Pros And Cons Of Going Caseless With Your Smartphone

Debates between using a case or going caseless appear quite often.

Almost everyone has thought about the pros of going naked on their iPhones. It’s a cliché question but, it will still be asked (and debated) until the iPhone itself dies.

First of all, many people think that an iPhone worth $800 is more than a reason to protect it with a case while the others think that they can easily purchase an Apple Care+ beforehand and pay $49 for a new one after the old one gets beaten from going naked.

Most of the people who go naked with their iPhones say that they want to feel the iPhone without anything covering it so they can appreciate its true beuty.

Here are the main pros and the cons of going naked:


  • Doesn’t add any weight to the iPhone
  • The ability to ‘feel’ the iPhone without anything in between
  • Compatible with every docking station nor 3.5mm stereo jack


  • Prone to scratches and dents
  • More prone to accidental drops
  • Increase the wear and tear chances
  • Looks like an ordinary iPhone

I myself have been neglecting my iPhone badly, but I sometimes use the case when I think I need one. For example when I’m going mountain biking, I need a case. But the other time, I leave the case off and go without one.

To help you decide, here is my 1 year-old iPhone resulted from going most of the time naked.

Pros and Cons of caseless iPhone

As you can see above, the bezel has been damaged all the way to the bottom. And to add to my misery, here is more visible damage to my iPhone that might make you think twice before going without a case.

Pros and Cons of caseless smartphone

All in all, it all goes back to your personal preferences to use your iPhone with a case or without one.

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  1. Thanks for the article Captain Obvious. You should get tested for Parkinson’s.

  2. I am caseless and screen protectorless. After 14 months, screen still looks like new, I have one nick on the side of my case by the volume down button (no idea where that came from). My 3GS was in a cheap plastic case and the back of the case split b the plug (not sure how that happened either).

    I have a rubber case that I put on occasionally (white case, black iPhone) for when I carry my phone in my front pocket of a white shirt, but it is for looks, not protection.

  3. well if you get a transparent “slim” tpu case and a normal screen protector that should do it ! s4 mini with a thin slim tpu case feels as if i didnt add any weight or size the normal screen protector wont tint or ruin the colors of your screen .. hope this helps :D

  4. Biggest waste of time reading this.

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