Veteran Developer MuscleNerd Weighs In With “Faker’s Guide to JB”, His Thoughts On The Dream Jailbreak Claim

MuscleNerd— one of the original developers and maintainer of the RedSn0w, PwnageTool, and UltraSnow utilities–recently weighed in on what he believes to be fake jailbreaks, including gr1mra1n (a joke by p0sixninja who described the current prospects of an untethered jailbreak as “grim”), redpois0n, and yes, the Dream Jailbreak.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak On iOS 6 / iOS 6.0.1 Untethered By Dream JB

MuscleNerd on why he suspects the Dream Jailbreak isn’t legitimate.

For the Dream Jailbreak in particular, MuscleNerd had two points: First, “If @dreamjailbreak goes by the “Faker’s Guide to JB” closely, he’ll soon justify his scam with silliness like “trying to inspire JBers” etc“, and second, “jailbreaks can (and have) come out of left field. However, this particular guy has pulled nearly every faker trick in 1 short week

To recap, the developer behind Dream Jailbreak launched his site last week, claimed to have a jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1, and set a release date for December 22th. It is suspicious that the jailbreak is being unveiled on a tight schedule when the developer claims to be busy with work and studies–why the certainty of a December 22nd release? Why announce the release of an upcoming demonstration video? Why not wait to publish until you have it, can demo it, or can release it to other developers for testing?

As for the reason the recognized jailbreak community hasn’t released the developer only failbreak, MuscleNerd writes, “nobody wants to release a tethered userland jailbreak, especially when it would expose (“burn”) 3 or 4 otherwise-useful exploits.” Unless it’s a bootrom-level exploit that can’t be patched, the developers will only release an untethered jailbreak. According to the developer, a bootrom dump hasn’t even been achieved since 2010, let alone a bootrom level exploit, so we will be waiting on a working untethered jailbreak. The recognized jailbreak developers aren’t making radical promises.

fake jailbreak handbook

Meanwhile the developer behind the Dream Jailbreak apparently uploaded the video demonstration of the jailbreak to YouTube. We will have an analysis when the video is live.

[Due to delays, this article was posted after the video went live.]

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