FullForce For iPad Cydia App Will Enable Full Screen Mode For iPhone Apps On iPad

Last week, we gave you a tutorial on how to enable full screen mode for iPhone apps, running on the iPad. All you had to do was add a simple line of code to a plist file, within the app, and you have full screen mode.

Now, a new tweak has been released in Cydia, that does the hard work for you. FullForce is a free tweak in Cydia, that adds an extra setting to your Settings app, that allows you to toggle full screen mode for any or all of your iPhone sized apps. Results will vary, depending on the app. Some apps will have specific graphics that were only meant to be viewed at 320 X 480, but all the UI elements should now be in iPad resolution, and not all pixelated.

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  • Gus

    Hi I tried this but all I get is a tiny window in a corner and all games are unplayable

  • Sebestyen Szabo


  • Kristian Bojsen-Møller

    Please fix, ots a great idea and many of us need it but its fucking stupid because it doesnt work, it just makes the window bigger while making the game smaller, puts the game in the corner and makes it unplayable… FIX

  • Anonymous

    what is plist??