Activator Update Released, Now Supports iOS 8.3


What’s the first thing you install after jailbreaking your iOS device? For us, it’s Activator by Ryan Petrich. One of the most important and useful tweaks you can have on a jailbroken iOS device. And now, it officially supports the new iOS 8.3 jailbreak. Ryan Petrich, the tweaks developer released Activator 1.9.3 recently, which adds […]

Ryan Petrich’s Activator Tweak To Get New Battery Percentage Actions


Late last week, the famous jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich sent out a tweet with references to Dragon Ball. He was actually talking about a new feature in his Activator tweak that allows for battery percentage related actions. For example, you could set an action for when your battery percentage falls below 5 percent. You can […]

Touch ID Integration Comes To Activator 1.8.3


A few days ago Virtual Home was released which was the first Cydia tweak to take advantage of the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner. Now Virtual Home’s functionality has essentially come to Activator, which is very exciting considering that with Activator you can do so much more than utilize Touch ID as a home button replacement. […]

Jailbreak For iOS 7 Beta On iPod Touch 5G Has Allegedly Been Achieved [IMAGE]

iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak

The renowned tweak developer Ryan Petrich has tweeted an image of what appears to be a Jailbroken 5th generation iPod Touch running iOS 7. Although Petrich has refrained from sharing details on the image he shared via Twitter with the caption “system version too new?”, by the looks of it all signs point to an early iOS […]

Change Password Anywhere Lets You Change Your Password With An Activator Gesture [Cydia Tweak]


Your iPhone password is your first line of defense when someone gets their hands on your iPhone. Whether your password is secure will determine if an intruder can gain access to the bulk of your files. Unfortunately, it’s common knowledge that over time, repeatedly entering a password leaves stubborn prints on a glass screen. If […]

Timer Options Cydia Tweak Allows For Setting Timed Events Through Activator


Activator is one of the most useful tweaks in Cydia because it is an expandable system for launching other apps and tweaks. We recently featured an iJailbreak Toolkit for Activator plugins and extensions, but more tweaks are available to expand Activator’s raw functionality every day. The Tweak: Timer Options is a tweak that sets timed actions […]

[iJailbreak’s Toolkit] 5 Best Activator Plugins And Extensions–2012


Activator is a Cydia tool that enables programs and plugins to be launched without tapping on an icon in the SpringBoard. By default Activator can be launched through touch gestures, button presses, and accelerometer-based motion controls. The default actions these gestures can be assigned to include launching applications, navigating through settings, taking control of music […]

Bring Up A Search Dialog From Anywhere With The ActiSearch Cydia Tweak; Supports Google, Facebook, Cydia, YouTube, And More


While the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch all have SpringBoard access to the handy Spotlight search, by default it’s not available everywhere. It also doesn’t have access to direct web searches outside of the default search engine and Wikipedia, without installing additional Spotlight plugins from Cydia. Wouldn’t it be better to have immediate access to […]

Assign Gestures For Rotation With “UIRotation For Activator” Cydia Tweak


Ever find yourself shaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch madly to get it to rotate? Do you wish your phone would automatically ‘know’ to switch into the upright position when you insert it in a dock? A new tweak called UIRotation For Activator allows you to assign gestures and other Activator signals to screen […]

The Popular Activator Cydia Tweak Has Been Updated For iOS 6 Compatibility


The Activator Cydia tweak is without a doubt one of the most relied upon tweaks available in Cydia. Activator is essentially an activation library that allows you to set gestures or button combinations to do certain tasks throughout iOS. You can, for example, make it so a long hold on the volume button skips to […]