Could Jailbreaking the iPod Touch and iPhone be as Simple as Viewing a Website?

If you have been paying attention to what has been going on in the jailbreaking community lately, you would have noticed that Geohotz released a Video showing that he has found an exploit that will make tethered devices tethered no longer. However just a few days after that video was released came yet another video by a hacker name Comex; which in it the hacker displays a new jailbreaking tool called Spirit. This new jailbreaking tool called Spirit is a userland jailbreak, meaning that it is a browser based jailbreak. This is almost exactly like the old website, where users simply needed to visit the website and agree to jailbreak their iPod Touch or iPhone. If you ever used a browser based jailbreak you would of remembered how easy it was and how reliable it was. Not only will Spirit work with all devices it will also be a clean untethered jailbreak meaning that even if you have the latest iPhone 3gs or iPod Touch 3rd gen you will be able to reboot without plugging into a computer. This new tool should also work on the iPad; which we will find out shorty when it is released this Saturday…

I bet most of you are skeptical about this video, however to end your skepticism MuscleNerd confirmed that it is indeed a legit userland  jailbreak. Obviously what we want now is a release date; well unfortunately there is not current release date set but now knowing that Geohotz has some competition I am sure that this will get interesting between the two. Which should in turn make them release their tools very soon. My guess would be around the time the iPad is released, but who knows for sure. All that we know is finally desperate tethered users will get an untethered jailbreak and possibly the simplest jailbreak ever. What are you thoughts on Spirit?

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