Samsung UNPACKED Trailer Hints Waterproof Body, Slow Motion Camera And More For Galaxy S5

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.07.49 AM

Samsung will be holding its Unpacked 5 media event on Tuesday, February 25th at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) where it has been widely rumored that it will release the Samsung Galaxy S5 to take on the iPhone 5s. Now the Korean company has just released a new trailer on its official websites which confirms the [...]

How Much Of Your Smartphone Is Actually Screen? [Infographic]


It’s no question that nowadays people want smartphones with bigger screens without actually increasing the physical size of the handset. As such the only way around this for manufactures is to minimize the bezel surrounding the display. A new chart by somospostpc has just been released that now quantifies this trend by charting how much of a [...]

Themer, A Popular Android Theming App, Pulled From Google Play Due To Apple Copyright Complaint


The popular Android customization app Themer by MyColorScreen was recently pulled from the Google Play marketplace due to the fact that it contained a theme called ‘Seven’ that looks exactly like iOS 7. In fact it looked so alike that Apple filed a copyright complaint with Google, forcing the search engine giant to remove the app [...]

Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple Should Make An Android Smartphone


Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has been known to say some interesting things, but this probably takes the cake. In a recent interview with Wired Wozniak said that Apple should consider releasing an Android phone, which would let the company compete in two “arenas” at once. “There’s nothing that would keep Apple out of the Android [...]

Here’s The Proposed Specs Of The Samsung Galaxy S5


The iPhone 6 rumor mill is without a doubt hot right now, but so is the Galaxy S5, arguably Apple’s biggest smartphone competitor. It is no question that the Galaxy S4 was disappointing to a lot of people, as such rumor has it that Samsung is working on a massive update for the Galaxy S5. [...]

Google Acquires AI Startup DeepMind For Over $500 Million, Real Life SkyNet?


If one company could bring fourth SkyNet into reality it would be Google. The Search Engine Giant has been known to work on some out-of-this-world projects, regardless of whether or not they yet fit for mass production or public consumption just to push the boundaries of technology. One area that has become a big focus [...]

Samsung Reports First Profit Decline In Two Years Due To Increased Competition


For the first time in two years the Korean giant Samsung has posted its first quarterly profit decline according to Bloomberg. So just what caused this dip in profits? Reportedly it had to do with special employee bonuses and a slowing of handset sales. The reason why there is no solid answer is because Samsung does [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 May Feature A Fingerprint Sensor Instead Of Iris Scanner


Since Apple released the iPhone 5S the ball has essentially been dropped in Samsung’s court. It can now see what features Apple has implemented in the iPhone 5S and try to top it. Two of the flagship features of the iPhone 5S are its 64-bit chip and fingerprint scanner. Rather than implementing a fingerprint scanner, [...]

Download The CyanogenMod Installer Now For Mac

CyanogenMod Installation Tool

Although we rarely focus on Android content here on iJailbreak, I thought this piece was indeed worth covering. The team behind CyanogenMod have just released a one-click installer for Mac which is currently in beta. If you know anything about installing a replacement ROM on an Android device it is not an easy task, as [...]

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 To Launch By April And Could Include An Eye-Scanner To Take On Touch ID


If you are a Galaxy S5 fan then you will be glad to know that it has been reported by Bloomberg Businessweek that Samsung is looking to launch its flagship Android Device by April to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5S. Lee Young Hee, Executive Vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Business sat down with Bloomberg Businessweek recently and [...]