iH8Sn0w Jailbreak Hacker

Description: The young Canadian hacker iH8Sn0w has been responsible for several Jailbreaking related tools, the most popular being Sn0wBreeze; that is a Windows alternative to the PwnageTool Jailbreak tool. iH8Sn0w is also the developer behind iFaith that can aid you in downgrading and saving SHSH blobs on the iOS 5 firmware generation. It is good to keep in mind that iH8Sn0w does not develop Jailbreak exploits, however, just the software that powers Jailbreaking tools.

Type: Jailbreak Software Developer.

Created: Sn0wBreeze, iFaith and iReb.

Twitter: @iH8Sn0w

iH8Sn0w Jailbreak Hacker

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