WinterBoard Gets iOS 8 Support And Other Improvements


Saurik a.k.a Jay Freeman, has released an update for the popular WinterBoard tweak, giving it iOS 8 support and some other improvements. WinterBoard is basically used to change the appearance, like themes, of your iOS device. WinterBoard version 0.9.3917 brings iOS 8 support, which means you can now safely theme your new iPhone 6 or […]

Couria Is A Free BiteSMS Alternative, SwitcherBlur Blurs App Cards And Winterboard Update Fixes Status Bar Issues


Couria is a new Cydia tweak that essentially is a light weight version of BiteSMS which brings quick reply and quick compose functionality to the stock Messages app. You are able to quick reply to messages by tapping a banner notification or by swiping a notification on the lockscreen where a sleek overlay that shows […]

WinterBoard Updated For iOS 7 And iPhone 5S


We have some great news for you today on #SundayFunday. Jay Freeman, better known by his alias Saurik on Twitter, has recently tweeted that WinterBoard has been updated to support iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s’ 64-bit processor. WinterBoard 0.9.3912 (just released) runs on iOS 7 and seems compatible with ARM64; theme artists are encouraged […]

A Look At Some Upcoming iOS 7 Themes


When the iOS 7 Jailbreak is released you might be able to expect an influx of themes due to the fact that there seem to be so many disputes with how iOS 7 should have been designed. One theme that you can be sure to expect to be available for your iPhone and iPod Touch […]

iOS 7: The Killer Of WinterBoard Theming


When iOS 7 is released not only will the Jailbreaking Community be busy working on finding vulnerabilities to create an Untethered Jailbreak around, but various frameworks required for tweaking and theming will need to be significantly overhauled to be compatible with the drastic changes Apple introduced in iOS 7. Theming in particular could take a […]

Get A Taste Of What iOS 7 Would Look Like On Your iPhone With The FlatIcons WinterBoard Theme


We have seen a ton of iOS 7 concepts lately, but what if you could get a taste of how many people envision iOS 7 to be like right now on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Well, the good news is you can! Obviously no one knows how far Jony Ive will take iOS 7 in […]

Cydia Substrate Makes Its First Appearance On Android [Download Now]


Android fans rejoice! Jay Freeman (otherwise known as Saurik) has announced today that after years of hard work he has ported Cydia Substrate over to Android. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t Android already open source? Why would someone even want Cydia substrate on Android?” Well, having Cydia Substrate on Android is actually […]

The 1mpAct i5 WinterBoard Theme Is Sure To Turn Some Heads [VIDEO]


We very rarely cover WinterBoard themes here on because most of us are not huge into theming. Today is an exception, however, as a theme by the name of 1mpAct i5 for the iPhone and iPod Touch caught my attention in Cydia’s Changes tab. 1mpAct i5 is a theme created by Mack 83 and it is superb […]

How To: Create Your Own iOS Lockscreen Themes With This App Store App And WinterBoard Theme [VIDEO]


If you have tried to find a decent lockscreen theme in Cydia you probably had a hard time doing so because there is just so many and it is hard to find one that actually looks good and functions how you want it to. What if I told you there was a way to actually […]

This Is The Best Android Theme For Your Jailbroken iOS 6.x iPhone Or iPod Touch


For a long time it has been some user’s holy grail to install Google Android on an iOS device, and the only time this has ever been fulfilled was in 2008, just for the iPhone 3G and and iPhone 2G. Disappointingly, nothing has come out for newer iPhones since, and certainly not Android ICS or […]