, trying ot force as many users to update to 6 as possible…