Ryan Petrich’s Activator Tweak To Get New Battery Percentage Actions

Late last week, the famous jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich sent out a tweet with references to Dragon Ball. He was actually talking about a new feature in his Activator tweak that allows for battery percentage related actions.


For example, you could set an action for when your battery percentage falls below 5 percent. You can make your iOS device play a ringtone or warning sound when that happens, so you’re reminded to charge it up. Similarly, you can set a ringtone for when your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad reaches 100 percent or in very rare cases, 9000 percent.

This new feature will be available in a new update very soon. To set an action, you’ll need to go to Activator settings and tap on Anywhere>Edit. You should now be able to set actions for battery drains and charges.

If you can’t wait for this update, you can try out the beta version by downloading it from Ryan’s beta repo: rpetri.ch/repo. Earlier this month, Ryan had also released a video showing a new update to the VideoPane tweak that featured the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously.

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  1. So I could set my phone when it drops to below say 50% to turn off LTE and/or WiFi to save some battery?

  2. Colin Steiger says:

    For some reason this tweak fails to deliver an iOS ringtone upon drained battery i have set on the iPhone 5S, iTouch 5, as well as my iPad Air. Dissapointing, and I unfortunately must deem this post to be inaccurate

  3. The beta version does do that..

  4. Love it.

  5. I was about to answer: Or back up all important files.

    Why? Because I thought you meant drops 50% to the ground. xD

  6. Felipe Matos says:


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